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For nine years they drift through life unable to forget the one who holds the strings to their hearts In an attempt to escape the pain of her past Melanie finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage while Daniel loses himself in 5 Heartbreaking Stars Pulled is a story that completely and utterly pulled at my heartstrings It was an emotional and heartbreaking tale of getting a second chance at a first love and surviving and coping with loss AL Jackson’s writing captivated me My heart beat fast I found myself in tears than once and I felt my heart shatter for these two beautifully broken characters It’s been nine years Nine years since Melanie has seen or heard from the love of her life Daniel After one catastrophic incident she’s suffered alone She’s remarried but her life is tragically unhappy She’s lived through the pain of loss and losing Daniel too was the final straw She’s grown accustom to this painful life she now lives Losing Daniel after everything else was never supposed to happen They were supposed to be happy to be together I missed him almost than I could bear This was never supposed to happen to us We were supposed to make it we should have made it Daniel’s last nine years haven’t been much better He’s drown himself in school then work Trying to stay so busy that he doesn’t have to constantly think of all he’s lost But Melanie always finds her way back into his thoughts He’s never been able to move on One night stands sure sometimes but Melanie is the only love he’ll ever have He’ll never move past her When Daniel goes into a business meeting to discuss his new medical practice with his father the very last person he expects to see is Melanie But she’s there With her husband He can tell she’s not happy that she’s been living in the same hell as he has Seeing her was like seeing a refection of myself a mirror of my pain my loss my regret A mirror of what stirred within me now this love that had refused to die She had found me I had always felt her heart calling to mine just as mine called to hers this power bringing us together once again Once Daniel see’s her again he’s determined to get her back He can’t keep going on like this He can’t live without her any longer Melanie and Daniel have a rare kind of love It’s real raw and true pure and all consuming They were torn apart by circumstances out of their control and later by some terrible misunderstands After all the years have past so many things are different But some things have stayed the same they still are one half of each others soul “Erin called us soul mates but I I’ve always known it was than that It’s like we share the same soul and when we’re apart each half is looking for the other” 
Their connection is intense and beautiful My heart finally felt happy the times they were together All they want in life is to be able to finally be together and happy like they should have been all along It’s not all that easy Melanie is living with an abusive husband and Daniel has some complications of his own right now It seems impossible that they will be able to fight all thats up against them and be able to be together where they belong But they have no other option They can’t be apart “I’ll never let you go again Melanie Never Nothing will come between us nothing” I would destroy anything anyone who tried to take her from me Being away from her was no longer an option She was mine only mine
“Never” she promised again unwavering unshakable The amount of heartache and despair I felt was totally worth it when it was all said and done It is such a beautiful and emotional tale of finding a second chance at first love and overcoming some seriously painful pasts I am shocked to find out that this was AL Jackson’s debut novel I am impressed If you’re looking for a heart wrenching read and you love a second chance romance like me I would highly recommend this one

mobi Pulled author Amy Lichtenhan

Pulled author Amy LichtenhDo they have the courage to overcome the insecurities and fears that threaten to keep them apart?Pulled is a story of attraction and separation of destiny and duty of a love so strong it refuses to give up even when all others ha Once again Amy wows me with her addicting story and writing I swear I don't know how she does it She's one of a few that can instill a million emotions at one time Fucking brilliant she is Gaaaaah this book was hard to read at times so gutwrenching and unforgettable I love her men she creates they are so noble and heroic I can't even chose which book I love Take this Regret or Pulledthey are both utterly captivating and spectacular Full review to comeOkay I am going to attempt to write my review because I have so much of this fresh on my mind First of all I love the cover After reading Take This Regret I instantly purchased this book in paperback It is one of those books I HAVE TO HAVE ON MY SHELF But honestly when I received it in the mail this week I was so ecstatic to delve into this because I knew without a doubt I would love it as much as TTR And it did not disappoint Amy is one of the SWEETES KINDEST FRIENDLIEST women I've ever known I've gotten really close with her on a personal level and we share alot with each other not just professionally and writing tips but actual personal stuff She is truly a wonderful woman and I am grateful for her friendship With that said her writing really shows her passion and love for