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READER ↠ Ghosts in the Snow ✓ Tamara Siler Jones Where does the fever of illusion stopand the cold truth beginThis uniue debut thriller combines forensics fantasy and edge of your seat suspense like never before In a world where sorcery is illegal someone is murdering young women in ways that defy all reason and all detection Only one man knows how to track such an untraceable killer a man called to deliver justice by an onsla Think of a fairly standard serial killer mystery only set in a vaguely medieval high fantasy kingdom Dubric is the older somewhat hard bitten detective or er something It wasn't clear to me what he does when there are no murders which we are told is most of the time trying to catch the elusive psycho who has been slashing up servant girls I liked the novelty of this genre cross but every aspect of the story was off The characters their relationships the world in which they lived and its laws politics and culture All interesting but none of it rings true It all just felt made up

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EBOOK á EPUB Ghosts in the Snow è 9780553587098 FREE ´ RANDARENEWABLES Ú Where does the fever of illusion stopand the cold truth beginThis uniue debut thriller combines forensics fantasy and edge of your seat suspense like never before In a world where sorcery is illegal someone is murderi Ught ofFor Dubric Bryerly head of security at Castle Faldorrah saving lives has become a matter of saving his sanity A silent killer is afoot savagely mutilating servant girls and leaving behind no clues and no witnesses except the gruesome ghosts of the victims Ghosts that only Dubric can seeCaught in the eye of the grisly storm is Nella a linen maid working to free herself fro The BasicsAt its heart Ghosts in the Snow is a modern day thriller that’s been transplanted into a fantasy setting The book follows Dubric Bryerly head of security at Castle Faldorrah and investigator par excellance Dubric is also the victim of a strange curse—the ghosts of people murdered at Castle Faldorrah appear to him and won’t go away until their murders are solved Generally speaking the ghosts can’t DO anything and no one but Dubric can see them or knows about the curse Normally it seems this isn’t a big deal; someone gets murdered Dubric solves the murder fairly uickly the ghost goes away At least that’s the impression that I have We never see Dubric solve a simple case because let’s face it that wouldn’t make for a very interesting novelInstead Ghosts in the Snow pits Dubric against a Hannibal Lector style serial killer who is murdering dismembering and eating parts of various serving girls around the castle As the murders and ghosts pile up Dubric is forced to deal with political pressure servant revolts crazy nobles and a variety of other problems in addition to the killer himselfThe GoodJones has set up a fairly interesting story an interesting setting and populated it with some fun if not terribly deep characters Dubric himself is a bit of a classic embittered cop who’s lost his faith his wife and is wholly dedicated to his job He has some classic sidekicks including the geeky peasant made good Otlee the physically formidable Dien and Dubric’s understudy Lars who occasionally perceives the ghosts that plague Dubric as the murders continue Nella one of the serving girls who is a focal point for part of the story is also a fun character if a bit of a stereotype In short Jones does a marvelous job of translating the classic tropes of modern thrillers into a fantasy settingJones is sparse on the world building which is a nice touch in an age where fantasy writers seem to feel that everyone needs to write like Tolkien and that problems can only be resolved over a twelve book series She introduces information as it’s needed to advance the story and not much It’s well done and keeps the story moving at a brisk clipThe killer’s identity is appropriately obscured; I gave it my best shot but totally failed to figure it out until the big revealThe BadJones does commit a minor version of the great cardinal sin of mystery’s and writing in general—she introduces something that seems relevant or important but never appears to be The killer’s means of turning invisible also grants him the ability to perceive the victims internal fluids blow flow etc It’s neat and gives the killer a sort of Predator vision that makes him creepy but nothing ever really comes of the ability It’s not clear why it matters or what it’s supposed to be used forThe red herring in the story is bright red with flashing red lights that say “Red Herring Here” Or pretty close Jones keeps pushing it to the point where it becomes obvious that it can’t be the right explanation at which point the continued pushing becomes a bit annoyingThe UglyThe killer murders dismembers and eats people He also ties someone up with someone else’s intestines; someone else is literally ripped apart If gory details aren’t your thing this book is emphatically not for you Overall Ghosts in the Snow is fun book that while interesting doesn’t uite live up to it’s potential The plot is a little too straightforward and the overemphasis on the red herring eventually starts to make Dubric seem a bit thick though even HE gets frustrated with it It is a first novel so I’m willing to forgive some of the clunky writing It’s also apparently the start of series which is interesting but leaves me a bit skeptical The premise doesn’t really seem to allow for a lot of interesting stories except for of the same Dubric is a neat character but a single castle and the surrounding lands seems a bit small to work as a setting for a series of murder mysteries But I guess we’ll find outFans of mystery fantasy or both will probably enjoy this provided they aren’t looking for anything genre breaking or mind blowing But it’s a fun read and if you like both those genres it’s definitely wroth checking out

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Ghosts in the SnowM a dark past if she can survive an invisible killer’s rampage But with the death toll rising and Nella under the protective wing of a man who may be a prime suspect Dubric must resort to unconventional methods With the future of Faldorrah and countless lives at stake including his own he can’t afford to be wrong And if he’s right the entire kingdom could be thrust into wa This is Tamara Siler Jones's debut novel and it is an absolute winner in my opinion This is a dark gritty and very grim mystery with an exceptionally clever dose of fantasy woven throughout There's murder and mayhem; there's magic and intense psychological drama The main protagonist of the novel is Dubric Bryerly a survivor of the Mage Wars now serving as the Castellan or Chief of Security in a castle owned by the Lord he owes allegiance to Ghosts in the Snow is a forensic fantasy that tells the tale of a number of young women who have been brutally murdered and Dubric must discover who is doing it and why It isn't giving anything away to say that there's a hitch; Dubric sees the ghosts of these murder victims until justice for their killings has been achieved So with multiple murders he is man somewhat overwhelmed to say the least The suspense and horror mount with each page turned I thought the plot was extremely well constructed and the sense of mystery and drama just kept ratcheting up from the first page There are currently three books in the Dubric Bryerly series and I highly recommend them all If you like fantasy especially on the dark side of things and mystery you're going to love these books