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mobi á アイリス・ゼロ 1 ð Paperback å piroshiki å 少年少女の目に“瞳アイリス”という不思議な力が宿るのが、当たり前になった世界――。瞳の力を持たない“欠落者アイリス・ゼロ”として、幼い頃いじめを受けた水島透は、敵を作??事になった透の取る行動は? そして小雪から受けた依頼の真相とは? 持つ者と持たざる者のふれあいを描く、心に響く大人気学園ファンタジー、待望のコミックス? Premier tome plutôt sympa avec un concept original J'ai hâte d'en savoir plus sur les différents iris des personnages et comment l'auteur va faire évoluer son histoire

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少年少女の目に“瞳アイリス”という不思議な力が宿るのが、当たり前になった世界――。瞳の力を持たない“欠落者アイリス・ゼロ”として、幼い頃いじめを受? Iris Zero is not what I expect it to be at first I thought it will be a shoujo manga where high school love reigns supreme in the story It certainly appeared like that in the first couple chapters but as I read the mysterydrama aspect seems to be emphasized The story opened at the struggle of the protagonist Mizushima Toru who happens to possess no Iris a special ability that the majority of the young population to have and the story introduced his minimal exposure policy The policy is to protect him from making enemies as an Iris Zero a person without an Iris was mercilessly beaten up and bullied by his peers The story only truly began when Sasamori Koyuki a popular girl at his school confessed to him But Toru found out later that the true purpose of the confession was only to help her find the person ualified for the next student council president Koyuki's iris gives her the ability to see if a certain person is ualified in holding a position but she couldn't find the ualified person to be the next student council president So she used her iris to find the person ualified to help her find the next student council president and that person is ToruAlthough Toru was at first reluctant to help her due to being afraid of breaking his minimal exposure policy at the end he used his advanced ability of solving problems to find the person ualified for the position of the student council president which happens to be Koyuki herself This manga is a good read and there are small hints of romance but like I said the mystery and the drama is the main theme of the story

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アイリス・ゼロ 1?た水島透は、敵を作らないよう目立たずに過ごす事が身に染みついていた。しかし、ある時学校で人気の美少女・佐々森小雪から依頼を受けてしまう。注目を浴び? I liked this but actually I was uite disappointed because I hyped it up in my head so much and I thought I would really love itThe characters were likable but nothing happened at least nothing happened continuously