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The Marcella FragmentOn an empty planet a city called Pelion is built by former dwellers of Old Earth Centuries later the Council of Pelion influenced by the prophetic Marcella Fragment asks citizens to begin construction of a maze that will be inhabited by ernani lost souls brought. Tutored by a sage but gentle scholar Tyre of Lapith has reached an age where he must lead men of Lapith on the hunt Like all his kin he is a skilled horseman Bearing secret scars even his tutor can't understand Tyre rides off to a future that is suddenly changed The city Pelion draws this young son of a chieftan as it does many sons and daughters from across the planet At Pelion these ernani are tested with hard work and ritual fears are confronted and the true understanding of The Maze is revealed The events and characters of The Marcella Fragment whether fighting riding horses or making love are well drawn Stories from elder days predicted these events except that the characters don't uite conform There are twists you see and surprises The story is well paced and just complicated enough to keep the reader reading LaForge brings her characters to their marks and brings them alive on the stage Sometimes the characters seem to make their own choices in spite of the old prophecies and this talented new authorThis is a story with interesting female characters some uite powerful I can't declare that new gender roles are tested in these pages but the people are not stereotypes A novel like Sherri Tepper's 1988 The Gate to Women's Country takes many readers to the edges or outside of their comfort zone The Marcella Fragment is not destined to be that sort of feminist classic But neither is it steeped in the comfortable for some of us annoying tropes of patriarchal fiction or old fashioned space opera Though it is an engaging fantasy story several believable cultures are portrayed including one society that is a working meritocracy Not a feminist utopia really nothing so predictable This is a well written first novel an enjoyable read and I recommend it to those who read fantasy I understand another book in the series is on its way I look forward to reading from Anna LaForge

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review The Marcella Fragment 103 Ï On an empty planet a city called Pelion is built by former dwellers of Old Earth Centuries later the Council of Pelion influenced by the prophetic Marcella Fragment asks citizens to begin construction of a maze that will be inhabited by ernani lost souls brought from the corners of the known world to walk the Path of PreparTheir physical emotional and moral courage In the tradition of fine visionary novels The Marcella Fragment takes the reader into a world both familiar and strange peopled by warriors artisans healers and slaves incorporating science fiction fantasy myth and roman. I received this book free of charge courtesy of Goodreads First Reads Giveaway and the Author who generously sent me a copy to reviewThis review contains spoilersWhen I review a book I prefer to get straight into the nitty gritty of it all so if you are looking for a basic overview without much detail you'll want to check out the book description link below or continue onto other reviews was very much looking forward to reading The Marcella Fragment because Sci Fi Fantasy are two of my favorite genres and this seemed to be right up my alley Unfortunately this book left me very disappointedI feel like this author fell into the trap that many in this genere do they have created such an intricate world and involved story line that they are unable to allow the reader to develop any details for themselves or allow the storyline to flow as a story instead of an overly detailed report about a lost civilization or newly discovered planet They are so focused on creating a perfect history and adding small details like describing single strands of hair that they forget this is still a story that needs to flow effortlessly for the reader and those mini interruptions of unnecessary information about prior existences or random characters ruin it when they have no place within the book but are given priority Sometimes in a story less is I also think this is the kind of book where some serious editing and separation would have helped immensely Either it should have been broken into two volumes with this story being published first and the history later or vice versa or published together as one novel with a part 1 and part 2 By attempting to weave the BT AT intermittently throughout the novel along with adding in random side characters and flashbacks it left me feeling very discombobulated The Cast Of Characters Commentary and Appendix were both helpful and confusing for me Having a written list of book characters is good because new ones are freuently introduced in a hurried manner throughout strange parts of the story but the Commentary Appendix contained information that didn't add to the main meat of the book they just elaborated on the intricate world LaForge is attempting to create and are filled with information not necessary for the story development and don't really help you understand what's really going on with your main characters As soon as you start reading the book and falling into the lull of the story seeing the characters form in your head and the events surrounding them you are suddenly jolted out by unnecessary flash backs containing information that has already been gone over in a different manner introductions of new characters not really pertinent to the story or that part of the story passages about the time Before Transformation BT or story lines related to it that only result in confusing the reader and disrupting the flow of the book and all of this generally takes place within a few pages sometimes less then your suddenly flung back into the main story that was interrupted like no break had ever happened In short I felt like a chicken with it's head cut off ran all over my book creating road blocks for my brain ruining the entire experience for me Another analogy would be one using the work of Tolkien's the author includes his works as inspiration for writing in part of her autobiography on the novel The Hobbit and The Silmarillion Are the two novels connected Yes At some point do they tie in and become relevant to one another Yes Would throwing in random parts of The Silmarillion have totally ruined the The Hobbit Definitely That analogy describes this book perfectly to me Despite it's faults I will say that when LaForge lets go and allows herself to just write those parts of the story are good I could get involved with the characters and start to see the places she was describing develop along with the what messages she was trying to get across within them I do think her character development could be a little stronger because at points the relationships between the characters becomes confusing and I am unable to tell if it's wanted conflict or lack of development leading to the confusion For instance I'm still slightly confused on what the exact relationship between Belwyn Tyre was in a romantic sense It seems at some point they may have had sexual intercourse together Or were headed there I admit I may have missed the clarification somewhere along the way because I was distracted trying to decipher the mental roadblocks strewn throughout the novel It also seemed that the ending was predictable and a tad juvenile given the complicated story LaForge was attempting to create I really expected than what felt like a cop out to end it there for her seuel LaForge is already in works on a second novel and I would be interested in reading it when it comes out As I said above when she just writes and allows the story to develop it becomes clear she is a talented writer who has some serious potential to create a wonderful novel and it would be fun to see where she goes with this If the second novel reads just like the first I will be honest in saying I will end my reading journey with her there A wonderful book for me is one that sucks me in and doesn't leave me feeling frustrated or confused about the basics I know every person reads every story differently and this is just my personal opinion I really do appreciate the chance I've had to review this book and I have already lent it out so that others can read The Marcella Fragment and decide for themselvesHappy Reading

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From the corners of the known world to walk the Path of PreparationTwo ernani who walk that Path are Tyre of Lapith and Kara of Pelion a chieftain's son and an apprentice musician This pair as unknown to themselves as they are to each other face trials that test. The Marcella Fragment has everything you could want in escapist fantasy literature a complete world full of great characters great conflict and a great love story If you’re looking for a book from a feminist perspective but with plenty of action this is the one It combines characters from a patriarchal misogynist tribal society with those in a matriarchal mystical meritocracy who must travel together on the Path of Preparation through the Maze It has bloody battles on horseback and tender love scenes It has torturous slave traders and mystical healers It has how to advice on sexual massage and open hearth cookery Anna LaForge is a new voice in the tradition of Ursula Le Guin Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Atwood This is just the first volume of a series involving the Maze I can’t wait for the other volumes