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Revised with a new coverWhen Edie was first published it uickly became an international best seller and then took its place among the classic books about the 1960s Edie Sedgwick exploded into the public eye like a comet She seemed to have it all she was aristocratic and glamorous vivacious and young Andy Warhol’ Poor poor Edie if you only know the sleep i lost because i couldn't uit reading your life story told by people who envied despised laid loved and destroyed you This book discovered from a footnote of a footnote says a lot about desire and protection Her end story is a story that is now well known and rather ridiculous in the way it plays out but her beginnings like many tragic figures is what kickstarts this oral history with an almost storybook like cast of characters from her east coast ties to old money and her greek like father Francis Fuzzy who has the right mind to raise his children on a picturesue ranch but all the while ripping them to shreds many of the children end up committing suicide or dying of other circumstances way before EDIE goes the way of the buffalo Who's to say what would have become of EDIE had she'd been raised instead in the wilderness of the big city which eventually supported her preferred lifestyle and led her to her downfall as one gets the impression she was a caught bobcat left in a cage of the open range wilderness where big dreams are tied directly to the openess of the sky until someone came along and set her free on the highwayBest oral history I've ever read and would love to find a book someday that euals or tops its scope in relation to the continuing American saga

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Edie American GirlLd of the ‘60s the sex drugs fashion music the mad rush for pleasure and fame All glitter and flash on the outside it was hollow and desperate within like Edie herself and like her mentor Andy Warhol Alternately mesmerizing tragic and horrifying this book shattered many myths about the ‘60s experience in Ameri This book helped me hate Andy Warhol just a little less because it is clear he was not responsible for the denigration and demise of Edie Sedgwick Edie was going to end up dead of an overdose or a suicide attempt one way or the other and while Andy was a parasite the blame for his death cannot be laid at his doorstepMostly this book was interesting in a voyeuristic manner I felt a similar sense of looking into the lives of a certain sort of elite when reading about John Cheever's life This book stands as a direct refutation to the old canard that the rich are not like us they are better Fuzzy Sedgwick Edie's father was a living emblem of how money can lead one to believe one is almost a God His arrogance destroyed his children and his weak wife stood by and let it happen Two sons committed suicide Edie died of a drug overdose the eldest daughter cut off ties with most of her family and it was all a direct result of having a lecherous nasty arrogant self absorbed narcissist for a fatherIn a way this book told via the remembrances of those who knew Edie and her family is a third party examination of how women with borderline personality are created Because from the perspective of armchair psychology Edie was definitely a borderline There were a couple of moments wherein I literally cringed when reading of Edie's behavior After she had left The Factory Edie fell in with a group of bikers She had no sense of the danger she was courting as she was genuinely convinced of her charm According to a man called Preacher Ewing Edie would flirt and tease the bikers at bars and had it not been for a couple of male friends who prevented it she was opening herself up to a gang rape She was so accustomed to being the most beautiful and sought after girl in the room and having dealt with the dregs that were often attracted to Andy Warhol she had an over inflated sense of her desirability and the civility her money and uasi fame bought herThis was a terribly sad book in so many ways But like most tales of how the mighty have fallen it was a fast gripping read

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read kindle å Edie American Girl Ï Paperback ´ Revised with a new coverWhen Edie was first published it uickly became an international best seller and then took its place among the classic books about the 1960s Edie Sedgwick exploded into the public eye like a comet She seemed to have it all she was aristocratic and glamorouS superstar But within a few years she flared out as uickly as she had appeared and before she turned twenty nine she was dead from a drug overdoseIn a dazzling tapestry of voices family friends lovers rivals the entire meteoric trajectory of Edie Sedgwick’s life is brilliantly captured And so is the Pop Art wor “She was a catalyst By being in contact with her the edges were sharper An evening with Edie would only end when Edie had got to the point of exhaustion which would be at the end of 2 or 3 days There’s that old Yogi axiom the higher you go the further you fall We all know that She liked walking very close to extinction always” From the moment Edith Minturn Sedgwick was born she was destined for both greatness and hardship Desperate to break free from the clutches of her overbearing abusive father Edie along with a number of her siblings would be in and out of multiple psychiatric hospitals by the time she turned 20 It wasn’t until she began attending Cambridge as an art student miles away from the family ranch in Santa Barbara that the world opened up for her Adored by all those around her Edie got her first real taste of freedom and fame Within a year she had conuered the HarvardCambridge scene and set her sights for something bigger New York City Word travels fast and within a couple months Edie was Manhattan’s new “It Girl” with people like Bob Dylan Bob Neuwirth and Lester Persky knocking on her door In March of 1965 Edie was introduced to Andy Warhol who knew a star when he saw one and together they became a sensation In a mere 6 months Edie had starred in multiple Warhol productions traveled to Europe with him to promote their films and was being mobbed at art galleries by adoring fans The press had dubbed her “Girl of the Year” and there seemed to be no limit to the possibilities that lie ahead But Edie’s mind was elsewhere mourning the deaths of two of her brothers and forever in fear of her father putting her away again Edie lived like everyday would be her last with mass excess in every aspect After spending her entire 80000 inheritance in that first 6 months all Edie had left was her fame and a massive drug addiction As uickly as she rose came a hard fall By the end of the year Edie and Andy’s relationship was on the rocks the modelling and acting gigs began to disappear and her family cut her off completely Edie would continue to fight desperately trying to out run the Sedgwick curse that claimed her dear brothers For those who only know of Edie through her beautiful photographs or the very loosely based biopic Factory Girl this is her TRUE storyEasily one of the most magnificent Oral History books ever publishedTo learn about Edie check out Muses Stuff