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Free download ´ Granny Will Your Dog Bite 108 ✓ Amazing Kindle Epub, Granny Will Your Dog Bite by Gerald Milnes This is the best favorite book with over 886 readers online here.Rite book with over 886 readers online her. The book had very bad grammar It reminded me of suare dancing and the rhymes they use to call the dance The pictures really added to the poems I liked the book but some of the words were hard to pronounce because of the letters used

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Ite by Gerald Milnes This is the best favo. Somewhere we are connected to a little old lady sitting on a porch rocking in a chair sitting next to her husband as he play a banjo rocking in his chair If you listen uietly while reading this book you can hear just that Full of laughter poems riddles songs and toe tappers Granny will your dog bite is sure to get you actin a fool This book was dedicated to a night in 1975 when Gerald Milnes knocked on a strangers door holding a banjo and a smile This book takes you back to a time when dances were a big hit at the local barn when love was all that was in the air and when fiddles and banjos played in every home It has such beautiful illustrations that coincide with the writings The pictures are well thought out vivid colors and details engaging any reader to admire his work The pictures are mostly funny and child oriented some pages contain eight to ten pictures each prepared for the story it belongs to In a classroom I would utilize this book for art and reading It could also be used to show different forms of poems songs and riddles History could be brought into the classroom by understanding why these folk spoke this way and why they had fiddles or banjos It is a very easy read for younger children some writings would need assistance from an adult if under the age of eight Little minnow in the brook daddy caught him on a hook mama fried him in the pan baby ate him like a man This short yet informational poem expresses the way of mountain life in a child's perspective Overall this was a great read and awesome pictures

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Granny Will Your Dog BiteAmazing Kindle Epub Granny Will Your Dog B. A collection of poems for younger children