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Read & download ñ Body Art 102 Å Does everyone have a certain type they end up with whether they want to or not If Ray Carlucci's ex is anything to go by Ray likes his men gorgeous rebellious and chock full of issues But now that Ray is single again he has a shot at a fresh start—a very fresh start since his tattoo shop was gutted by repo men and hLicense lands him a job as a driver for an elderly couple on Red Wing Island It's a cold fall and since the Michigan island is the summer home to snowbirds who fly south for the winter it's practically deserted save for Ray’s new household and a sculptor named Anton Kopec who works day and night twisting brambles and twine into the distorted shapes of macabre creatures Compelling bizarre a. One day Jordan Castillo Price will most likely write something that doesn't bring me joy and comfort from being in a world only she could create Today is definitely not that day

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Does everyone have a certain type they end up with whether they want to or not If Ray Carlucci's ex is anything to go by Ray likes his men gorgeous rebellious and chock full of issues But now that Ray is single again he has a shot at a fresh start a very fresh start since his tattoo shop was gutted by repo men and he can fit all his belongings in the trunk of a taxiRay's shiny new chauffeur's. Much than a Murder MysteryStarting over Crazy Romance Tattoos Artists and a killer on the loose Everything was too new This room this man This island Me Seven years to shed my cells and become a new person Hell I was a different guy than I'd been seven months ago I looked down at my tiger and eight ball to reassure myself that I was still me because lately when I'd glanced down and seen the buttoned cuff of a white oxford dress shirt instead of the studded bracelet and ink smeared latex glove I'd felt like a ghost who was too stubborn to move into the light and ended up possessing some Mr Average America who'd been too oblivious to notice the hijacking of his own body I went into this book blind That is to say I began this book without knowing anything about it or reading the blurb thoroughly I didn't need to I knew everything I needed to know from the start1 This was a Jordan Castillo Price story2 The audio book was narrated by Gomez PughI'm starting to feel like those two ualifiers are than enough to ensure that I'm going to enjoy myselfA few notes specifically about the audio book and I'll move on to the actual story Regular readers of my reviews know that I have a rough time with audio books but Gomez Pugh has been a beacon of light in an otherwise for me lackluster medium His narration is phenomenal and the style is uniue with each series and characterBody Art had a particularly huge hurdle for Mr Pugh to overcome though the story is told 100% from the point of view of Ray Carlucci there are THREE prominent female characters in this book Anyone who has listened to a male narrated audio book knows that female voices are hit and miss for performers The result is often a falsetto inflection which borders on mocking I'm delighted to tell you that Gomez Pugh conuered this challenge beautifully Each woman had a wonderfully uniue tone and cadence It's one of the many reasons Mr Pugh had me sucked into the story within the first few lines I enjoyed his performance so much I immediately restarted the book after finishingOf course the best performance means nothing if the content isn't extraordinary But this is Jordan Castillo Price Readers familiar with her work know that we're going to be taken on an entertaining ride Even if the path is a little too twisted and dark to see what's comingMy previous experience with Price has been exclusively in the realm of Paranormal fiction Body Art contains no ghosts vampires or psychics but it has all the fabulous storytelling I've come to expect from Price filled with intriguing characters great dialogue lush details and of course fabulously sexy momentsRay Carlucci I'm not a people person not like Johnny who'd had so many friends he couldn't begin to count them all Though you have to wonder how many of those were friends and how many were people he got high with I was no social butterfly but I wasn't a loner either Tattoo art isn't solitary Once you've inked everything you can reach on your own body you've got to start working on other people Here I had only the Whites Melita and Marnie for company And Anton Assuming he wanted to see of me which seemed premature And exciting Ray just got out of a toxic relationship His ex boyfriend spent all of Ray's hard earned money on drugs and drink leaving Ray in financial ruin His tattoo parlor was forced to shut down repo men took his euipment his truck and all the frivolities he'd spent his money on while blissfully ignorant of Johnny's shenanigansRay found himself living on couches with nothing to show for a career spent creating stunning tattoos for grateful customers He's lost it all and still the collectors