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MOBI ´ DOC Boys of Disco City 9783867873826 FREE ´ RANDARENEWABLES ↠ Escaped from movie mogul James Rosen's depraved clutches in Rome American Gil Graham and his boyfriend Mike Smith head for London to set up home together Mike introduces Gil to the hectic joys of giant disco Paradise Hot backroom actiEscaped from movie mogul James Rosen's depraved clutches in Rome American Gil Graham and his boyfriend Mike Smith head for London to se I don't care I love these books Zack Oliver Frey is a genius and I want all his books but unfortunately you can't get them all on the kindle yet Too many young prying eyes in and out of the house to have them on my bookshelf LolWell Gil former straight but now the horniest gay guy in the universe and his boyfriend Mike have left Rome after escaping the clutches of evil producer James Rosen and are making their way to London in search of new jobs and a new relationship together There's definitely of a story picking up in Disco City but never fear its just as down and filthy dirty as before and Oh boy can these guys do the nasty In many ways shapes and forms Again don't think that this is going to be typical mm romance because it ain't These two are in love but they don't mind a bit of ' extra curricular ' nooky in their relationship No jealousies here they share and they stray but I reckon these stories are far realistic in their portrayal of young gay guys and their raging hormones than any of the romantic novels us girls tend to veer towards And this might be a turn off for some readers but if you put those female sensitivities that make us as females get all prickly because we think once you fall in love you don't go messing around and just accept that these are young sex addicted bucks who would probably shag anything in trousers or preferably out of them then I say just sit back and enjoy the sexual shenanigans of two of the most endearing twinks in the world To say these are an education on all things gay sex related is an understatement Talk about Oooh Matron Hampstead Heath and a certain bed salesman comes to mind Fetch the fan a bucket of cold water for me not the guys but then again I wonder if they have that service at Bensons For Beds The illustrations are as naughty and deliciously lascivious as before and give the book that extra bit of sizzle I love them as much as the actual story maybe ;D This ended on uite a cliff hanger so now I'm distraught I haven't any on my kindle Wonder if you can buy them with different covers Puppies and kittens maybe Hmmmmm Might get away with them in the house then ROFL

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T up home together Mike introduces Gil to the hectic joys of giant disco Paradise Hot backroom action cruising Hampstead Heath gladiato Boys of Disco City is the following story of Gil Graham`s initial adventures in Rome as a production assistant detailed in Boys of Vice City Disco City as the name implies tends to centre about the `land mark` hedonistic palaces of pleasure of London and New York in 1980 Where the long gone Backroom and public sex areas are now a memory of a lost generation of young men but described here for us all to imagine what it might have been like if we had been able to go ourselves While other sideline stories within the book establish the clear relationship between the legitimate cinema industry with the trade in male pornography as operating side by side Albeit the 007 Sound Stage at Pinewood is never used or mentioned what is clear however is that the talents crewing the normal day to day productions are almost oversubscribed by gay men While the nerve centre of the British Cinema Industry is London`s Soho where all the major Film Exhibitors other independent film makers and their ancillary support are centred; along with the British Board of Film Classification in the Suare itself Enough said The story itself encapsulates about six months of Mike and Gil`s life together as a new young couple in London after making their exit together from Rome and James Rosen This is a story about men so sex is the continuing theme of the book and the descriptive story telling style of Roger Kean is very erotic matched only by the illustrative accompaniment of Zack who captures a visual of the written word perfectly in every picture he has drawn for Mike and Gil`s second story Saying that this is not a soft sexy love story the issues told in the tale of these two boys carry a real sense of verisimilitude with some of the cold realities of the Cinema Industry Which surely must be drawn from the writer and illustrators own life experiences in the Film Trade James Rosen is a dreadful embodiment of what must surely be some real life character or composite of characters because the telling is all too believable rather than contrived as a simple writing device for the sake of antagonism What remains to be seen is how the story plays out when we move to the World Centre of Cinema that is Hollywood in the third book Boys of Two Cities Where Gil has returned home to LA while Mike is still held in thrall at the beck and call of Rosen back in London Perhaps it would be telling too much but like all male love stories hubris plays a large part in the lives of the protagonists and antagonists alike And this story is likely to turn out similar to many a classical story where the Gods of Gay Sex love to employ a banana skin or two to best effect What remains to be seen is where these slip ups will land in the books to follow

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Boys of Disco CityRial combat and a porn movie shoot are all part of Gil and Mike's adventures But can the idyll last once Rosen turns up bent on revenge THE BOYS ARE AT IT AGAINOur sexy movie boys Gil and Mike are back for 'sexcapades' in this well written and lively seuel to Boys of Vice CityAfter toiling in the film industry at Cinecitta trolling the back streets of Rome for than a sampling of the local product and escaping the evil doings of movie producer James Rosen Brit Mike has brought Caliboy Gil to London to set up home Despite being lovers this doesn't inhibit these horny lads from engaging in all sorts of promiscuous sex with any Tom Harry and especially Dick they come across whether in the backroom of the Paradise Disco cruising Hampstead Heath getting off with a bed salesman; shooting a porno or when in NYC participating in a wild bath house orgy with some cute Puerto Rican lads Be warned the sex is very explicit and because the setting is 1980 this fantasy tale avoids the safe sex criteriaWhat works so well in this series and gives the story that extra punch is the writing skill of Roger Kean who knows how to construct a credible plot and successfully instils his knowledge of the film industry so convincingly into the proceedings This keeps our interest intact even when some of the blistering sex tends to go over the top at times His partner Oliver Frey aka Zack has provided some fifty terrific many very explicit illustrations to compliment the story in the brilliant style he has become famous for