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Read & download ✓ The Castle of Otranto 102 Î One of the first great Gothic novels and one of the most influential books in literary history this thrilling tale abounds in adventure suspense and supernatural occurrences In a realm where a villain reigns mysterious events aid in fulfilling a prophecy that spells doom for the ruler andErious events aid in fulfilling a prophecy that spells doom for the ruler and justice for the rightful hei. uite frankly one of the oddest things I've ever read

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One of the first great Gothic novels and one of the most influential books in literary history this thrill. “CLASSICS” can teach us a great deal about things like history culture customs and different literary styles From this book I learned that classics CAN ALSO REALLY REALLY SUCK Now before continuing I would like to be clear that when I say this book sucked I don’t mean “it was well written but kinda dry and boring”sucked No I mean planets and stars being pulled toward the event horizon of a black hole suckage In other words suckage on a grand and towering scale Now in fairness it should be noted that the book was written in 1764 and is widely considered to be the first ever Gothic novel This highlights two things First that there was at least one really really crappy book published in the 18th century Second as the first gothic novel it has the additional distinction of being the first gothic novel to really really suck The book centers around Manfred who is the lord of a Castle Otranto As the story begins Manfred’s day gets off to a really bad start when his sickly son gets crushed by a massive helmet that falls on him inexplicably from above You might be wondering where the giant helmet came from and how it happened to fall Well reading the book won't helpBECAUSE IT IS NEVER EXPLAINED It just sort of happens which just sort of sucks So anyway the son’s death leads Manfred to believe that an ancient prophecy is coming to pass which states that his ownership of the castle will cease “should the owner be grown too large to inhabit it” Begin confused look I have no idea what that means Well Manfred decides that he can best avoid the prophecy by divorcing his first wife and marrying his dead son’s fiancé so that she can give him a proper heir How does having another son fit in with stopping the prophecy Can't tell youdon't knowme and and the baby above are still confused Manfred tells his first wife the plan and she basically accepts being pushed aside for a younger woman without a peep Basically Mr Walpole thought that portraying the first wife as an extreme doormat was just what the story needed Well done Horace Way to write those strong female characters After that the rest of the book is mostly “I want to marry her but she doesn’t want to marry me because she wants to marry him who wants to marry someone elseand Manfred is a real prick” That sums it up except that some boring shit happens that really sucks and there is some chasing some hiding a couple of deaths and some mysterious yet incredibly boring knights from a neighboring kingdom In sum Castle of Otranto

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The Castle of OtrantoIng tale abounds in adventure suspense and supernatural occurrences In a realm where a villain reigns myst. WARNING 1001 BOOK THAT THE WRITERS OF THE 1001 BOOKS LIST WANTED TO TORTURE YOU WITH BEFORE YOU DIENB do not assume that said death will be unrelated to the reading of this book boredom kills peopleThis book is very Shakespearian in style and therefore metaphorically and allegorically weighty despite being such a short light paperback book I was suckered into reading this because it was a short read You know how it is on a whim sometime ago Christmas 2009 you manfully pledge to read all the books on the 1001 books to read before you die list Like a premature New Years resolution for self betterment but instead of chucking in the booze or fags that's cigarettes to you folks in the US of A you decide to acuire an expensive habit rather than giving one up Many books later and you decide to pseudo cheat your way to a higher number of 1001 books by picking the shortest books off the list and think yourself clever for doing so uh huh not so much as it turns out because as with Don DeLillos The Body Artist and The Castle of Otranto that kind of tactical stratagem of 1001 book cherry picking will come back to bite you on the arse good styleTo say that this book can be difficult to read in places is probably a moderate understatement My Ye Olde Lingo eareye is totally out having abandoned this kind of book after A Level English Lit was mercifully behind me so it was like being plunged back into curriculum reading again but without the benefits of a young unscrambled mind to back it up First off weird things happen Big helmets fall on people Why Absolutely no idea Novel way to kill off someone though I must admit falling millinery is not an obvious weapon of choice The rest of the book is serious Was the helmet not comedy Oh Mostly I enjoyed the fact that the female characters were very much at the centre of the plot which must have been unusual for the period in which the book was written although admittedly it is the state of their emotions particularly towards their men folk which puts them at the heart of this rather than their own characters and motivations Their lives are dictated by the men around them most of whom some to be self serving self aggrandising and unfaithful Manfred gets extra evil baddie points for trying to trade in his wife for a younger model with the rather rubbish excuse that he's only doing it with the country's best interests at heart Mostly I felt that I'd have enjoyed this if someone would write this as a screen play and present it in the style of a Carry On film I don't know why but it just had that sort of feel to itOverall a fairly slog worthy read You might find yourself hoping to get suashed by a giant helmet just to put you out of your misery