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Nemesis by Philip Roth characters µ 106 ´ No calor demolidor da Newark euatorial grassa uma epidemia aterradora ue ameaça de mutilação paralisia incapacidade irreversível e mesmo de morte as crianças da Nova Jérsia É este o tema surpreendente e lancinante do novo livro de Roth uma epidemia de poliomielite em tempo de guerra no verão Uma epidemia de poliomielite em tempo de guerra no verão de 1944 e o efeito ue tem sobre uma comunidade de Newark coesa e assente nos valores da família e nomeadamente sobre as suas criançasEsta narrativa é atravessada pela uestão obsid. “In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life It goes on”—Robert Frost“The meaning of life is that it stops”—Franz KafkaIn Nemesis Eugene “Bucky” Cantor works as a recreation director at a park in Newark in 1944 Because he has bad vision he can’t serve in WWII fighting Hitler but his battlefield at the recreation center becomes the largest Polio epidemic in the US since 1916 also affecting many Jews Besides his eyesight Bucky is otherwise fit and strong at one point leaving his job for a similar one in the Poconos becoming engaged joining a family such as he has ever known his mother died giving birth to him his father was out of the picture Everything seems perfect until it isn’t in the war in Europe for millions of course but also including one of his best friends or the war at home against polio and in his own personal lifeNemesis is Philip Roth’s last novel published in 2010 at the age of 77 after which he took his retirement from writing novels He died this year 2018 Roth is largely a tough minded writer so I can say it is pretty rare that I get misty eyed from his writing but in the concluding image of the young Bucky Cantor throwing the javelin to the applause of the young boys who so admired him and his physical prowess I’ll admit I was moved“Running with the javelin aloft stretching his throwing arm behind his body bringing the throwing arm through to release the javelin high over his shoulder—and releasing it then like an explosion—he seemed to us invincible”Of course Bucky is not invincible; he is not Superman or a Greek god but a mortal being like any of us as all of his Nemeses books –Everyman Indignation The Humbling and Nemesis—reveal each main character enduring the truths of loss and regret But they also face hard realities with stoicism Suicide is a consideration in each of the four books and sometimes minor or major characters choose that option in the face of the terrible But usually there’s a kind of resolve or pluckIn Everyman “Just take it as it comes Hold your ground and take it as it comes There’s no other way” Or The Humbling “Play the moment play whatever plays for you in that moment and then go to the next moment It doesn't matter where you're going Don't worry about that Just take it moment moment moment moment”What else do you have in the face of inevitable decline You hold on to craft to good work in the Nemeses books something to hold up against any formidable nemesis The father butcher in Indignation; in Everyman the father jeweler and a gravedigger who speaks of his work and in The Humbling the craft of acting is the main character’s work In Nemesis the young sports director Bucky cares about sport—swimming throwing the javelin with perfect form; then there is his future father in law who is a fine physician very thoughtful and calm and knowledgeable in the face of the epidemic In the craftsman in each of these books we see the very image of the writer Roth crafting to the endNemesis is a beautifully crafted and simple book with a pretty narrow scope involving a return to Newark to his Jewish community there and what was for everyone at the time an incurable disease that created panic and loss and desolation Sometimes in the Nemeses books it’s bad choices that lead to loss as in Indignation “the incomprehensible way one's most banal incidental even comical choices archive the most disproportionate result” And sometimes it’s chance Polio the luck of the draw one means to an inevitable end a nemesis In each of the four stories a nemesis or enemy defeats the main character though death is the central enemy the invincible conueror for each of themIn three of the books he evokes a central text in classic literature in Everyman it is the classic medieval morality tale Everyman; in The Humbling it is Chekhov’s The Seagull and in Nemesis it is the classical story from Greek Mythology Nemesis was the goddess who enacted retribution against those who succumb to hubris Nemesis is also called Adrasteia or “the inescapable” Or the inevitable the invincible as in death The polio epidemic is a sad tale sure but in the hands of a good storyteller it becomes a powerful one I admire the way Bucky and Roth handle their nemeses with grace and dignity1 Everyman completed August 3 2018 Indignation completed July 30 2018 The Humbling completed August 9 2018 Nemesis completed August 22 2018

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Iante ue perpassa todos os romances mais recente de Roth 'Todo o Mundo' 'Indignação' 'A Humilhação' e agora 'Némesis' ue decisões moldam fatalmente a vida de uma pessoa Até onde vai a nossa impotência ante a força das circunstâncias. What a joy After reading several debut or promising novels it is a relief to be in the hands of a skilled professional I see no diminution of Roth's power in his last novel The story of a young man in 1944 Newark in the midst of a polio epidemic is brilliant and thought provoking

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Nemesis by Philip RoNo calor demolidor da Newark euatorial grassa uma epidemia aterradora ue ameaça de mutilação paralisia incapacidade irreversível e mesmo de morte as crianças da Nova Jérsia É este o tema surpreendente e lancinante do novo livro de Roth. I have been thinking about what makes some books stay in my memory even long after I returned them to a library in a town from which I moved away some ten years ago And why others just fade away to the extent that I could possibly read them again without ever recognising that I have actually met the characters before Or to the extent that I buy a new copy because I have forgotten I own one already Philip Roth's Nemesis is one of those books I remember with force after ten years and I know why as well The topic is heartbreaking and very realistic a polio epidemic in the 1940s and how it affects the characters over the course of their lives As such it is nothing out of the ordinary just well written good vintage Philip Roth But when I come to the last page the book closes the circle of the story with yes a memory of the main character from before the the epidemic and it evokes this picture in me of all the hopes dreams ideas we have when we are young when our life is still a novel to be written by us and we imagine it to be a heroic tale with a happy beginning middle and end although we don't think of the end of course and of the fact that the novel would be outrageously bad from a literary standpointThe main character's early memory dating before the tragedy unfolds is of powerful vitality and it emphasises the impact of the main theme of the later plot both physical and mental loss It is so incredibly sad to read about the young person the main character remembers and to imagine what comes afterwards his failure to cope with the realities of life his Nemesis as the title of the novel indicates referring to ancient Greek drama where heroes were first put on stage to act out our ideal of a perfect life In fact that very last sentence of the book has than one reference to ancient Greek idealism as it shows the Olympic athletic act of throwing a javelin carried out by a body not yet destroyed by polio It demonstrates the treacherous belief in humankind's perfectibility that so often is followed by Nemesis' entrance on the stageRunning with the javelin aloft stretching his throwing arm back behind his body bringing the throwing arm through to release the javelin high over his shoulder — and releasing it then like an explosion — he seemed to us invincibleThe novel closes on that word invincible a sad counterweight to the story of defeatInvincible invincible invincible that is what made me remember this novel so clearly It is like the slave standing behind the almighty emperor whispering Memento mori And yet the memory of that moment of invincibility is beautiful And it made the novel memorable as well The power of words to conjure up dreams