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Weekend in WeightonR wants him out of town and his girlfriend wants him out of her lifeIncreasingly desperate Eddie takes on all comers in a barnstorming bid to crack the case and clear his name And somewhere between all the froth and fury his affections are reclaimed by the girl who got away – but will she abide ‘til Monday? I received this book for free from Goodreads First Reads in exchange for a reviewWeekend in Weighton by author Terry Murphy was an absolute delight Very old school detective noir with a sassy smart talking sleuth in the mix Private detective Eddie Greene is happy to have his first client A case of blackmail against the mistress of the mayor But then she turns up dead and Eddie G is suspected of the crime Eddie is smart cocky proud and a delightful character He also had this witty interesting way of talking and delivering his lines that often made me laugh out loud He really just has awful luck because between the cops trying to convict him of murder and some big time gangsters ready to kill him to get him off the case he's in over his head But whether he's dealing with the cops or gangsters he's always funny and manages to talk himself out of some pretty crazy situations The case takes some crazy twists and turns with bad guys coming at Eddie from all sides Even a hint of love is in the air when Eddie runs into his old crush from school Enough red herrings and clues to make me completely surprised when the crime was finally solvedThis book was fun fast and entertaining I would be willing to read about Eddie's cases

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Weekend in Weighton kindle ✓ eBook ¼ randarenewables ✓ First time private investigator Eddie Greene is having a bad weekend It’s about to get worse When he finds the slab cold body of his first client he knows something’s up – he only spoke to her fifteen minutes earlierFree wheeling swash buckling trasFirst time private investigator Eddie Greene is having a bad weekend It’s about to get worse When he finds the slab cold body of his first client he knows something’s up – he only spoke to her fifteen minutes earlierFree wheeling swash buckling trash talking Eddie is not just out of place in a humdrum nor Endearingly sarcastic and arrogant Eddie G is new to the detective game but the new wears off uick when he gets roughed up by Tommy Jimmy Kingpin Cartwright's imbecilic and half witted right hand man Luckily Jimmy has a soft spot for Eddie though it only goes so far Eddie continues to test the patience of the local crime boss as he attempts to uncover the truth after finding himself a suspect in a murder investigationWeekend in Weighton is a suspenseful tale full of narrow escapes sprinkled with clever one liners and generously infused with side splitting laughs The droll dialogue and Eddie's hysterically funny inner thoughts had me hooked right away This new author hits it out of the park Brilliantly written

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Thern town He’s out of his depth on his first case out of funds from a now deceased client and out of favour with Weighton’s big societyAs Friday night slides into Saturday morning each twist in the case turns a bad situation worse; the police want him for murder the local crime boss wants him dead the mayo The themes `comedy' and `thriller' aren't necessarily easily paired when it comes to story plots but first time author Terry Murphy somehow excels in making the combination work in his debut novel `Weekend in Weighton'`Weighton' is a fictional small town home to `Eddie G' who we uickly discover is Weighton's `first and foremost private detective' Too bad for Eddie that during his first assignment his client is seemingly murdered leaving him a prime suspect And that's not the worst of it If Eddie's not careful he'll become a victim himself out of favour with the local crime boss who wants him deadThis is where we start off in a story that is very cleverly written We're hooked from chapter one in which we find Eddie at gunpoint wittily informing his assailants when asked if he has any last reuests You choose Not that sty Titanic song thoughThe story then takes a turn switching back to events of the previous day which led Eddie to the mess he now finds himself inThe brilliant thing about this book aside from the twists and turns that keep you hanging for is the ingenious characterization of Eddie Never lost for words Eddie's gung ho smart mouthed somewhat comedic attitude towards life serves than a few laughs with him often seemingly purposely antagonizing those who are out to get him Hilarious? Yes Smart when you're trying to clear your name? Perhaps notIn a story that has it all there's also a bit of romance thrown in as Eddie tries to win back the `girl that got away' In amidst trying to clear his name though will Eddie succeed? And what does Eddie's discovery about the murdered Mrs P really mean?An entertaining read; cleverly written witty and definitely page turning Join Eddie as he muddles his way through his first real investigationyou won't be disappointed