life and telling magnificent albeit VERY hardcore heartbreaking gutwrenching sick to your stomach emotional rollercoasters Both of which I really enjoyed to experience Yeah I LOVE to cry to the point of exhaustion and pain and nauseousness Sick and crazy I am I know But really what better kind of story than those that can pull out every single emotion that you never knew existed What's the point of reading if you can't FEEL what the characters feel or go through? I mean sure there are those that don't go to that extreme and they are still really good However lately all I've been reading is the kind of book that takes you to the place in the back of your mind where you truly experience it It's a rollercoaster you don't want to get off no matter the falls or twists or spins even to the point of dizziness Those are the most fun enjoyable Well that's what I can say about this one It was fun enjoyable but also a kick to the stomach getting the wind knocked out of you where you can't breathe I couldn't breathe during a good portion of this book mainly because I was utterly PISSED OFF AND DISGUSTED with a few characters I wanted to bash their head in or cut off a certain part of their body shudders at specific scenes I was utterly screaming in terror or just plain spite and hatred Not alot of books can make you feel hate one minute then love and laughter the next I felt dizzy and unsure what emotion I was experiencing at the time I love her addicting writing Love it so much it hurts Now to my reviewThis book takes place in the present but goes back into the past uite a bit so the reader can understand what has happened In nine yearsMelanie and Daniel spend thier lives separate from each other after a tragic night that leaves them lost and broken They hate their life because without each other living makes no sense After a horrific car accident that kills their baby and lands Melanie in the hospital for awhile they must face the past when they see each other during a meeting with Melanie's husband about a medical contract that Daniel is in charge of The only thing that kept them sane all these years was the pull that kept them together in spirit yet apart in body It was an energy so intense that when they'd go to sleep every night they were together again and still in love as the day they met 11 years ago They were set to get married when she turned 18 and they were ready to have a baby but a drunk bastard tore their family apart in an instant and ruined the lives of two people so right for each other it killed them emotionally Daniel finished medical school and opened his own practice while Melanie married a sick fuck who treated her like a fucking whore and broke her down bit by bit He hated the scars that showed where her baby once lived in her womb before she was taken from her and sent to Heaven and called her a slut and had the audacity to call her body worthless He was the epitome of Satan himself but without Daniel she couldn't bring herself to care how she was treated On the night Daniel and Melanie come face to face their energy is so strong remembering one another and happy to be unitedbut she's married Though they have to sneak around a little before she is able to try and escape her douche bag husband alot of old wounds open up as they learn the reason they were separated all those years ago As they realize they were both misunderstood of the events taken place and their love for one another they help each other to finally grieve their baby girl's death and are able to heal together rather than apart Now they are determined to put their past behind them and rebuild what was once broken and shattered so they can have their future they always wanted 11 years ago Can they survive each obstacle that stands in their way determined to keep them apart at every turn?Well you just have to read this I DEMAND you all to read this If you have read Take This Regret I guarentee you will love this one just as much There is NOTHING Amy can't do I swear this woman has a gift that goes beyond what words can describe I cried so much during this book My heart broke and shattered along with Melanie and Daniel's placing myself in their position I could not fathom the pain and sorrow they felt I was utterly sick to my stomach for the first half of this book I could not eat in fear I'd puke it up Amy has a way of creating characters so real and beautiful I love Daniel he reminds me of Nick so much from Sweet Gum Treeanother Must Read and I love him so much I loved that we got to see his POV and feel his heartache and voice He's beautiful gorgeous heroic chivalrous sweet compassionate and just downright amazing I love Melanie she was a wonderful sweet woman who really grew into her own person from a 16 year old shy girl I loved seeing their past into the present It made me love them so much as they really grew up and became so mature and responsible Their lives intertwined and never were apart in spirit that is It was a beautifful reunion They were ALOT of sexy steamy scenes that just melted your insides and had me smiling from ear to ear I found myself jumping in elation when they got close then BAMthey were going at it so romantically passionately and lovingly It wascaptivating I loved Daniel's family so freaking much They stuck by him through the whole thing always there when he needed them during the hardest time in his life I cried for them losing their grandchild and neice It was devastating OMG I want to cry now thinking about itI hated Melanie's mother and father and husband But it was her parent's fault they were apart in the first place They ruined their daughter's life and then blamed Daniel for killing his daughter which they weren't happy about in the first place when it wasn't his fault I wanted to beat the Hell out of them for being so insensitive and heartless and evil They treated Daniel like shit since they met him At least his parents welcomed Melanie with open arms and ALWAYS treated her like family And his sister Erin was her best friend and I loved her too She was a great sister to Daniel and was there for him after Melanie had to leave Danielagainst her will because of her threatening bastard parents Ugh I hated them so much And then there's Nicholas I won't go into

