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Free read ´ Ink Author Damien Walters Grintalis 109 ä A tattoo can be a work of artor a curse When Jason Harford meets the tattoo artist he nicknames Sailor ink is the last thing on his mind but he's hurt and angry from a recent loss and makes an impulsive decision to go under the needle Sailor’s work is extraordinary though anA tattoo can be a work of artor a curse When Jason Harford meets the tattoo artist he nicknames Sailor ink is the last thing on his mind but he's hurt and angry from a recent loss and makes an impulsive decision to go u. Damien Walters Grintalis' first novel builds on the promise shown in her published short stories characterization solid pacing and a very good sense of when and when not to show us the monsterevilgore With the exception of a few key cut away scenes Grintalis keeps us firmly in Jason's point of view throughout the book Thanks to this we understand why he reaches the false conclusions about what's going on that he reaches In Jason we're not given just another horror novel lead who is oblivious despite the signs we're given someone who sees logical explanations for what's going on around him until he reaches a point where he realizes what we've known all along nothing is as it seems Jason is a character who starts out an emotional wreck finds a new inner strength and then comes to doubtlose that strength as the real world falls away and he has to make a choice to be the wreck or the strong one This character arc for Jason is the heart of the book and what makes it not just another gory book about tattoos gone badIn fact there isn't a lot of on screen gore throughout most of the novel We're given hints about what happens off screen but Jason largely sees only the aftermath of these events This is key not only in allowing him to continue to be slightly oblivious to the truth but also to the pacing of the novel and the ratcheting up of suspense that Grintalis does so well and makes the use of gore later in the story that much effectiveSeveral supporting characters are well drawn pun intended as well Jason's ex wife Shelley his mother and father and his new girlfriend Mitch all add flavor to the story if I have any complaint about the supporting cast it's that so many of them are so well crafted that it becomes extremely noticeable when a character is lacking in characterization Alex the gum chewing kid from up the block feels like a macguffin at the most a place holder at the least For a character mentioned so often and who is a focus of Jason's rationalizations for what's going on he feels the most stock of the supporting castAnd then there's the tattoo artist Jason calls Sailor who goes by the name John S Iblis Sailor creeped me out from the first scene he appears in and continued to be no less creepy and in fact far so as the book goes on Most astute horror readers will recognize right away who Sailor actually is but that doesn't take away from the story itself; who he is isn't the central mystery after all What he wants and whether he'll get it or not is the uestion A uestion Grintalis answers solidly in a climactic scene that is a bloody intense tidal shifting ride even though it never leaves one room

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Is sheets Sees a brick wall where the tattoo shop should be The truth is as sharp as a monster's talon and if Jason can't find a way out everything he knows will be destroyed and everyone he cares about will pay the pri. Excerpt The stink of rot and ruin of old dreams broken screams and wicked dirty little thingsOne of Grintalis' great gifts is making the unbelievable not only believable but making it live and breathe Her monsters are not cartoons her demons are not dispelled with the light of day—all of her creations are real Her love of horror fiction is obvious I found myself reminded of Peter Straub but her craft and imagination raises Ink beyond the deluge of lesser works in the genre I love her short fiction but Ink proves Grintalis can handle the novel length with ease No doubt we have much to anticipate in this writer's career and I highly recommend Ink for anyone with a fondness for horrorPlease see the full review on my blog

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Ink Author Damien Walters GrintalNder the needle Sailor’s work is extraordinary though and the griffin tattoo is a thing of beauty leaving Jason with no cause for regret Until he hears the flutter of wings in the night Finds drops of blood staining h. It's a little tricky to review this book without giving too much away I liked the characters and appreciated the time that was spent building them into people I could really care about The setting was also well drawn and reminded me of some of my favorite early urban horror by Clive Barker Grintalis has a sharp eye for description a finely tuned ear for language and a bloody finger on the pulse of horror Ink takes a fresh premise grounded in realistic character drama and then slowly and relentlessly pushes it to some surprising limits My only criticism was that the end felt a little rushed and some things that could have been maximized for horrific effect were sort of glossed over in a way that made them a little awkward to visualize I'm thinking mainly of the removal of the suit here But the things poor Jason endured throughout Look out for DWG; she's a merciless author and I can't wait to see what she does next