are chasing himTime to start overRay lands himself a job as a live in driver for a wealthy couple on Michigan's Red Wing Island He packs his meager possessions into a couple pieces of mismatched luggage and spends the very last of his money on a cab ride to his new gigTo say that Ray is out of his element among the opulent White household is an understatement He traded his motorcycle boots for shiny shoes and covered his tattoos with thrift store button downs and secondhand ties but clothes do not make the manIt uickly becomes clear that there's to his new job than was in the description His new employers are expecting Ray to go above and beyond his position as chauffeurRed Wing island is filled with opulent estates but those properties are completely empty during the winter The island is isolated and empty Except for one odd neighborAnton Kopec I realized I felt alive when I was with him Maybe not always in a good way Sometimes I was spooked and sometimes I could smack him But whatever was going on inside me when we were together good or bad it was always vivid What a curious character Much like Ray the reader isn't sure what to make of Anton's bizarre behavior throughout most of the book He's flighty in a way that only and artist can beAnton has a singular focus on experimentation and creation He uses his natural surroundings to create sometimes unsettling sculptures which his sister sells to wealthy collectors in larger cities like Detroit Anton might be the toast of the art world but his sister keeps him hidden away in her guest house on Red Wing IslandThe locals know Anton as a kooky artist less than mentally stable The ward of his wealthy sister Ray sees the opportunity for companionship in the midst of isolationRay has a proven track record for being attracted to the wrong guy Anton is the only other youngish man on the island he's breathtakingly gorgeous he lives art in a way that fascinates Ray Even though his behavior is uestionable he seems perfectly harmlessUntil a dead body is unearthed on the islandRay doesn't know who to trustNobody knows who might be nextThere's only so many people on Red Wing islandSomeone has got to be the killerBody Art was a fun Murder Mystery nestled inside the story of one man's personal renaissance There was danger adventure naked octogenarians ice storms romance and art It was lovelyI was provided with an AudioBook from the author in exchange for my honest review

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Body ArtNd somewhat disturbingnot just the sculptures but the artist too Ray has a feeling Anton is just his typeDespite their scorching chemistry when a dead body is unearthed by some workers and a freak ice storm traps them all on the island Ray can't say for certain that his new flame isn't capable of murder NOTE This novella previously appeared in the anthology Partners in Crime 4 The Art of Dyin. This audiobook was provided by the author out of the kindness of her heart and at no cost to me yay in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot comAnd I am really glad she sent it to me because I enjoyed listening to this I am a JCP fan and I really like her stories Mostly because they are urban fantasy edgy with a frisson of darkness and very uniue This book follows the JCP tradition It is urban fantasy edgy with a frisson of darkness that makes it uniue but it has the added bonus of being an audio book and this brought the story to life music to my earsI enjoyed the story Here we have Ray who is down on his luck His tattoo business has gone bankrupt and he is single He finds a job as a chauffeur for an elderly couple who live on a private island He settles into his role getting to know the other staff and his new bosses He also gets to know Anton who is related to the owners All seems to be going well until a dead body is found on the grounds and Ray suddenly finds himself in the middle of a mystery I enjoyed this It was a novella and so was about 3 hours audio The story was kind of predictable for me but only because most of the books I read are murder mysteries I liked the way the author creates a sense of darkness right from the beginning and the story gets creepy as it progresses but the outcome was kind of predictable and I would have preferred much mystery twists and turns and intrigue I would have given this four stars if I had read it but listening to it became like having a film for my ears The audio enhanced the story and the narrator did an excellent job making all the different characters come alive At first the narration sounded a bit like a recorded voice but I got used to it as the narrator progressed and the voices of the main characters came alive I thought it was great the way the narrator managed to get all the other characters and give them very distinct voices This came across really well and really drew me into the storyThis is an enjoyable story with an excellent narration This was my first audio from JCP and a thoroughly great listening experience I shall definitely be on the look out for others