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Black JuiceIn this extraordinary short story collection human frailty is put to the test by the relentless forces of dark and light man and beast Each tale offers glimpses into fa. I picked up this collection from the library because I loved Lanagan's Tender Morsels a novel I know I would've reread if I were a teenagerThe reader of these stories is plopped matter of fact ly into Lanagan's imaginative worlds places that are not our own but in some ways are familiar For example we may not encounter blobby destructive monsters made from beetles in a rural village set in some kind of past in the story Yowlinin but we all know the pangs of unreuited loveThe first story Singing My Sister Down has a The Lottery by Shirley Jackson an author I loved as a young teen feel to it though it certainly stands on its own merits The most powerful story Red Nose Day about clowns who are the upper class in a city with a vaguely medieval feel to it with one glaring modern exception is creepy but with strong meaning Perpetual Light sets us in a near future when the young people all have allergies while the 'olden days' persons feel like they still have some old immunities left over but there is still the need for daughters to separate from their mothers no matter their ageEach story is its own little world though each has a novelistic feel reaching out into a larger world that Lanagan has us believing exists or existed or will existed one day somewhere

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Miliar shadowy worlds that push the boundaries of the spirit and leave the mind haunted with the knowledge that black juice runs through us allContentsEarthly Uses 2004. “Black Juice” is the first adult book that I have reviewed since I mainly reviewed many children’s books So the format for any reviews that I do for adult books will be a little different than how I reviewed children’s books since I will be reviewing the adult books from my own perspective instead of towards the general audience that I usually do for children’s books “Black Juice” is a Printz Honor book and is one of the earlier books written by Margo Lanagan and it details ten stories about various people who explore the dark side of human nature by going through dramatic and frightening situations during their lives “Black Juice” may have some dramatic and mesmerizing stories; however the confusing plotlines for all ten stories and the lack of character development in each one may turn many adults away from this bookThe advantage that this book had was that the stories were dramatic and touching at the same time Some of the stories that I have thoroughly enjoyed were “Singing my Sister Down” where a family holds a small party for the boy’s sister who is sentenced to drown in the tar pit for killing the Chief’s son “Earthly Uses” and “Yowlinin” which is about a vicious creature that kills off a village of people except for one female outsider Margo Lanagan had done a great job at making each story truly dramatic and intense as each character goes through a tragic event and they relate to the audience about what they learn from the event and how it changed their lives forever Many adults will definitely feel sympathy for some of the characters mentioned in this book as some adults probably had to go through either a loss of a family member or witnessing a frightening situation and they have to figure out a way to deal with the situation at hand This book has greatly taught the audience about the importance of respecting life and trying to live one’s life the best that they couldSome of the disadvantages that this book had were lack of character development and how some of the stories were a bit too confusing to understand All ten of these stories have lack of character development because the stories are set up where the audience is immediately introduced into a tragic event that the character goes through and each story fails to give a proper background story to the character telling the stories and the audience is usually left pondering about who the characters are in each story and how did the tragic event began in the first place Also due to the fact that there is no proper background story on each character and the fact that the tragic events presented in each story are never fully explained many adults would find this book too confusing to read since they might want to know how the tragic event started in the first place and who is narrating the stories“Black Juice” has done a good job at explaining the dark side of human nature and how each character has to cope with the tragic events that take place within their lives however many adults might not be able to relate strongly to this book since the lack of character development and confusing plots would frustrate them especially if they want characters they can relate to So I would probably not recommend this book to anyone who wants a story that has character development

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Free download ô Black Juice ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ In this extraordinary short story collection human frailty is put to the test by the relentless forces of dark and light man and beast Each tale offers glimpses into familiar shadowy worlds that push the boundaries of the spirit and leave the mind haunted wiHouse of the Many 2004My Lord's Man 2004Perpetual Light 2004Red Nose Day 2004Rite of Spring 2004Singing My Sister Down 2004Sweet Pippit 2004Wooden Bride 2004Yowlinin 20. The title of this book was warning enoughBlack Juice has the flavour of a nightmarenothing makes sense and you are groping for anything that might be familiar and give you a solid piece even just a weeny piece to set your toes on so as to catch your breath and take your bearingsMargo takes you way out of your Comfort Zone with her surreal worlds like parallel universes even by just the minimal spelling of people as peeple and I knew Margo had removed me from my safe little worldEach story creates a slice of an alien and foreign cultureit is really just what travelling does or reading about a different time and placeAnd it unsettles and exhausts youYou desperately search for clues as the story rolls along usually into areas you don't want to go certainly not without a little knowledge about where you are and what the Hell is going onAnd rarely do you get the whole picture as in Real LifeAnd too often something nasty happens as in the story titledYowlinin Although the second last story I made the mistake of reading it first and never felt safe thereafterWhat a relief to read Sweet Pippit and suddenly realise I was in the company of elephants even though disconcerted by the 'peeple'And I was right to beMargo happens to live in a nearby suburb and I don't really know what I think about THAT but I do know I will probably just stick with her stories