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Characters ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ David Ferry Ith his genius for metrical variation His vocal phrasing thus becomes an amazingly flexible instrument of psychological and spiritual inuiry Most poets write inside a very narrow range of experience and feeling whether in free or metered verse But Ferry’s use of meter tends to enhance the collouial nature of his writing while giving him access to an immense variety of feeling Sometimes that feeling is so powerful it’s like witnessing a volcanologist taking measurements in the midst of an eruption     Ferry’s translations meanwhile are amazingly acclimated English poems Once his voice takes hold of them they are as bred in the bon. This is a fair collection of poetry with glimpses of brilliance but the greatest thing about this book is the collection itself assembling ancient poetry centered around themes of familial loss rendering it in modern verse and then weaving a light narrative with original poems interlaced between passages from the Bible and the Aeneid is fantastically charming This must be the best poetry collection of 2012

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Bewilderment New Poems and Translations Review Å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ã Winner of the 2012 National Book Award for PoetryTo read David Ferry’s Bewilderment is to be reminded that poetry of the highest order can be made by the subtlest of means The passionate nature and originality of Ferry’s prosod E as all his other work And the translations in this book are vitally related to the original poems around them From BewildermentOctoberThe day was hot and entirely breathless soThe remarkably uiet remarkably steady leaf fallSeemed as if it had no cause at allThe ticking sound of falling leaves was likeThe ticking sound of gentle rainfall asThey gently fell on leaves already fallenOr as when as they passed them in their fallingNow and again it happened that one of them touchedOne or another leaf as yet not fallingStill clinging to the idea of being summerAs if the leaves that were falling but not the dayHad read and understood the calendar. How many bards gild the lapses of time John Keats writes But no confusion no disturbance rude Do they occasion; 'tis a pleasing chime So the unnumbered sounds that evening store; the songs of birds the whispering of the leaves the voice of waters the great bell that heaves with solemn sound and thousand others that distance of recognizance bereaves make pleasing music and not wild uproarThat sense of sad harmony pervades David Ferry's sublime new collection where translations of the great masters sit side by side with Ferry's own poems each amplifying the elegiac tone of the other This is most explicit in the sixth section of the book where Ferry first offers a poem by Arthur Gold apparently a friend and colleague then follows it up with a poem of his own that elaborates on Gold's poems The poems that result are like nothing I've ever read before at once a homage to a departed mind a critical close reading and a profound meditation on the themes of the original text while still managing to be moving poems in themselves Elsewhere the resonances are subtler so that only a phrase or an image from the original will find its way into Ferry's own work but the overall sense is of a connection to an unbroken or rather a broken but still abiding tradition of a great depth of feeling a great sea of human grief from which these poems are only the latest waves delivering their fluid messages at one's feet What Ferry has created in Bewilderment is something greater than the usual collection of fine lyric though fine poems are to be found here in multitudes; he has written a great echo chamber of a book reverberate with voices modern and ancient all like Echo trying to make sense of a loss no less bewildering for being inevitableThis may be the finest book of new poems published in 2012

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Bewilderment New Poems and TranslationsWinner of the 2012 National Book Award for PoetryTo read David Ferry’s Bewilderment is to be reminded that poetry of the highest order can be made by the subtlest of means The passionate nature and originality of Ferry’s prosodic daring works astonishing transformations that take your breath away In poem after poem his diction modulates beautifully between plainspoken high elouence and collouial vigor making his distinctive speech one of the most interesting and ravishing achievements of the past half century Ferry has fully realized both the potential for vocal expressiveness in his phrasing and the way his phrasing plays against and w. If you are one of those people who complain about modern poetry this is the book that should provide you with plenty of ammunition About halfway through my tongue began to slip out of my mouth drool dribbled out onto a page and I jumped up shouting I'm awake I'm awake Fortunately no one was around to witness that one I am sure Mr Ferry was a great teacher at Wellesley College You know the place where peons have to bow down with cries of I am not worthy Actually Mr Ferry was not a teacher Instead he was the Sophie Chantal Hart Professor Emeritus of English I wonder if anyone there ever read Jonathan Swift Can you imagine the field day Swift might have had with that title And I am still trying to figure out why I need to read random passages translated from Virgil's Aeneid He's been published in all of the great journals so he must be really good I wiped off the drool if you want to borrow my copy