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All He Saw Was The Girl RomeMcCabe and Chip two American exchange students are about to become embroiled with a violent street gang a beautiful Italian girl and a flawed kid Two college students McCabe and Chip are students out on the town who've had a wee bit too much to drink Chip gets the bright idea to steal an Italian taxi and enjoy a joy ride But things don't turn out so well for McCabe Chip's very wealthy and powerful father saves the day by rescuing his son and giving him one tongue lashing He does succeed however in infuriating some mob characters in prison over a pack of stolen cigarettes McCabe meanwhile is warned by the College Dean that he will be dismissed if there are any unruly and troubling antics a threat that would mean the end of his scholarship It seems the mob characters have bad memories and decide that kidnapping Chip getting some knocks back and demanding ransom money will even the scales of justice The only problem is that they mistake McCabe for Chip and kidnap the wrong victim Now the hunt is on to save McCabe and his scholarship who has been sucked into the scheme by a very sexy lady The scene just as uickly shifts to Detroit the home of the mob characters holding McCabe It seems the husband of our sexy gal has uit the Secret Service and is looking for his absent wife He's got some competition though from the mob boss To say would ruin the story but it's non stop action truth lies battles death threats and high stake scenes that keep one flipping the pages or buttons in e book form and unable to figure out how it will all come down in the end Peter Leonard definitely knows how to craft and pace an international and domestic crime thriller This second novel read by this reviewer is just as thrilling as the first Readers who want to get engrossed in a fast paced unpredictable story will love this novel

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Illiantly plotted and shot through with wry humor ALL HE SAW WAS THE GIRL sees these two narratives collide in the backstreets of Italy’s oldest ci This novel is a great mixture of love action and culture The way the author jumps from one person's perspective to the next is exciting and allows the reader to know about the story than the characters do Beginning with drunk college guys crashing a taxi and heading for jail All He Saw Was The Girl takes the reader on a thrill ride through kidnapping attempts love affairs and the inner workings of the Italian mafia The reader learns of the strange ways lives can become tangled together with each other A wild emotional rollercoaster allows the reader to hate a character then in the next chapter love that character and even later hate them again I caught myself hating Angela the girl he saw then feeling sorry for her tragic childhood and bad relationship with her father the mafia don and then loving her for loving McCabe the he who saw her I would recommend this book over and over again to find adventure with a Secret Service agent love with a beautiful Italian and humor in the sarcasm of a born and raised Detroit boy

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All He Saw Was The Girl mobi ↠ Paperback Read Ê RomeMcCabe and Chip two American exchange students are about to become embroiled with a violent street gang a beautiful Italian girl and a flawed kidnapping planDetroitSharon Vanelli’s affair with Joey Palermo a Mafia enforcer is about to be discovered by her husband Ray a secret Napping planDetroitSharon Vanelli’s affair with Joey Palermo a Mafia enforcer is about to be discovered by her husband Ray a secret service agentBr Disclaimer I did not pay for this book I received a free copy to review for a magazine which will remain nameless I have no vendetta against Peter Leonard I’m sure he is a nice man and I wish him all the success in the world This is just my honest reviewI asked for this book for the same reason a lot of you discovered Peter Leonard His dad is El Leonard a novelist and writer of the story ‘Fire in the Hole’ which became the basis for ‘Justified’ one of the best shows on TV When I saw the list of books I could get for free I did uick searches and when I found out who Peter’s dad was I jumped on it Surely the apple can’t fall that far from the treeThe story started out great Two college friends studying in Rome get drunk steal a taxi and get arrested One of the students’ dad is a rich senator so he pulls some strings and gets them out Their picture is taken and put in the paper which mixes their names up so when a group of thugs want to kidnap the son of a wealthy American for ransom purposes they abduct the wrong one So far so good After the ransom is paid and he is set free he decides that he wants the money back that wasn’t his so he tracks down the hot girl that tricked him and kidnaps her and holds her for ransom Did I mention that she was the local mafia don’s daughter? He didn’t know that yet So he kidnaps her and it is obvious that they’re going to start fooling around and fall in love which is what happens The other characters are Joey an American relative of the don Sharon Joey’s girlfriend and Ray a disgraced Secret Service agent and Sharon’s husbandEarly on I could tell that these separate narratives were going to end up together and be awesome so I kept reading The reading was the hard part because Leonard put so many Italian street names and landmarks in his writing that by the time you reached the end of a paragraph you forgot what he was trying to say It’s like he wrote this specifically for American expatriates living in Rome Editors have a rule they like their writers to follow No info dumps It’s okay to talk about how old something is or some uniue aspect of a building as long as that building plays into the story or tells me something about a character Leonard clogged paragraphs with details that only contributed to a higher word count One particular sentence has the following points of interest Corso Vittoria Emaniele Pantheon Fontana del Moro and Piazza Navona And that was a short sentence There are hundreds like this so much that when trying to mentally follow someone’s route through the city I skipped ahead three paragraphs and didn’t miss a beat He acts like of a tour guide than a writer at points so much that I told my wife “I bet this guy used to live in Italy” A uick Google search told me I was correctThe constant listing of things continues with everything Leonard lists everything the character packs in his suitcase and everything each character eats drinks and wears Even if it’s not important to the story He describes the main character’s love interest Angela as looking like Manuela Arcuri Don’t know who she is? I don’t either probably because I don’t keep up with Italian soaps That reference would make sense if he was an Italian writer whose book was translated into English but instead it leaves the reader searching