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Prije vjenčanja Nakon društvenog skandala i slomljena srca Gen se povukla na veliki obiteljski posjed na selu a s njom je pošla i njezina sestra Esther No bijeg u Beaufort Hall n This was alright but I do find cheating a normally unreadable theme and really however you look at it Charles was a cheat Reading other reviews I assumed time would pass between break up and make up; however we open in November 1899 and only move forward as far as February 1900 Maybe some might not realise this but this is not the Edwardian period ueen Victoria died in 1901 Moreover as far as I know not being a fan Downton Abbey cited in the blurb as well began shortly after or during the latter stages of the Edwardian period I know Titanic was involved and that was 1912 This is a minor niggle but amply demonstrates how my mind tried to detach from Charles as the hero and the fact that Imogen supposedly strong minded apparently unconventional as shown by her own jilting actions so swiftly and easily forgave him Also what's with the casual attitude to sex outside marriage by gently bred ladies? Bizarre

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Engagement at Beaufort HallIje se pokazao onako uspješnim kako se nadala i Gen je prinuđena pitati se može li ponovno vjerovati Charlesu nakon što ju je onako izdao Treba li slušati svoj umili svoje srce? Very disappointed as this book had the makings of an intriguing and good read had the h had a backbone or the H any honor or a conscience Feather fell short on many fronts in her handling of this one The story is similar to another by Feather called Valentine Wedding which left me with the same frustrated feeling In both books the H and h are in love engaged and have already begun sleeping together when on the eve of the wedding h discovers that H has had a mistress and a child by the mistress who he's been keeping and sleeping with throughout engagement with h Both hs call off the wedding at the last minute The H in Valentine Wedding is slightly worse than this H in that he saw nothing wrong in having a secret mistress and child and felt it was private and separate from h and didn't concern her and was angry at h for jilting him than repentant for his despicable deception The H in this story began to feel some guilt when he met and fell in love with h and sought to distance himself although weakly sexually from mistress while still loving and visiting his child and making sure they were set up and secureThe h in both books are modern in their sexual outlook which doesn't fit with either historical time periods in which they lived neither Regency nor Victorian and struck a very discordant note for me No decently raised young woman of their aristocratic and social class would carry on in this manner The conseuences of this behavior would have brought shame and ruin on her and all her connections In this story both the h and her sister sleep with men out of wedlock slug whiskey and brandy swear and are a pair of dedicated social justice warriors not my idea of gently bred young ladies of the ton and not who I want to see in my historical novels NO just NOThe hs after starting out strong by jilting the H and leaving the scene soon weaken and are back to sleeping with the irresistible Hs in no time at all in this story only a couple of months go by before she rolls over In Valentine Wedding at least the h stayed away for a couple of years only returning after the death of her brother There are NO big grovels in these stories and no real regret sorrow or suffering on the part of the Hs and no actual apologies made Nothing is ever really discussed or resolved After a betrayal of that magnitude nothing less then the H having to suffer crawl and prove himself worthy of her forgiveness will work toward redeeming the Hero in the eyes of the reader or a belief in their HEA The H in this book does redeem himself slightly better than the H in Valentine Wedding but not enough to convince me of his remorse Of course why should he bother when the h forgives him and jumps back in the sack with him at the speed of lightI never intended to review both of these Jane Feather books in this one review but honestly they are so similar that it felt like reviewing the same story also if anyone reading this review had previously read Valentine Wedding and didn't like it it would prevent you paying to read an almost identical story as I regretfully did

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MOBI Ð DOC Engagement at Beaufort Hall 9781476703718 FREE É Kad je Imogen Carstairs otkrila da je njezin zaručnik Charles Riverdale bio u ljubavnoj vezi s drugom ženom tijekom cijelih njihovih zaruka odmah je razvrgnula zaruke samo tri dana prije vjenčanja Nakon društvenog skandala i slomljena srca Gen se povukla na vKad je Imogen Carstairs otkrila da je njezin zaručnik Charles Riverdale bio u ljubavnoj vezi s drugom ženom tijekom cijelih njihovih zaruka odmah je razvrgnula zaruke samo tri dana Okay I have read this book and am not happy with it WHY? First because it is so similar to A VALENTINE WEDDING by the same author I have an issue with both books both so called H's have a mistress and father a child whilst still having sex with h They are betrothed the h and they have sex with the mistress and the h at the same time We are to believe that they know that as soon as they marry the h that the sex will stop with the mistress but it seems to be okay that they have sex with both until they are married HELLO It doesn't matter if it Historical or Contemporary the author can not think us readers thick headed to accept that these men think it is okay whilst betrothed but not when they are married??? We are to accept that in these times that the h has gone against everything she has learnt and been trusting enough to have sex with these men and then finding out that he has jumped from one bed to the other and think it is okay I don't understand how they could ever EVER forgive these men you can't call them hero's you really can't And to think oh we must accept it because of the times no way the h's we are to accept that they were before their time in having sex with the men yet we have to accept that the men are thick headed and the h will forgive them There is also a glaring misconception in both in this one where the man has totally totally shamed and humiliated the h just where is the males in her family? Is this the time of duel's??? She had just reason to call off her wedding yet her brother invites this poor excuse for a man to their county home so he can be around the h and she just falls into his lap again really really It's not like he danced with another woman he paid for and kept another woman and had sex with both of them and this mistress had his child whilst he was engaged to the h I am sorry but if she is a strong character and forward thinking enough to have sex with him and call off the engagement then she is of a stronger character than to just fall at his feet So if I don't believe in the premise of the book then I don't believe in the HEA and if I don't believe in the HEA then I have just wasted my time reading a book that gives me nothing but frustrationIn A Valentine Wedding it was even worse The so called H had a shocking childhood it was only through the h's brother him taking him home to their home and sharing the holidays and life that he had a decent life So not only did he insult the h by having a mistress and fathering a child to her he disrespected everything that they gave and shared with him In this instance her brother would have called him out punched him out disassociated himself from him yet what does this author expect us to believe that the man who hurt his sister so bad that her brother whom loved her so much would put her financial welfare and emotional welfare in this mans hands Really any loving brother would never want her to have anything to do with him and be uite assured that this brother did loves his sister very much Both books have failed in my respect to believe that their family would ever want the h's to have anything to do with these men They disrespected the h's and in so doing disrespected their families And the author has them just accepting what they did to them I don't believe they were so thick headed that they didn't realise that they disrespecting the h's or their family Yes in those days men did have mistresses but the first man knew his h was of a mind that she would NOT tolerate his kind of behaviour he knew her His excuse was that he was a coward and his mistress was sweet and innocent and he didn't want to hurt her by cancelling their sex life really if she was sweet and innocent then she would have bulked at still having sex with him when he was engaged But he did and he jumped from one womans bed to the other That is the height of disrespect to me he also mentioned that he didn't really love the h until he lost her His behaviour is not forgivable IMHO and the author does nothing to redeem his character but make the h a doormat which makes the book not one that I will ever read again because as you can tell it is just frustrating when the author doesn't put the work in a book to write a believable HEA How you could ever get a believable HEA with this man I don't know The second man in A Valentine Wedding I should have stopped reading at the beginning because when the author had the brother giving control of the h's money to him that was totally unbelievable and I read books romantic books to be believable and expect my authors to give me a believable HEA Not frustration and not irrecoverable angst