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read Triple Threat Triple Threat #1 kindle ✓ Kindle Edition å A Rockstar Romance of a different kindBassist Crystal Atkinson has been jaded by the painful breakup with Paulie for uite some time Then she meets her dream man in college but she never has the nerve to talk to him He makes her lose all thoughts and act vHlin lead guitarist watches the two of them shyly glance at each other His heart breaks He wants his best friend Crystal for himself She refuses to take things further than occasional make out sessions He knows their lives are going to change and he doesn't like it one bitWarning For those 18 May not suitable for all readers Prepare for a dose of reality I wanted to get back into reviewing and picked one book that was high up on my up next list I actually cannot remember whether I won it or it was gifted to me as a bundle but I won't continue the series I guess it was the latter because I'm not into rock band romances but this book is hardly a romance That being said the rating is rounded up to two Those two gifs basically sum up how I feel about this book I ended skimming up a lot so there isn't much I can say especially what hasn't been said alreadyI don't mind reading porn I usually enjoy it as long as there is a story but here that's not the case Basically it's about Chrystal having sex with everyone everywhereTo me she's nothing shallow slut who uses her best friend for sex knowing that he loves her Chad isn't likable for me either because he allows her to use him I just can't stand characters without a backboneSome of the sex scenes were admittedly hot if they weren't laughable

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Friend Chad's garage with his drum kitGiovanni Saracino always has trouble expressing his feelings When he meets the beautiful brunette at school he admires her from afar No way did he think she feels the same Even while in Chad's garage he resists than a few words and a smile He is sure she is Chad's girlfriend although they don't announce itChad McLoug Thank you to the author and Making Connections group for the opportunity to read and review this titleAs a caveat I rate and review books based on how I connect with the characters and their responses to the conflicts in the story Even an erotica should have a well integrated storyline and character development in my opinion With that in mind my review promises to be an honest account of my thoughts on the novelAfter reading the synopsis of this book I was excited to get my hands on what promised to be a turbulent battle of hearts and sexual desires Unfortunately this book fell flat for me The book is written from the point of view of Crystal who is a bass player in the band Triple Threat At the beginning of the story Crystal and her best friend and fellow guitarist Chad are looking for prospective band mates As luck would have it Chad finds two brothers Giovanni and Rosario to join their fold and to even luck and Crystal’s surprise Giovanni just happens to be the classmate she’d been fantasizing about The twist in the story occurs when Chad and Crystal engage in a “no strings attached” sexual relationship because unfortunately and fortunately for Chad who has been in love with Crystal for years this gives him what he has always wanted but at the expense of building an even deeper connection to an individual with unreuited love for him Crystal on the other hand is not romantically in love with Chad; even though she is extremely attracted to him and loves him as a best friend she draws a clear demarcation for their relationship She is however romantically attracted to Giovanni and tries rather desperately throughout the first part of the story to gain his appeal Somewhere along the way the story went out of tune for me Taken in tiny chunks it might’ve worked however as a cohesive novel I had trouble with the consistency of the main character’s narration For example in one scene she would say how her efforts to gain Giovanni’s favor were going unanswered but then not five pages down and a day or so in time line she states how she loves when she was able to make him respond he bits his lower lip a certain with just a sexy smile Was there an out of scene interaction with these two that progressed their relationship? Also the main character contradicts herself a lot In one scene she states how she loves that Giovanni treats her with respect unlike the way Chad treats her Yet there were no indication up to that point that Chad treated her with anything but reverie In fact he constantly fawned over her In addition to the disjointed flow of the story the characters were not easy to like Crystal is shallow self indulgent and indecisive She knows the exact position she puts Chad in when she strikes up the bargain of no strings attached sex and yet she continues with it She also sends him mixed messages keeping him at arm’s reach but pulling him close when it was convenient for her Also I just couldn’t see the appeal of Giovanni Granted I couldn’t see the pull for either of the guys however at least Chad had an established past with Crystal Now all of these characteristics and conflicts are great set ups for character growth; however three uarters into the novel and I lost hope for any resolution in Crystal’s character flaw Chad fared no better At first I felt sorry for him Unreuited love is never an easy position but as the story progressed his back bone decreased in rigidity and I felt his manlihood wane into nonexistence My pity uickly turned into disgust By the time my thoughts gravitated to Giovanni there was nothing to give I was indifferent Another issue I had with the characters is that the story is written in a tell me and not show me way which I often times find difficult to fully invest in the story This became especially detrimental when the narrator is a character I uickly lost respect for leading me to devalue her point of view and take everything with a grain of salt Lastly I had trouble with how much the male characters said “I love you” in this story Even a hopeless romantic would cringe at the ease and abundance at which these words flowed out of the mouth of these men It uickly lost its value and impact In summary the novel would be great for someone looking for gratuitous smut When taken in portions of steamy scenes it may be enjoyable Taken as a whole the dissonance in the tale and the characters needed refining The key players were superficial and inconsistent leaving me frustrated confused and eventually indifferent

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Triple Threat Triple Threat #1A Rockstar Romance of a different kindBassist Crystal Atkinson has been jaded by the painful breakup with Paulie for uite some time Then she meets her dream man in college but she never has the nerve to talk to him He makes her lose all thoughts and act very unlike herself She resigns to only be with him in her dreams Until the day he stands in her best Arc kindly received for an honest reviewReally sorry this book was not for me and I won't be reading the seuelI didn't understand the motivation for the characters or the story and I found the dialogue ridiculousCrystal went from one guy to the next but without believable reasoning or thought One of the guys Chad is her best friend and he loves her; she didn't want to spoil their relationship by dating him but it was ok to fck himall the time?????I love my hot and steamy novels but this just left me feeling cold again sorryif you like reading about sex the sex was freuent and hot and are not especially bothered about the other things I have mentioned then you may enjoy this book