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read kindle â The Valley of Decision Ö Paperback ↠ randarenewables ´ Originally published in 1942 The Valley of Decision was an instant success and its story of four generations of the Scott family—owners and operators of a Pittsburgh iron and steel works—has since captured the imaginatiCture starring Greer Garson and Gregory Peck             This reissue features a new foreword by noted steel industry historian John Hoerr author of And the Wolf Finally Came who places the novel in context as a classic depiction of twentieth century Ameri This is a wonderful book about a family and a steel mill But it has a larger theme too the importance of having a purpose And it makes a decisive claim to have a purpose means being part of something larger than yourselfAll through the story we see how people reach their potential by looking out for their family working for the mill fighting for their country There is an element of self sacrifice to all this which I do not like but it's not preachy or treacly The novel is masterfully plotted Davenport plants seeds in the first chapter that only come to fruition 600 pages later She's especially good at leading you up to an event and then summarizing it from a perspective of five years later in the next chapter You have to be good at this kind of stuff if you want to write a story that spans 64 years She's not a flashy stylist but her descriptions of the mill and of a flood that rolls through a shantytown are really nice The characters are interesting but not superb Sometimes Davenport seems to believe that temperament is destiny and we veer a bit toward naturalism But then she shows her characters making key decisions on their own that demonstrate that they have free will The best character is Claire who finds her purpose as a journalist a stock holder of the mill and a lover in the latter part of the storyI think if you're interested in the setting especially the steel industry and if you want to watch the evolution of a business and a family this is the book for you

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Ex it chronicles the family’s saga from the economic panic of 1873 through the dramatic rise of American industry and trade unionism through waves of immigration class conflict natural disaster World War I and Pearl Harbor In 1945 it was made into a major motion pi I admit I have a soft spot for this book because it's based in my hometown but on top of that it's a great ripping yarn about a steel owner's family the servants that live with them a feisty union member and on top of all that has one of the best flood scenes I've ever read in a novel Set in Pittsburgh in the 1800s it's written by a woman who went on to be the partner of the son of a founder of Czechoslovakia

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The Valley of DecisionOriginally published in 1942 The Valley of Decision was an instant success and its story of four generations of the Scott family owners and operators of a Pittsburgh iron and steel works has since captured the imagination of generations of readers Absorbing and compl I have waited long to review this book I read this book than ten years ago but lost the copy and couldnt remember the title However I always wanted to write a review for this book and its outline was formed ten years ago in me and has stayed for these many years simmering as it were on the back burner of my mind One of the characters in the book a music composer is asked by his wife Claire in the book 3rd generation member of the Scott family whose life the book chroniclesto write a full symphony to the beat of a mill and he does My review of the book is based on that imageryThe Valley of Decision is a song written to the background score of the beat of a mill a steel mill in fact A symphony of various notes written to cover almost 70 plus years of history the book chronicles the life of than three generations of the Scott family owners of a Pittsburgh steel mill The family's births marriages deaths the changes in relationships these bring the life of their friends their struggles and their change of values through 3 generations are movingly portrayed through the eyes of one person Mary Raggerty Mary the daughter of Irish immigrants enters the family as a maid and rises to become a beloved confidant of the family Her whole life becomes intertwined with that of the Scotts in a song of life that marches to the cadence of a steel mill weaving itself as a principal note in the harmony of their notes not marring or jarring it but bolstering strengthening under girding muting as well as enhancing the nuances such that song rises from being a mere litany of notes to become a crescendo a musical artefactThe style of the book the pathos of it its unassuming overtones of family culture its silent trace of American history from the mid 1800s to the mid 1900s all make it a literary gem worthy of being reading material for school college studentsIt leaves indelible mark on the reader a book that will stay in memory as it has stayed in my mind with its accurate portrayal of human existence with all its joys and pains It leaves you surfeited in every sense of the word and impacts you for life