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Download Bronze Summer ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Centuries have passed The wall that Ana's people built has long outlasted her and history has been changed The British Isles are still one with the European mainland and Doggerland has become a vibrant and rich land So rich that it has drawn the attention of the GreekS catapults forward from pre history into the ancient world and charts a new and wonderful story for our world This is a superb example of Baxter's belief that anything is possible for mankind even making a new worl. The second book in the Northland trilogy Stephen Baxter faster forwards the reader to 1150 BC where he continues the trials and travails of the Northland communities and how they have meshed with the rest of a parallel Bronze Age EarthThe book focuses around the ancient culture and power base the Northland has become and the Hatti Empire at it's height As with all of the Northland books the story is set against the backdrop of a natural world spanning disaster which in this case is the massive eruption of an Iceland Volcano The resulting calamity spells seasonal shifts for the northern hemisphere over the next few years producing droughts and famine across half of the globe The resulting hardships produce a bandit army of the remnants of several societies caught in these hard times which ultimately threaten Northland and the civilized world Stephen Baxter does a good job of bringing together historical fact and historical fiction couched in the age old uestion what if While there are many holes you can poke in the accuracy of Bronze Summer both from a socio economic point of view as well as a technical one it is just plausible enough to suspend disbelief at least for me and do that thing that all good books should do make the reader think of it after the initial reading Looking forward to the next one

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Centuries have passed The wall that Ana's people built has long outlasted her and history has been changed The British Isles are still one with the European mainland and Doggerland has become a vibrant and rich land. RAPE BIG WALLS LEMON CAKEStephen Baxter writes like the stereotypical engineer His vocabulary is mostly limited to technical language he only uses the most obvious or clich├ęd of expressions and the characters are so two dimensional they feel like they a written by a 13 YO boy with an emotional I in the single digits There are so many problems with this book it's hard to find something nice to say but after much thought I can let Good Readers know that this book has a really pretty cover It also provides a good overview of the many factors that lead to the so called Late Bronze Age Collapse although at over 300 pages long one can find exactly the same list of factors in under three paragraphs on Wikipedia where Baxter obviously did most of his primary research Ahhh the internet Such a wonderful tool for the budding Historical Fiction writer Maybe that's why Baxter has to provide us with such pompous Afterwards mentioning all the books he hasn't readBronze Summer is an odd mash up of Historical Fiction Speculative Fiction and Fantasy The Best bits are the Historical fiction The plot and characters are designed from the top down to present a slide show of all the current theories about why those cultures fell We've got volcanoes and a scene that shows how societies were too top heavy and another conversation which demonstrates that stone and iron tools are being used as wellThere are lots of people in this book but no characters they are all ciphers designed to voice the history lesson on Characters laterThen we've got Baxter's Speculative Alternative Fantasy stuff This is less well reasoned because Baxter thought of it Flick through some of the other Good Reads Reviews you'll see most people don't buy most of these leaps of fancy Those potatoes worked out to be a real life saver for the Irish didn't theyI'll buy THE WALL from a semiotic point of view although George Martin Hadrian and the Chinese got there first What is it about the obsession we have with BIG WALLS I would have thought we'd be a bit reserved in a post Berlin wall age not to mention the current Palestinian mess Maybe the West is trying to make up for an inferiority complex through these books Poor Hadrian really only managed a cattle fence and you can supposedly see the Chinese one from space or at least find it on google earthAnd now to rape and a little rape And some boy rape and a dry rapeGRR Martin has coped a lot of flack for the rape in his books but George knows how to DO rape Sorry George RR you seriously asked for that Baxter thinks rape and shit provide the realism that the top down structure of his book lacks He has used his role playing skills to work rape into the background story of his leading fighter and lovable rapist Troy Boy He may have taken it up the arse but he has a winning smile and can still rape with the best of those Greeks and do a backflipGRRM uses the fear of rape and it's conseuences to explore power and what it does to the victims and the wielder Baxter describes the physical actions of a rape He stuck it in her mouth her anus her cunt This does the same thing as the rapist It turns the body's of his characters into objects of porn He thinks he's showing us that Late Bronze Age was a nasty place especially for woman He succeeds in raising this book from turgid drivel to nasty torture pornMartin at least has the good taste to serve lemon cake after rogering

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Bronze SummerSo rich that it has drawn the attention of the Greeks An invasion is mounted and soon Greek Biremes are grinding ashore on a coastline we never knew and the world will be changed for ever Stephen Baxter's new serie. A very good follow up to the first book in the trilogy Once again it is very imaginative