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“She’s got the gift of lyrical precision nothing cuts to the core uite like the resolution of DiFranco rhyme” BillboardWith eight Grammy nominations a gold record and sales of over 45 million Ani DiFranco is one of America’s most fiercely independent and beloved musicians as well as an outspoken voice of conscience For the first time she releases a book of poetry and paintings capturing her essential artistry that has helped define and invigorate a new generation Ani DiF. Reveiwers copy from 7 Stories PressOne lazy day in 1996 I was meandering up and down the aisles of the local Gallery of Sound music store having wandered in wanting a new CD but not having anything particular in mind At times like these I would pull a cd from the rack check out the recording label the cover art and read the song titles This was how I came across some of my favorite indieunknowns at the time Groups like Brad Sunny Day Real Estate Lemonheads Catherine WheelThat lazy day found me checking out Ani DiFranco's Dilate cd I had never heard of Righteous Babe Records the cover was punky grunge and the titles of the tracks were intriguing so I brought it up the counter and asked the guy working the register to tell me a bit about her and her music Rather than explain he popped the cd into the stereo system and Untouchable Face came crawling out of the speakers Bitter achey beautiful I was in love I bought the cd and spent the rest of that day and night playing it over and over and over againA few days later I ran back to that store to pick up some of the other albums of Ani's that they carried Her lyrics are rough biting and painfully sweet Her voice is soulful tender and powerful I must have been living under a rock these past two years because somehow her collection of poetry and paintings slipped right past me Of course once I realised I had missed it I went off in a frantic search to auire a copy But alas my local chain stores were not carrying it Out of sheer frustration I wrote to 7 stories press and asked them for a copy expressing my love of her music and my need to own this and read it And my reuest was granted If you are familar with Ani Difranco's music you will know that she has strong political and social views Views that she is not afraid to express to her audiance A self proclaimed feminist hailing from Buffalo NY she speaks from the heart and her fans listen Cracking open this collection of poems is no different than cranking up the volume on one of her songs Literally since uite a few of the poems are actually her song lyrics in written form But that does not take away from the beauty and urgency that is Ani DiFrancoSome like Pulse evoke strong emotion I would offer you my pulse if I thought it would be useful I would give you my breath And Parameters with it's bubbling fear Others like Subdivision cry out for us to look around and see our surroundings for the first time I'm wondering what it will take for my country to rise first we admit our mistakes and then we open our eyes And Self Evident in which she takes on 911 and other catastrophes and our reactions to such events Taking the recording industry by its neck at the age of 18 and building her own label Righteous Babe Records doing things her way the whole way painting poetry and music that stirs the soulA true gem for an Ani fan and for those who are new to her a perfect place to introduce yourself

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Ani Difranco VersesReleased nineteen full length DiFranco albums to critical acclaim and is now home to over a dozen cutting edge new artists DiFranco was named one of the top twenty five most influential artists of the past twenty five years by CMJ New Music alongside Nirvana and U2 and one of 21 Feminists for the 21st Century by Ms Magazine Together with Ani DiFranco Verses she released her first retrospective album Canon in September 2007 and proceeded on a twenty city tour in the United States. Probably only of interest to the big DiFranco fan which I am or have been in the past Lyrics to her songs and an interview at the end Also examples of her visual art though you have to dig around the internet to realize that they are her works

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Free read ñ Ani Difranco: Verses ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook å “She’s got the gift of lyrical precision—nothing cuts to the core uite like the resolution of DiFranco rhyme”— BillboardWith eight Grammy nominations a gold record and sales of over 45 million Ani DiFranco is one of America’s most fiercely indRanco Verses rages eulogizes menaces revels and envisions With a poet’s precision and a citizen’s stake DiFranco finds the meeting places of intimacy and politics of self and country of resolve and compromise and of the fickle and magnificent capacities of love and solitudeIn 1990 at the age of eighteen Ani DiFranco rewrote the rules of the record industry when she created her own label Righteous Babe Records as an alternative to beckoning corporate offices Since then RBR has. This came into my hands at a somewhat complex time compounded by a broken rib which made me sit still and read ah bliss So it was the perfect moment to be introduced to this poet Some of the poems really resonated some were interesting observations of another's experience I loved the art Passed on to a friend deeply involved in our local Poetry Society