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Reader ´ Thoughtless ✓ S.C. Stephens For almost two years now Kiera's boyfriend Denny has been everything she's ever wanted loving tender and endlessly devoted to her When they head off to a new city to start their lives together Denny at his dream j I hate KeiraI want to punch her Strangle her Ram her head through a wall and then make her eat a porcupine Kick her in the head so hard her skull shatters Slam a baseball bat in to her face because she just SO STUPID I HATE THE BITCH SO MUCH THAT I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS IT AND THIS BOOK SUCKED ASSNow I don't normally like to write negative reviews but this piece of shit deserves to be cut up and burned and I will express my anger at wasting my time and money on this book through this reviewFirst off the stupid bitch blushed WAY to much Whenever someone bothered to be fucking nice to the stupid girl she blushed and acted as if they had just proposed to her or something Pull you shit together you pathetic excuse for a human beingAnd then there was the fact that she took so much interest in Kellen when she was dating his FUCKING BEST FRIEND Yes sir we have another stupid slut on our hands who can't stop eye fucking her boy friends bestie I HATE girls like her At the start of the book she goes on about how perfect her and her boyfriend are and then as soon as she sets her eyes on Kellen she acts as if her boyfriend doesn't fucking exist I'm going to be honest and tell you I didn't finish this book in fact I stopped reading it almost half way through because I already knew exactly how it would end The stupid bitch would get her damn fucking happy ending and I'd be left pissed off and annoyed at wasting my time on this shitThis book was a waste of time and money and I really wish I had bought it in a hard copy just so I could express my hatred for it by burning it Keira should just go die in a bloody fucking hole and that seuel never should have happened I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW THIS HAS SO MANY POSITIVE REVIEWS BECAUSE IT IS SO BAD I want Keira to be murdered in the most gruesome way possible because she like this whole book is a piece of shit Rant over

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Download Thoughtless Reader Î 530 pages Ï For almost two years now Kiera's boyfriend Denny has been everything she's ever wanted loving tender and endlessly devoted to her When they head off to a new city to start their lives together Denny at his dream job and Kiera at a top notch university everything seems perfect Then an unforeseen obl Ob and Kiera at a top notch university everything seems perfect Then an unforeseen obligation forces the happy couple apartFeeling lonely confused and in need of comfort Kiera turns to an unexpected source – a l 6 starsI loved I laughed I cried I sueed This author has a gift for getting you right in the character's head and has you truly FEELING with them I highly recommend it 3 If you are a fan of love triangles you will looooooove Thoughtless Basically Keira is moving cities with her boyfriend of 2 years Denny and they end up becoming roommates with an old friend of Denny's Kellan Kyle who is a local rock star He and Keira just have this instant connection but are respectful of the fact that she is in a relationship But when Denny takes a job overseas for several months without really consulting Keira and stops calling etc Kellan ends up comforting her and their denied passionlove is given room to grow there is SO much romantic tension in this book its enough to drive you insane but totally in a good wayThis book will make you want to throw your book at the wall it'll make you laugh out loud it'll make you swoon and grin for pages on end it'll make you feel like your heart is ripped out and you'll love every minute of itKellan is one of THOSE guys you know the ones that make you swoony and drooly and make you wish he was real?? yeah one of those sigh I'm really not kidding here if you haven't read Thoughtless RUN out and grab your self a copyIts weird that I would like it given how there is  a theme of cheating in book one though none in book 2 once Keira Kellan are officially together but I think the reason it never bothered me was because I always just KNEW that Keira and Denny weren't right  for each other just as strongly as I KNEW that Kellan was perfect for her in every way and that he was her HEA So them being together no matter what the circumstances just always felt right “What if I don’t choose you Kellan? What will you do?” He looked away a tear rolling down his cheek “I’ll leave Kiera I’ll leave and you and Denny can have your happily ever after” He looked back at me “You wouldn’t even need to tell him about me Eventually the two of you” his voice broke and another tear fell on his cheek “the two of you would get married and have children and have a great life” I fought back a sob “And you? What happens to you in that scenario?” “Iget by And I miss you every day” he whispered” oh and for those who like me won't read a book unless they know this in advance it has a delightfully happy ending Here’s how I see Kellan Keira both the casting pics above and the pic below I know that Kellan is supposed to have light sandy colored hair but these pic just ‘felt’ like him to meFor of my reviews come visit my book blog at come join my FB group at

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ThoughtlessOcal rock star named Kellan Kyle At first he's purely a friend that she can lean on but as her loneliness grows so does their relationship And then one night everything changesand none of them will ever be the sam I will offer one piece of advise for those planning on reading this before I spoiler tag this review If you don't like cheating in your romancePut the book down and follow Captain JackMajor Spoilers ahead you have been warned view spoiler I often get asked why I didn't like this book which I read than a year ago So this is for anyone who wanted to know I really don't have the words to express my er distaste for everything and everyone in the story except Denny Denny was alright weren't you baby Me petting Denny Yeah bitch he's someone elses nowPoor Denny not the brightest fella to leave his girlfriend with an obscenely gorgeous man whore who has no morals I mean COME ONKiera and DennyOh My Freaking Gaaaawwwd Kiera Is The Worst Heroine Ever WrittenShe might portray her little miss innocent act and defend it fiercely but she is a selfish heartlessI have no patience for deceitful heroines who harp on with useless justifications because you know what?And Kellan Kyle Mister oh so freaking perfect is actually a spineless twit who needed a lesson in morals He just made me gag with his scores of revenge fucks and poor me I'm so lonely speechI hated this story I hated the cheating and I hated the endingYes I hated it I wanted Kiera to end up alone after tripping over and falling into a vat of acid I do not care what happens to these two and wished I could have got my money back Over all this book was just This review represents my personal opinion and has no reflection on the author's talent or lack of It was the story and protagonists I have HUGE issues with This is a minority opinion review and should be taken as such If you are planning on attacking me because I don't like your favorite book hide spoiler