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The Dark Is Rising Sequence The Dark Is Rising #1 5When the Dark comes rising six shall turn it back Three from the circle three from the track; Wood bronze iron; water fire stone; Five will return and one go alone With these mysterious words Will Stanton discovers on his 11th birthday that he is no mere boy He is the Sign Seeker last of the immortal Old Ones destined to battle the powers of evil that trouble the land His task is monumental he must find an. Okay the first thing to keep in mind is that Susan Cooper wrote these books long before JK Rowling was writing so if you see the parallels of an English boy who discovers he has magical powers on his eleventh birthdaywell you just have to suck it up and admit that Cooper did it first These are AMAZING books I was trying to think of which one I liked best but they're all so good Much darker than most children's fantasy Very scary When I was 10 I didn't sleep for days after reading The Dark Is Rising Also you can read the first two books out of order most people seem to read The Dark Is Rising before they read Over Sea Under Stone They will feel like they were written by two different people because Over Sea Under Stone is like a lighthearted children's adventure story and The Dark Is Rising is much well DARK Also the stories are very much tied to the legend of King Arthur if that is what floats your boat Won't say any you just have to read it yourself

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D guard the six great Signs of the Light which when joined will create a force strong enough to match and perhaps overcome that of the Dark Embarking on this endeavor is dangerous as well as deeply rewarding; Will must work within a continuum of time and space much broader than he ever imagined Susan Cooper in her five title Dark Is Rising Seuence creates a world where the conflict between good and evil re. A dstinctive feature of this series of five children's books is that there are two distinctive groups of view point characters A normal family group of three siblings who are the lead characters in Under Sea and over Stone and in Greenwich while a boy with magical powers is the lead in the remaining three novels The Dark is Rising The Grey King and The Silver on the TreeAlthough Susan Cooper has been resident for some years now in the USA all five books are firmly rooted in Britain of the late 1960s and early 70s developing a strong sense of landscape that of Cornwall in Under Sea and Over stone and Greenwitch the Thames valley between Christmas and New Year in The Dark is rising or Wales in The Grey King and The Silver on the TreeIncreasingly the childrens' plunge into magic and mystery angles into Arthurian legend Recommended for youngsters it is the kind of series that can grow with the reader as the books become complex and have magical fantastical and mythological elements as they progress

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Free download Ì The Dark Is Rising Sequence (The Dark Is Rising, #1-5) 109 ´ When the Dark comes rising six shall turn it back Three from the circle three from the track; Wood bronze iron; water fire stone; Five will return and one go alone With these mysterious words Will Stanton discovers on his 11th birtAches epic proportions She ranks with CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien in her ability to deliver a moral vision in the context of breathtaking adventure No one can stop at just one of her thrilling fantasy novels Among many other prestigious awards The Dark Is Rising is a Newbery Honor Book and a Carnegie Medal Honor Book#1 Over Sea Under Stone#2 The Dark Is Rising#3 Greenwitch#4 The Grey King#5 Silver on the Tree. This is probably my favourite series of books of all timeOver Sea Under Stone is aimed at the youngest audience of the five books but it's still readable and the prose is lovely The characters are instantly recognisable as children rather than the mini adults some writers make children and they're easy to identify with If nothing else you have to be charmed by Barney There's real suspense in this book if your heart isn't in your mouth while Barney and Simon are crawling through the tunnel you have no soul More detailed review here Dark Is Rising the second book seems to be for a bit older audience It constantly amazes me how well even minor characters like Paul Stanton are developed Will Stanton is both human and alien as he should be His coming of age rings very true one moment he's accepting his power but the next he's still a young boy setting fire to things I have a detailed review here is the shortest book It's the one I think of as focusing on Jane I got to care about her in this one Again the characters are amazingly believable and there's real tension and suspense Longer review here Grey King is lovely It introduces the final member of the Six Bran Davies It's also set in Wales which naturally endears it to me The characters in this book are all believable and spectacular And the very end where Owen and Bran stand together brings a lump to my throat every time Proper review here On The Tree is the final book Everything comes together here More tension glorious characters and a wonderful ending that kinda makes me want to kill Susan Cooper for what she's done to some of my favourite characters Full review here background mythology is extremely interesting and drawn from all parts of the UK The movie stripped all of this away among other things so I boycotted itSorry my html wasn't working; the links would've looked elegant