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Book ¶ Hawkspar Korre #2 Ç 480 pages Download Ó Amazing Kindle Epub, Hawkspar Korre #2 By Holly Lisle This is the best favorite book isbn 9780765309945 format Hardcover and others 480 pages and has a text language like EnglishR and others 480 pages and has a text language like English Holly Lisle is one of my favorite authors and I enjoyed Talyn so when I saw this at Barnes and Noble I was thrilledFrom my experience with Talyn I knew this book would be gritty There are times I wanted to put the book down to clear my eyes and brain of the imagery rats; at the same time I wanted to keep going to find out what happened nextThe romance makes sense despite the Love at first sight something I don't believe in And it's touchingThe protagonists make sense Their conflict makes sense Their mutual and respective sense of responsibility keep them going in really rough times I don't think a sense of responsibility gets enough credit as impetus to actionI was disappointed though by the lack of continuity with Talyn It's set 15 years after Talyn I wanted to know what happened to her I know she had a family and lived happily ever after but what were the particulars Talyn makes a brief appearance which was not long enough to satisfy me I'd have liked to learn about her life since TalynThe Korre books are not an easy read but they are a satisfying read The universe hangs tight Evil loses; good wins but not without some awful struggles Oddly enough the struggles wars and battles are truncated Chapters end and they battled and won without much descriptors of the battle itself However tortures are detailed and sickeningI look forward to learning about Korre I hope there is

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S the best favorite book isbn 9780765309945 format Hardcove Original post An entirely unexpected choice Hawkspar turned out one I regretted to an extent But positive reviews of its preuel Talyn compelled me to give it a try Set initially in a convent albeit a uniue one Hawkspar focuses around a young acolyte whose name like most there has been forgotten However the Ossalene Order's sanctity dwindles in comparison to its power for most acolytes within will have their eyes replaced with those of stone imparting to them extraordinary powers for a price And ruling the Order are the Oracle Eyes final creations seven pairs of eyes with the ability to sense the currents of time and first among these euals Hawkspar the Oracle Eyes of War But all is not uite as it seems For some within the order the past is not as distant as the order's doctrine would mandate for the acolytes formerly belonging to the Tonk a fiercely loyal clannish people have banded together in a concerted attempt to wield power within the order Our nameless protagonist is one such and initiated into the conspiracy as the choice of the Tonk Oracle Hawkspar her magical call for aid is heard by a slave liberator It's only unfortunate that this interesting premise oracular intrigue takes up so little of the novel and the nameless faceless evil so much Apparently she has seen a large threat to the Tonk and one that only the Eyes' manipulation of time can prevent Okay fair enough Cliche but a useful device But the actual threat bears no connection whatsoever to the remainder of the book and the resolution of it and the book is slightly well laughable It's a deux ex machina to the extreme insipid and meanders slightlyThere are several contradictions paining the novel as well our protagonist has fallen in love with the slave liberator from afar Fair enough they're cloistered and she's about to be rescued But he is under the impression that she is a young girl and for him to suddenly turn around in internal monologue and confess to have loved him from the first call is simply a mistake and repeated as it is you're forced to wonder about the editing mistakes profligate However although the deux ex machina finale is to be avoided Lisle must be lauded for one aspect her heroine suffers for her actions The new Hawkspar Eyes certainly isn't an author's darlingConclusion 52510

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Hawkspar Korre #2Amazing Kindle Epub Hawkspar Korre #2 By Holly Lisle This i I was completely knocked out by the first novel Lisle set in the universe of Korre Talyn so I was very excited to get a hold of this While I didn’t like it uite as much as Talyn—it had an even sweepingly epic plot and an even dire romance casting it slightly overboard and loosing some of the gritty fun of the first—it preserved the lovely world building set this time fifteen years later and in a different place with different characters There was something of a Deus Ex Machina—or possibly Deus Ex Historia—at the end but having set up the both the romance and the impossibility of a happy ending I suppose she had to do something Mostly however this ignited in me a desire to re read Talyn Right Away