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Nylon Angel (Parrish Plessis, #1) Review Ý 2 · Amazing Books, Nylon Angel (Parrish Plessis, #1) by Marianne de Pierres This is the best favorite book isbn 1841492531 format Paperback and others 330 pages and has a text language like EnglishPerback and others 330 pages and has a text language like Engli. Enjoyed this one immensely than I thought I would This was a bargain pickup which of course I now found that subseuent books are out of print Arrgh I managed to find a copy from a second hand rare book store so hopefully it'll get here safely within the week Parrish Plessis has built a tight multi layered shell over her big heart and yet some helpless people and feral children can still worm through to her warm living heart She left home because it wasn't a safe place and she'd rather make it on her own Yet the Tert proves to be just as dangerous if not as she turns out to be rather convenient as a pawn However she's been helpless before and she's never going to be rolled by anyone ever againSet in Australia of 21 century the world was rendered near unrecognisable as worsening climate has rendered internal regions to be near unlivable and so most lived near the coast Yet there is still the rich and the poor The Tertiary is where Parrish lives and it is a poor area with war lords commanding different sections But a war is brewing with Parrish caught in the midst of it allA kick ass heroine with heart and amazing world building Nylon Angel was an engaging read and I wondered why I don't read many Cyberpunk novels I believe I am now a convert

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Amazing Books Nylon Angel (Parrish Plessis #1) by Marianne de P. 35 StarsNylon Angel is the first book in the 'Parrish Plessis sci fi series by Marianne de Pierres I don't read an awful lot of sci fi but when I do it's usually been a male author with male characters and rather hard core sci fi at it's root Because of this although I enjoy it I have to be in the mood for it and the mood doesn't come along that freuentlyWhen deciding which book to read for my women of science fiction event I decided on Nylon Angel and it was this uote that clinched the deal 'A kick ass girl surviving in an ultra violent world run by the media This is a character driven series that should gather a strong following in much the same way as Anita Blake THE BOOKSELLER this book was exactly what I was looking for for my eventand it didn't disappointIt had everything I love about urban fantasy but in a sci fi setting character driven story check kick arse girlie check similar to Anita Blake double check The uote is totally on the money Parrish is real strong independent and kick arse and has some seriously cool moves but she's also flawed and vulnerable and has an interesting background which gives her the depth of character I love in my urban fantasy heroines and now I have it in sci fi I honestly didn't know it existedThere are two cities the story revolves around Vacinity and Tert The former is for the rich and the latter for everyone else where gangs dominate and food is hard to come by It begins with Parrish trying to escape the clutches of Jamon Hondo a horrid character that rapes and abuses her She's given a way out by stealing something from Vacinity only to become a scapegoat and accused of murderI loved Parrish from the first page this is a girl after my heart She's a determined soul and doesn't stop until she finds out the truth She has a seriously troubled past which keeps her guarded towards others and makes her the independent woman she is I loved her feisty fighting natureThere is a lot of action in Nylon Angel a bit of mystery and a smidgen of romance All these threads kept me turning the pages; each story is exciting and I couldn't wait to find out what happened nextThe romantic aspect is very secondary to Parrish and her plight but it's still good Parrish meets a mysterious guy called Dark but eventually finds out his real name is Daac The chemistry is instant for me although it wasn't to them This is a romance that I feel will be a slow burner I'm also very interested in how the relationship evolves as things don't end well between them and the ending is certainly intriguingThe supporting cast of characters are also well written and each one has their own story But I never knew who to trust they all have their own game planVERDICTThis is a very good start to a series and sets the scene nicely for further books The characters are brilliantly written and I just can't wait to read how Parrish evolves I really enjoyed this book and if you love character driven stories that are gritty dark and exciting then look no further I've already bought book two 'Code Noir

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Nylon Angel Parrish Plessis #1Ierres This is the best favorite book isbn 1841492531 format Pa. The only elements of this book that I found at all interesting were the ones ripped directly off of William Gibson's work The characters are flat stereotypes; the plot is nothing new to anyone who's read Gibson or Neal Stephenson De Pierres tries to emulate the style of the former but doesn't have his talent for prose The main character is a bad copy of Molly Millions although even this is poorly exectued as her freuent made for TV movie esue asides to herself about her own rape erode her razorgirl image And the climax of the book a fight with her employerpimpstereotypical greasy goomba type is sort of a fizzle after Parrish has spent the rest of the book battling mediamegacorpmilitia hoverdrones that apparently beamed there directly from NeuromancerAnd it wasn't even long enough to get me through the entire airplane flight