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And an older curse resurface threatening to drive them apart and banish Drew into an eternity of loneliness Will Angeliue's growing love be strong enough to save her Liege Or will she flee once the secret is reveal There's a fantastic story in here Unfortunately it's lost under a flood of awkward writing Angeliue's family dramas are only roughly sketched in Drew's reasons for simultaneously despairing and going through the motions of curse breaking are never explored the magic that surrounds Drew's castle suffers from a near complete lack of world building and sadly the contortions that the narrative voices go through to mostly avoid using pronouns for Drew are tremendously irritating and not at all mysterious partly because the reader knows right from the beginning that Drew's secret is that she's a woman but mostly because it's so clumsily done that it makes nongendered language into a torturous ordeal of sentence fragments and epithets which I certainly hope was not the intended messageOn Angeliue's family I feel as though her father could have been drawn in much subtler strokes with emphasis on how betrayed he feels by the weak people around him and less explicit emphasis on his own weaknesses and greed far less is needed since the entire structure of the story rests on the weakness of the father and since the changes for this interpretation nicely highlight that weakness as greed When he dies and no one cares there should be at least a little pathos Angeliue's brothers are almost complete ciphers and Angeliue's mother's family gets throwaway lines that are very nearly the only characterization anyone in that family hasThe flashback scene that should have been the heart of Drew's story is barely two pages long and it's only clear that it is a flashback and not a verbal recounting by the pronoun changes and the lack of uotation marks neither of which I'm sad to say the editing to that point primed me to read as deliberate rather than accidental and for a searingly traumatic experience it's almost completely lacking in tension or richness of description Noooo sic is not young padawan knights aside dramaticSo all right we have young Drew twenty one years old and raised in glorious isolation by her father to believe that she'll grow up to be Count and marry a nice young girl; we have conniving witchy step mother who preps Drew's father and then sets up Drew to be disinherited and cast out; we have again terribly naive young Drew all alone in this world believing her family who says she's a monster Drew spends around fifty years wallowing in a broken heart and severely bruised pride and then at least a hundred theoretically trying to break the curse but actually setting herself up to be rejected over and over again thereby proving that her family was right and she was wrong Great backstory right And yet no It's astoundingly dull multiple exclamation points asideThe curse is never very well drawn since it seems to consist mostly of saying that Drew will be twenty one and stuck in a valley on the borders of fairyland until she gets married but it only takes a little bit of clever wording for Drew to go charging off to Angeliue's rescue after all Also fairyland Well used to set the scene; completely irrelevant to all of the plot There was practically an entire cutlery set on the mantelpiece in the first act in order to draw a knife in the third if you'll allow a cliche Why are the Old Ones serving Drew What's the point of the snakes What are the poachers looking for Why is Angeliue learning magic We'll never know The corresponding curse on the wicked step mother came completely out of left field; I'm not sure if there were hints of it that I just missed but with a little build up and a little less what the heck just happened there the whole setting up for the revenge killing could have been a great ending As it is of course you know that Drew's going to shrug and walk out the dramatic rescue has already been completed at this point but she stands there listening to the step mother rant for two pages first probably with the same what the heck crazy lady look on her face that I had reading itI really like what this story could have been though It's definitely a fairy tale retelling with far to the story than just a clever concept lesbian Beauty and the Beast I'm almost tempted to give it three starsAlso The illustrations in this edition arewell okay the little roses are cute and the silhouettes are incomprehensible but still somewhat cute I think it might be the ridiculously typeset captions on the silhouette illustrations that crack me up they use some retro eighties pixelated font that is either a severe typesetting error or some artistic choice which I am completely incapable of understanding This may be a metaphor for the entire book actually

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Bitter ThornsA greedy father A beautiful daughter A faceless noble With a word Aloysius bargains away Angeliue's future for a hefty bride price and no one not even Angeliue's beloved mother can save her Angeliue is taken to a s Mmmm so unexpectedly disappointing The writing isn't half bad but the plotline suffers majorly from unoriginality because in a desire to subvert the Beauty and the Beast archetype the author ends up simply gender bending the Beast figure and making the pair a LGBT one which I find as cliché and facile as merely making Beauty a male and Beast a female as it's not hard to find in most retellings Definitely needed substantial twists than that to be memorable

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Download Bitter Thorns Epub ☆ 187 pages ↠ Chris anne wolfe ¸ A greedy father A beautiful daughter A faceless noble With a word Aloysius bargains away Angeliue's future for a hefty bride price and no one not even Angeliue's beloved mother can save her Angeliue is taken to a strange and marvelous estate whereTrange and marvelous estate where she is befriended by Culdun her Liege's fey companion And though Culdun hints at darker forces Angeliue is drawn to her host and ever so slowly she wins Drew's trust But old fears This might be the most chill cheesy Beauty and the Beast retelling I've experienced in a while It wasn't exactly the melodrama like I typically enjoy but it wasn't really trying to be I enjoyed Wolfe's writing style a lot and felt carried along for the ride even during some of the uieter moments It's on the shorter side and as you can tell by my timestamps I was compelled to blow through it in the space of two days A relatively simple but not at all bad take on the story sprinkled with fey and magick and lesbiansAngeliue our beauty of the hour I found to be likable and uniue The dramatic irony of knowing Drew's secret while she didn't made me go AAAAAHHHH and was in large part what kept me reading to find out when she would figure it out I suspect that this book may have been left unfinished or at least not as polished as it might have been in light of Wolfe's passing There were occasionally scenes that felt poorly paced or too short The ending especially felt rushed Still even with that in mind everything was tied up neatly and the plot didn't suffer overall from the shorter scenes I made a false call that there was going to be a literal beast in this retelling; alas what I thought was the reveal that Drew has a void head was actually just an illusion to disguise a human face Spoilers view spoiler it's revealed pretty early on she's in fact a beautiful woman The beastliness is metaphorical in nature and even then the aspect about herself that she believes to be monstrous her attraction to women she eventually realizes isn't corrupt at all hide spoiler