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kindle ´ Gods Favorite Place on Earth Ð Paperback Ü frank viola Ü When He came to earth Jesus Christ was rejected in every uarter in which He stepped The Creator was rejected by His own creation “He came to His own and His own received Him not” said John For this reason Jesus Christ had Resses the struggle against doubt discouragement fear guilt rejection and spiritual apathy that challenges countless Christians today In profoundly moving prose God’s Favorite Place on Earth will captivate your heart with its beauty charm and depth In this book you will discover how to live as a “Bethany” in our world today being set free to love and follow Jesus like never before Good Read I finished it last week and have shared this with friends already One friend called it 'the most timely book he has written in years' I always enjoy Frank's method of exposing the hidden in the stories and life applications of the Gospel stories I

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When He came to earth Jesus Christ was rejected in every uarter in which He stepped The Creator was rejected by His own creation “He came to His own and His own received Him not” said John For this reason Jesus Christ had “no where to lay His head” There was one exception however A little village just outside of Jerusalem named Bethany Bethany was the only place on earth where A book of comfort A book of challengeI had never realized the amount of time Jesus spent in Bethany prior to reading Viola's newest release 'God's Favorite Place on Earth' Viola presents a good case for Jesus' attachment to the people and the place that captured his favour People who welcomed and received Christ providing hospitality honour friendship and love All responses we are encouraged to offer as our own Bethany invitation to ChristTo move past performance mentality of serving as exemplified by Martha at our initial glimpse into this home in Bethany To pursue relational living with the Lord as seen in Mary 's response Casting aside gender and cultural restraints to be who she is called to be Mary leaves propriety to wholeheartedly invest herself her time her efforts for the worth that is Christ A worth that increased in her relational pursuit culminating in the ointment poured upon the object of her affection her heart's desire her Lord Viola would that we recognize Mary's 'waste' and make it our own Recognize that what religion and religious of our day consider service or ministry is often the real 'waste' when worship is God's heart cry for his 'friends' to followThis particular point also spoke to a recent conversation on property ownership vs communal living where all things are shared Christ never suggested personal property ownership was sin Mary's fragrant offering was hers to give revealing a heart of generosity She owned the perfume; the perfume valuable as it undeniably was did not own her There's the heart of the issue For the rich young ruler his personally owned property owned his heart Thus Jesus' solution to his particular issue wasn't a wholesale solution or command to every follower We're called to have Mary hearts of worth and worship toward our Saviour whatever our financial situationA beautifully novelized telling from Lazarus brother of Mary and Martha of their times spent with their friend Yeshua Jesus Insights gained from those times his own death and resurrection foretelling Christ's own The deathbed counsel of his so called friends reminiscent of Job's counsellors; there's definitely got to be some sin in there somewhere Lazarus Or some lack of God's abilities or God's heart isn't toward you How common to the religious minded to confront and affront another all supposedly in service to God But not in the truth of Christ's Spirit of Love and Compassion Mercy that fails notThought provoking and life changing challenges from Viola if allowed to search and cleanse our own heart; to move us toward becoming a Bethany that welcomes and creates sanctuary for Christ and His nature to become our self imageRich with narrative scripture background to each chapter and practical applications such as our position in prayer Beggars coming before God? Or from the place of ascendancy provided through Christ's ascension? Are we seated with Christ in heavenly places?Or still lacking boldness to enter God's throne of Gracethrough the completed work of Christ in His death resurrection andAscension?A book to inspirit new perspectives in living out the Bethany experience as well as invitation to make our churches Bethany communities that welcome and promote Christ in relation and realityHighly recommended for those who are pursuing than religious form and function those who desire to live an ascendant life or those who are curious David C Cook provided an ebook copy to read and review without obligation Thank you for the opportunity

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Gods Favorite Place on Earth Jesus was completely received God’s Favorite Place on Earth is a retelling of Jesus’ many visits to Bethany and a relaying of the message it holds for us today Frank Viola presents a beautifully crafted narrative from the viewpoint of Lazarus one of the people who lived in Bethany with his two sisters This incomparable story not only brings the Gospel narratives to life but it add GOD’S FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH by Frank ViolaPublisher David C CookDate published May 1 2013ISBN 978 0 7814 0590 4InspirationalChristianFictionPaperbackReviewed by LynnehttpwwwFavorite Place Obtained via publisherRating 5While on Earth Jesus Christ was rejected by those He came to save A man with no place to lay even His head untilBethany The one place he felt welcomed accepted and lovedWhile in Bethany Jesus and his talmidim came to love the family of Simon the Leper which included Mary Martha and Lazarus whose lives He touched in a uniue memorable and awe inspiring wayGOD’S FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH by Frank Viola is told by Lazarus after he is raised from the dead It is the story all believers have speculated about for centuries What was it like many have often wondered to know a man who was dead for four days and was then miraculously resurrected back to life by the most rejected man on Earth?Viola shares in GOD’S FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH the incredible heartwarming story of this great miracle A miracle that still lives on in the Word of God that proves Jesus Christ is indeed the Resurrection and the Life as He professes to beGOD’S FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH gives insight into what may have happened after this great miracle took place The problems and unexpected fame Lazarus facedDeeply moving and well written GOD’S FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH is an extraordinary book that will touch your heartstrings and brings this story to life in such a way as to make one marvel at not just the writer’s uniue skills but at God HimselfGOD’S FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH also brings understanding to the reader of challenges that many believers often face including doubt discouragement fear guilt rejection materialism and spiritual apathy Viola skillfully weaves a wondrous tale that will captivate one’s heart and will help the reader discover how to live as a ‘Bethany’ even in today’s worldGOD’S FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH is magnificently told and hard to put down I read it in one day I was so intrigued by the story and touching message it containsGOD’S FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH is full of depth charm incredible wisdom beauty and great spiritual insight I am certain that anyone reading GOD’S FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH will be drawn closely to Jesus Christ and embrace Him as never before Clearly God’s anointing was on Viola as he wrote GOD’S FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH It is one of the most exuisite memorable books I have read in a long time By the time I was done reading it I felt love for my Savior than ever before It is with new eyes I look at Him and marvel at His worksI recommend GOD’S FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH for anyone interested not just believers GOD’S FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH is an experience that few will want to miss It is a crowning achievement for Viola that I know many will enjoyGod’sFavoritePlacecomDisclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the author andor publisher through the Speakeasy blogging book review network I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255