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The Age of Miracles Read & download ½ 2 á “It still amazes me how little we really knew Maybe everything that happened to me and my family had nothing at all to do with the slowing It’s possible I guess But I doubt it I doubt it very much”On a seemingly ordinary Saturday in a California suburb Julia and her family awake to discover aloIth the rest of the world that the rotation of the earth has suddenly begun to slow The days and nights grow longer and longer gravity is affected the environment is thrown into disarray Yet as she struggles to navigate an ever shifting landscape Julia is also coping with the normal disasters of everyday. Starts off well but uickly fizzles into a pretty benign coming of age story Also while I'm not necessarily a stickler for hard science in my sci fi it seemed like the author was too lazy to research the actual effects of the Earth slowing and just ignores the basic laws of the physical sciences So much so that it really did take away from the story The whole apocalypse angle was incidental and unnecessary to the plot A bland story all dressed up with nowhere to go

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“It still amazes me how little we really knew Maybe everything that happened to me and my family had nothing at all to do with the slowing It’s possible I guess But I doubt it I doubt it very much”On a seemingly ordinary Saturday in a California suburb Julia and her family awake to discover along w. 25This is yet another rating I really struggled with because though I can't say I really enjoyed it the novel is beautifully written in a very evocative way that makes you want to write down a uote every few pages But it comes back to that whole writing vs story matter that has stopped me from giving many prettily worded books a high ratingThe dystopian aspect of The Age of Miracles creeps in slowly and in a mostly subtle and non threatening manner Basically the normal 24 hour day begins to slowly lengthen first by minutes then later by hours Scientists from around the world appear on TV discussing this strange occurrence how could this have happened Why did no one see it coming Eventually subtle and weird changes begin to happen to do with the Earth's gravity birds dropping to the ground unable to fly; cars colliding in accidents that would have easily been avoided beforeThis is one of those slow moving stories the major plot line is that these changes take place but the subplots that should be what happens when it does how this affects people's lives they are small and seem rather undramatic particularly for this genre that needs a little oppression some serious danger a very real threat I read this novel feeling like no one was in any real peril and that the most tragic event was that Julia the eleven year old narrator grew apart from her best friendI guess that the intention of the author was to show the subtle effects to lives when people experience fear and uncertainty Walker wanted to show how relationships break down and people change and she did do that But there's no real sense of catastrophe here no panic the fear they feel is a touch of nerves over what might happen than it is a spine chilling terror It's too gentle too subdued too focused on what I didn't care about The description would have you think that this is a science fiction kind of tale where the Earth's rotation starts going crazy hardly it's the day to day problems of a suburban Californian family and how badly they deal with their routine being disturbed Also the ending is highly unsatisfying and read like the bullshitting of someone who doesn't have the answers to the uestions they've opened up Unless your idea of a good reading experience depends totally on the languagewriting I recommend giving this one a miss and maybe just reading the pretty uotes on the book page

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The Age of MiraclesLife the fissures in her parents’ marriage the loss of old friends the hopeful anguish of first love the bizarre behavior of her grandfather who convinced of a government conspiracy spends his days obsessively cataloging his possessions As Julia adjusts to the new normal the slowing inexorably continu. Most books I read a book serve as a form of escapism a little welcome holiday from life But some books get inside your head altering how you see your own life even as you are reading them Changing your perspective on the real worldThe Age of Miracles is one of those books The Da Vinci COde had a little of the same effect I never looked at his paintings in the same way again But the Age of Miracles did it better Without spoiling anything I can say that the book begins with the mass realisation that the earth's spin is slowing down The phenomenon is termed The Slowing I read the book in half a week and found myself nervously watching the skies than once over those few days Was it me or was the sunsetting very late Did the moon look particularly orange and large or did it always look like that at this time of year HmmmmThe premise behind the book is fantastic A uarter of the way through I was sure this would be a 5 star rating only my second for a novel on Goodreads The writing is great The main character being an 11 year old girl is the perfect heroine insofar as the writer can never get TOO scientific which suits the reader There is enough science here to deal with but it never gets annoyingly complicatedBut I had one major gripe with the book A third of the way through I was waiting for the main plot to start Two thirds of the way through I was still waiting And at the end it became apparent that there was to be no main story line apart from The Slowing and how it effected everyone and everything over the course of a year More of a memoir than a novelNow perhaps this was what the author intended Maybe she thought that The Slowing was story enough in itself And maybe she was right I still was excited to get back to the book every night and I enjoyed almost every part of it But there was the odd time where I felt a little patronised for example the effect on the tides was repeatedly explained as if the reader mightn't have grasped it the first time and most chapters began with a discription of some new effect The Slowing was having all of which was interesting but became a little repetitive Had there been another narrative a main storyline running through the book I think The Miracle of Ages would have been a 5 star ratingBut even as it is I would highly recommend it especially to anyone with an interest in science or the environment A great read