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Corpse on the Imjin and Other StoriesThe creation of MAD would have been enough to cement Harvey Kurtzman s reputation as one of the titans of American comics but Kurtzman also created two other comics landmarks the scrupulously researched and superbly crafted war comics Two Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat Here were finally war comics without heroic cigar chomping sergeants wisecracking privates from Brooklyn or cartoon Nazis and Japs to be mowed down by the Yank heroes but an unflinching look at the horror and madness of combat throughout historyKurtzman employed some of the finest of the EC artists including Jack Davis John Sever. Corpse of the Imjin collects stories by Harvey Kurtzman from Two Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat from EC ComicsLike a lot of people I mostly associated Harvey Kurtzman with Mad Magazine As I chewed through Fantagraphics EC Artists Library I kept avoiding it War comics Whatever Anyway I finally caved in and found this volume to be magnificentThis book contains 11 war stories written and drawn by Harvey Kurtzman and 14 with scripts and layouts by Kurtzman with art by others the others being future legends like Alex Toth Joe Kubert Russ Heath and Gene Colan Kurtzman's covers are also collected here live and in colorFirst off Kurtzman's scripts do a lot to strip away the heroism of war making most of the tales bleak stories of men facing their doom I wouldn't say they're anti war exactly like realistic war The tales feature poignant moments and some are actually touching My three favorite tales were Air Burst The Big If and the title tale Corpse on the Imjin though I wouldn't say there was a dud in the bunchKurtzman's art did a lot to elevate him in my esteem I associated him with humor but his cartoony style is eually adept at depicting the atrocities of war Seriously Harvey Kurtzman is now my favorite EC Artist not named Wally Wood The guest artists knock it out of the part as well particularly Alex Toth in his two talesCorpse on the Imjin shows why Harvey Kurtzman was a comics pioneer The Harvey Awards are named after a fitting artist 45 out of 5 stars

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DOWNLOAD Corpse on the Imjin! and Other Stories 107 × The creation of MAD would have been enough to cement Harvey Kurtzman s reputation as one of the titans of American comics but Kurtzman also created two other comics landmarks the scrupulously researched and superbly crafted war comics Two Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat Here were finaNts as designer extraordinaire Alex Toth Marvel comics stalwart Gene Colan and a pre Sgt Rock Joe Kubert and such unexpected guests as The Lighter Side of MAD artist Dave Berg and DC comics veteran Ric Estrada as well as a rarity a story by EC regular John Severin inked by KurtzmanLike every book in the Fantagraphics EC line Corpse on the Imjin will feature extensive essays and notes on these classic stories by EC experts but Kurtzman s stories as vital powerful affecting and even yes modern today as when they were created 60 years ago are what makes this collection a must have for any comics read. I really enjoyed this collection of Harvey Kurtzman's war comics created in the early 1950s This collection wasn't all about Blood guts and Glory as most American movies and lesser uality comics were during the same time period or even later Kurtzman's stories often showed the bitter reality of combat Occasionally the stories even portrayed the casualty of war from the enemy's perspective I should add that the majority of the stores presented in this collection are of the Korean Conflict with a small scattering of WW II and other military actions Being that we were embroiled in Korea at the time these stories were produced Kurtzman portrays the US's weariness toward armed conflict and shows a bit of insight into our reluctance to label Korea as a war but instead called it a UN supported conflict

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In and Wallace Wood but his vision came through clearest in the dozen or so stories he both wrote and drew himself in his uniuely bold slashing cartoony but dead serious style Stonewall Jackson Iwo Jima Rubble Big If and Kurtzman s own favorite Air Burst as well as his vividly colored narratively dense covers all 23 of which are reproduced here in full color in a special portfolioCorpse on the Imjin is rounded off with a dozen or so stories written and laid out by Kurtzman and drawn by short timers ie cartoonists whose contributions to his war books only comprised a story or two including such gia. The classic comic books published by EC in the early 1950s have been reprinted time and again What sets these new volumes from Fantagraphics apart is that they are artist centered with individual titles devoted to individual artists Kurtzman Wallace Wood Al Williamson Jack Davis That policy works very well in the case of Kurtzman the result being a extraordinary collection of his war comics from 1950 to 1953These are some of the smartest most robust most elegant and rhythmically irresistible comics of their era Among them are some enduring Kurtzman solo jobs that are rightfully called masterpieces Contact Air Burst Big 'If' and of course the title story There are also some Kurtzman scripted and laid out jobs that showcase other ace artists like Alex Toth Joe Kubert John Severin and Russ Heath and surprises like Dave Berg and Gene Colan In every case—I mean in every single case emphatically without fail—Kurtzman's control of breakdown layout and imagetext interplay imparts a inexorable hypnotic rhythm his signature Some of the stories have dated badly—and all of them warrant a tougher ideological criticism than they have thus far received from within comics fandom—but it is undeniable that these are masterworks of their era important historical signposts and powerful demonstrations of formalism yoked to seriousness of purpose The book's format designed by Fantagraphics stalwart Jacob Covey showcases the comics very well Artfully placed blowups of Kurtzman's vigorous brushwork punctuate the text I haven't seen a better looking EC reprint The comics are well reproduced and crisp though a few stray pages in my copy unfortunately have washed out blacks that look like grays The several text features put Kurtzman the war comics and EC into historical context; particularly good are essays by Jared Gardner and Frank Stack These essays are brief meant to frame the comics but not overwhelm them and are essentially summative not pursuing original research agendas but simply distilling the necessary historical facts and commonest ways of reading and appreciating the comics Some of the essays fall into hyperbole the finest examples of comic art on the planet the only comics of the day aimed at an older discerning readership the most honest war comics ever etc all of it reinforcing the standard EC narrative the tendency to place EC at the center of all that was important about pre Code comics continues here unabashedly—see Jean Paul Gabilliet's Of Comics and Men for a useful counter perspective But the fact remains that yes these are excellent comics some of them landmarks in the field and Fantagraphics has reprinted them in high style the result being as potent a collection of vintage comic book stories as I've ever seen