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Read & Download Herra Mäyränen ja rouva Repolainen â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Metsästäjiä pakoon lähtenyt rouva Repolainen tyttärineen on saanut turvapaikan herra Mäyräsen kotoa mutta lapsilta asuminen samassa kolossa ei suju kinastelematta Roosa Repolaisen mielestä mäyrät ovat pelkureita jaMatta Roosa Repolaisen mielestä mäyrät ovat pelkureita ja nipottavat siisteydestä Posku ja Hotko Mäyräsen mielestä ketut taas hosuvat rakastavat sotkuisia l?. This book series depicts two families moving in together in a rather awkward way The moral or basis for it is that different families can learn to live together and get along when single parents remarry The art is pretty as it uses watercolor paint something very rare in children's books But the problem with watercolor is you often lose detail Sometimes people's bodies or faces are very blobby and in distinct This is especially a problem with facial expression Sometimes are left uncertain about how someone feels because of their face and must rely on how many exclamation points are used This first book delves into not wanting to share and not liking another person based on what species they are Perhaps a hidden undertone about dealing with race but really it's about dealing with another family It has a lot of show don't tell problems Characters say the weirdest things out of nowhere to drive home the point For instance Mrs Fox no sooner arrives then she's saying things like It will be good her daughter Ginger to have brothers and sisters If I were Mr Badger I'd have shown her the door immediately There really is no story about these parents actually becoming a couple They are moving in together And they say things like It's so good we get along so well based off of one conversation It is obvious by the end of the book that they are now a couple Yet there is never any real buildup or direction for that when it really needed it That would have helped the logic of the story and lines a lot in place of all the showdon'ttell problems And the kids are far worse with this The kids tiptoe around watching the adults yet say such adult like things about them and the situation Their whole goal is to split up the adults making their love story even necessary but they end up getting along anyway and say things like we started a family They really need to give each character their own voice and not have the kids suddenly be wise old family therapists What this book and series does well is create a very nice world This is a subject I have never really seen before At least at this picture bookgraphic novel level for kids And my imagination went wild at the potential and possibilities of how this family would gel especially the parents taking care of each other's kids and their parents falling in love It's good though that there is some fear involved on an animal level The author remembers these are animals and has them digging and scurrying eating grubs and worms running away from dogs who for some reason do not speak That does add a nice touch and gives things some stakes at least Hopefully later editions will see a little of that

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Metsästäjiä pakoon lähtenyt rouva Repolainen tyttärineen on saanut turvapaikan herra Mäyräsen kotoa mutta lapsilta asuminen samassa kolossa ei suju kinastele. How and why this book had a starred review in Booklist is beyond me Further that the same publication named it a Top 10 Graphic Novel for Youth in 2011 is an insult to both readers and materials selectors The art is very sweet and lovely but the formatting is uite poor and I suspect the translation does little justice to the original text Riddled with exclamation points and bad dialogue the story whacks readers over the head with its egregious preachiness and central lesson This limp little volume is to be avoided if at all possible

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Herra Mäyränen ja rouva Repolainen?äviä ja ovat ylipäätään täysiä kaistapäitä Tämän todistaakseen lapset päättävät järjestää vanhemmilleen juhlat mutta lopputulos yllättää kaik. A very good children's book about getting along accepting people different than you and getting to know someone before judging them