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read doc é Pulled author Amy Lichtenhan Paperback  randarenewables ´ For nine years they drift through life unable to forget the one who holds the strings to their hearts In an attempt to escape the pain of her past Melanie finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage while Daniel loses himself in a cA career that means nothing without Melanie by his sideNow when their lives intersect neither can deny the connection they felt so long agoBut will the power that drew them together be enough to heal the wounds from their past and 45 stars “Erin called us soul mates but II’ve always known it was than that It’s like we share the same soul and when we’re apart each half is looking for the other” What an emotionally intense rollercoaster of a bookI read the whole book with my heart in my throat either holding my breath choked up or in tears My heart was literally pounding for most of the storyMelanie and Daniel met when they were 15 16 years old and fell in almost instant true undeniable unstoppable love They know unuestioningly that they are each other’s forever Even when tragedy strikes and their lives are forces apart neither of them can forgot the other Memories and thoughts of each other consume them not allowing them to move on or truly live without the other Melanie ends up trapped in a loveless marriage to a controlling abusive bastard named Nicholas and Daniel ends up throwing his whole self into his career but feeling empty the whole time inside “My body trembled as all the regrets of my life washed through me my heart feeling as if it were on the verge of failing My soul cried out to her It had never stopped its search for her in nine years and I could still feel her calling out for me” But when fate brings them together at a chance dinner party 9 years later the moment they see each other they both realize that neither of them ever lost the love they had for each other and they will do anything and everything within their power to fix the wrongs that happened and be together again “Seeing her was like seeing a reflection of myself a mirror of my pain my loss my regret A mirror of what stirred within me now – this love that had refused to die She had found me I had always felt her heart calling to mine just as mine called to hers this power bringing us together once again” Their big reunion was heart clenchingly beautiful “He stood above me his body visibly trembling “This is forever” “ I loved the deep connection that they had The pull they both felt for each other The intensity of their love for each other was both gut wrenching and absolutely beautifulThe writing is beautiful I really love this author’s style She sucks you right into the story and into the characters minds and makes you feel everything that the characters are feeling While I LOVED her other book Take This Regret I still did really really liked this one and am eagerly looking forward to whatever book she may decide to write next “I can’t live without you I haven’t lived a day without you“ Their story is told in the present day with flashbacks to their past piecing together their storyI had issues with this story though I didn’t like that the main reason that Melanie and Daniel were kept apart for 9 years was because of miss communications and misunderstandings It is kind of excused by the fact that that they were young which they were 16 17 when the initial drama went down but still at that age I would have talked that issue or any other issue through with my guy I didn't like that they let assumptions and someone else's words come between them without directly talk with each other about the issuesAlso on another note I’m not a fan of super evil bad guys who keep trying to break the main couple up steal them away or hurt them physically – something which both Nicholas and Vanessa did successfully I can handle a certain amount of that in a story but I felt it was a little too much here Most of the drama in this story resulted from the unfortunate results of pretty stupid actions caused by gut wrenching grief hurt and fear I felt like even given all the horrible circumstances life threw at them they should have handled the issues responsiblyThis being said the story was still wonderful emotional and heart wrenching and I'm so glad I read itThere is a HEA ending though but its not uite the perfect fairy tale that most romance novels have Its bittersweet but still beautiful And they do end up together and happy This I’m saying because its a very important detail to meHere's how I see Melanie DanielFor of my reviews visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page