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Three Views on Creation and Evolution Free download ✓ 105 ✓ For Christians the issues raised by the different views on creation and evolution are challenging Can a young earth be reconciled with a universe that appears to be billions of years old Does scientific evidence point to a God who designed the universe and liFor Christians the issues raised by the different views on creation and evolution are challenging Can a young earth be reconciled with a universe that appears to be billions of years old Does scientific evidence point to a God who designed the universe and life in all its complexity Three Views on Creation and Evolution deals with these and simi. This is a great book that gives three potential theological stances in regards to creation as described in the early chapters of Genesis Three different views are presented and they range from conservative to middle of the road to liberal theology The three views on creation and evolution described in these pages are Young Earth Creationism Old Earth Creationism also known as Progressive Creationism Theistic EvolutionFor each viewpoint an expert holding that belief describes all the reasons that he feels this is the best theological point of view for creation Then other theologians and scholars take time to respond and critiue that viewpoint Each person giving a critiue is given their own chapter to defend their alternative point of view and state why they believe the given theological viewpoint is incorrectFor clarity purposes here is the structure of each section1 Viewpoint on creation presented by an expert2 A critiue of that viewpoint by an expert believing in a different type of theology3 A critiue of that viewpoint by an expert believing in a different type of theology4 A critiue of that viewpoint by an expert believing in a different type of theology5 A critiue of that viewpoint by an expert believing in a different type of theology6 A closing essay responding to the critiues by the original expert

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Rs and the entire discussion is summarized by Phillip E Johnson and Richard H Bube The Counterpoints series provides a forum for comparison and critiue of different views on issues important to Christians Counterpoints books address two categories Church Life and Bible and Theology Complete your library with other books in the Counterpoints seri. What a great book My husband and I have at times had downright unpleasant conversations with people in our church and each other about creation and we read this book together to try and get a handle on the controversy It was hugely helpful Each of the three views young earth old earth theistic evolution are presented by extremely intelligent articulate Christians who all make very good cases After reading I landed somewhere in the old earthspecial creation camp and I think my husband landed in the theistic evolutionfully gifted creation area with some reservations However other people I know who read this felt that young earth science was clearly the most persuasive And this is a good thing The fact is that all three views have many smart people behind them and if you've never heard an argument for one or the other that made you pause and uestion yourselfthen you've only heard a straw man view of that argumentThe book layout is great full explanation five responses objections then the first author responds to the objectors The responses were often the most helpful in understanding where the big issues are The language was sometimes a little too philosophical for me to follow easily but I muddled through and learned a lot I HIGHLY recommend this if you're serious about understanding the sometimes violent conflicts Christians get into with other Christians about creation

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Three Views on Creation and EvolutionLar concerns as it looks at three dominant schools of Christian thought Proponents of young earth creationism old earth creationism and theistic evolution each present their different views tell why the controversy is important and describe the interplay between their understandings of science and theology Each view is critiued by various schola. An underlying theme in Three Views is that how one understands the nature of science is of primary significance for guiding where one ends up on the creationevolution issue Theistic evolutionists along with secular and atheistic evolutionists believe that methodological naturalism is a necessary component of science Restricting science to natural categories of explanation it is claimed does not mean however that metaphysical naturalism as a worldview follows from that The connection is supposedly spurious the assumption being that the scientific theory of evolution is valid and supported by good objective scientific evidence and is not connected whatsoever to any form of evolutionism However I believe that theistic evolutionists are mistaken about both methodological naturalism being a necessary part of science and the separability of evolution from evolutionism Science is not a strictly objective metaphysically neutral value free activity it operates rather as part of a paradigm a way of looking at the world which includes a set of assumptions and uestions that may or may not be asked Currently a positivist ie materialist paradigm reigns in biological science with all the assumptions and limitations that we are told are part of the necessary nature of science itself But prior to Darwin biologists or naturalists as they were then called practiced science within a paradigm of theistic science In the former paradigm it was entirely appropriate to integrate theological beliefs as part of scientific practice and God's primary activity as part of an explanatory apparatus Methodological naturalism became integral to biology only after the paradigm shift and it would be wrong to say in hindsight that the previous generation of naturalists had not been practicing science because they had not adhered to that stipulation This new limiting of biology to the natural world was also not simply done to refine scientific practice and enable inuiry to go beyond the dead ends that sometimes occurred when scientists appealed to the mysterious purposes of God and would investigate no further although there certainly was that element The belief was also that if biology was to be a true science on par with chemistry and physics it too had to be a closed system There had to be the a priori working assumption that there was a physical explanation for everything in biology and that God could not be active in the physical world Darwin himself was very frustrated not so much that there was resistance to his theory but that many of those who embraced it thought that God guided the process This indicated to him that they just didn't understand his theory natural selection became superfluous as a driving force in evolution if God was actually in control of it Darwin wasn't promoting atheism per se just atheism in the practice of biology But the implications of this even if not overtly raised were clear Theistic evolution was acceptable to secular biologists only if the theistic content was understood as consisting of no than mere belief and subjective feelings because an objective God would surely be objectively involved in the world and positivist science disallowed that Evolution from Darwin himself and right on down to today was and is understood by the scientific community to be a blind purposeless material process which did not have us in mind In this sense evolution and evolutionism are indistinguishable So for theistic evolutionists to say that evolution is God's way of creating is to miss the process of reasoning to the Darwinian conclusion Darwin's theory did not win out over its competitors because it better explained the facts of the natural world; it won because it most completely removed God from biology and thus best fit the new positivist paradigm that biology had adopted Critics who recognize this see how spartan the actual evidence is for evolution when it is precisely stated that is as a theory accounting for biological complexity solely by the mechanism of mutation and natural selection That theistic evolutionists are comfortable with the scientific evidence is not surprising when they define evolution in a much vague sense such as an observed increase in complexity of organisms over time Further they insist that the scientific theory of evolution strictly speaking has no metaphysical implications and as I have explained this is just false The attempts by theistic evolution to reconcile theism with evolution are too costly for two reasons First it must redefine the word evolution And second the cognitive content of theism must be greatly limited Richard Bube is comfortable that we are still provided with evidence of God's activity when seen through the eyes of Christian faith p 254 but in a culture that euates only science with reason and knowledge this is mere personal belief and is therefore nothing to be taken seriously The positivist paradigm shift was a mistake for biology because it lacks the resources to deal with information and information is the key to biology Other nineteenth century figures namely Marx and Freud who like Darwin attempted to explain reality in positivistic materialistic terms have since been discredited A century and a half after Darwin it would seem it is time for a wholesale revision in how we view biology Intelligent design advocates are calling for another paradigm shift one that does not rule out supernatural agency a priori Notwithstanding the warnings of theistic evolutionists we need not fear the god of the gaps fallacy For one thing a gap existing in a closed system may disappear when we do not limit scientific explanations to the material world Further John Mark Reynolds is confident that even without the constraint of methodological naturalism empirical inuiry willgovern itself We need only trust that nature will talk back to us when we try to make her say something that isn't true p59 If God has indeed spoken to us not only through Scripture but also through nature then we should be able to apprehend this in an objective verifiable fashion