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Epub ↠ The Death Wizard Chronicles í Jim Melvin Hildren and teenagers or the faint of heart But if you like graphic fantasy that is bursting with excitement yet still has a lot going on between the lines I think you'll love my seriesIn a groundbreaking paradox the Death Wizard a champion of go Surely everyone loves a superheroIn Torg an Asekha warrior who has lived for a thousand years and who has achieved Sammaasamaadhi to the uninitiated a type of near death experience wherein your physical bodyceases times than his number of years we have such a personIn his long long lifetime he has gained knowledge wisdom and not a small amount of magic although I find it difficult to call it that considering that it is akin to accessing pure life energy; to this reader he reminds me of an enlightened or ascended being than a wizard Be that as it may a heroSUPERherohe isI have read reviews about Forged in DeathDeath Wizard Chronicles which have criticized the perfection of our protagonist Torg Some have said that he doesn't fulfill the reuirements of a hero which is that he must have some weakness; they say he is too perfectI say Read the book slowly; take in the whole story not just the words Torg does have weaknesses only not the kind that normal people have His weakness lies in sometimes succumbing to the distractions of love and loss when his full concentration is reuired for the task at handSome actually take umbrage at the old fashioned manner of speech or do they refer to the Cave Monkey's speech that is used In my fairly broad experience speech between different cultures and different groups within a culture is varied And if the issue is how the Cave Monkeys speak I agree that it is somewhat incorrectIF they used olde English Wow A whole dozen sentences out of an entire novelspoken by creatures that were born of imaginationBut it is the legendary aspect of this book that makes it a great read; just as the tales of Ulysses Hercules and even Merlin takes us into the mythical wonders of days gone by so does Forged in Death give us new tales for our inner child to emulate with our swords of fallen oak branches staffs of metal tubing from a construction site and our capes and robes made of bedsheetsThe uest of Torg and the battles in which he engages with the likes of succubus like witches demons ghouls dragons and magically transformed birds of prey with a heartbreaking love story for good measure are indeed the stuff of legendThis book is well written beautifully choreographed and should be worth following as the Death Wizard Chronicles series continuesDue to scenes involving incest child rape and other incidents of sexual scenes involving a child I will not be reading Book 2 if this series

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Mobi î Forged in Death ñ The Death Wizard Chronicles is a sexy action packed six book epic fantasy series Book One Forged in Death Book Two Chained by Fear Book Three Shadowed By Demons Book Four title TK Book Five title TK Book Six title TKThe DW Chronicles is not for children and teenagers or the faint of heart But if you like graphic fantasy that is b Od derives his power from a source traditionally seen as negative death His nemesis an evil sorcerer derives his power from the sun the benevolent source of all life Their struggle to control the fate of the planet Triken will take your breath aw In Forged in Death Torg or The Torgon is a powerful Death Knower He can enter death to restore himself and as a result he has lived for over a thousand years Invictus an evil young sorcerer has invaded Tiken and is corrupting the land and all its inhabitants and Torg is the only one powerful to stop himForged in Death is the first of six books in Jim Melvin's The Death Wizard Chronicles and it makes for an interesting start to the series It is a fairly short book unusual for epic fantasy and despite the occasional sex it is definitely high fantasy Manichean rather than realistic There is a great deal of magic a uest the hero and make no mistake he is a Hero with a capitol H is almost invincible and the characters tend to be one dimensional where the good characters are very very good and the bad are positively evil There are few moral ambiguities here Think Tolkien rather than EriksonDon't get me wrong this is not a criticism although I prefer the gritty realism of writers like Cook and Abercrombie there is still a place in my heart and on my bookshelves for the moral righteousness of high fantasy and I look forward to seeing where Torg's uest takes him in future installments

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Forged in Death The Death Wizard Chronicles #1The Death Wizard Chronicles is a sexy action packed six book epic fantasy series Book One Forged in Death Book Two Chained by Fear Book Three Shadowed By Demons Book Four title TK Book Five title TK Book Six title TKThe DW Chronicles is not for c Forged in Death is the first installment in Jim Melvin's six volume Death Wizard Chronicles Torg is a Death Knower a thousand year old super powerful leader of his warrior tribe the Tugars There's a bad wizard named Invictus and his henchman named Mara So Invictus has Mara throw Torg into a malevolent prison pit Then Sobhana this hot fierce Tugar warrior girl who is as smitten with Torg as he is with her tries to rescue him from the pit She climbs down a rope to him then has to climb back up the rope and gets pounded by a giant spider Or rock eating people I can't remember But finally Torg who's been horribly weakened finally climbs out of the pit after dying briefly and recharging his energy Sorta like Ultraman getting a solar boost I guess He finds Sobhana when she's about to die There's a thing Tugars do where a living warrior basically kisses a dying warrior and absorbs their life essence and part of their spirit So Torg finally gets to make out with Sobhana This pleases Sobhana who realizes once part of her spirit is inside Torg that he has always reciprocated her love but couldn't be with her because he had sex with a woman once and his orgasm caused her to explode into smithereens and set the area around them on fire However an ancient and evil she demon has Torg captured and insists on mounting him Torg tries to refuse but the ghost of a little blind girl tells him not to resist having this demoness screw his brains out because the resulting child will be crucial to bringing down Invictus So she mounts him; they both orgasm spectacularly killing a bunch of cave trolls or something then she leaves Torg gets sucked into a giant pit of magma but doesn't get too badly burned and ends up being stalked through pitch black caves by a giant worm monster then rescued by friendly monkey people who nurse Torg back to health In case you're wondering Torg did catch some sort of maleficent spiritual STD from the demon but a magical woman later cures him of this soul herpes by fellating him beneath magical treesIf you only read my previous paragraph you might think Forged in Death is just a messy jumble of a book and that I didn't enjoy it Neither of these is wholly true It took me maybe a third of the book before I felt bonded with it and around the two thirds mark I was rivetedThen it just ended Torg was having one of his occasional flashback dreams and that was it Pouf Welcome to the Glossary I said something literary and intelligent like Are you fucking KIDDING me I understand that this is a six part chronicle However research has proved the possibility of ending each novel in a series with a decent resolution The Harry Potter series for example was a septology but each book simultaneously had its own resolution while also forwarding the series toward its preordained conclusion Thus you have seven books each of which works as an independent novel The ending to this book might be great if you're used to reading books with the last half chapter torn out Maybe this is the author's device for getting us on to the next book and I suppose I can understand that I suppose that perhaps the author can understand too that I will never open any of the remaining five volumes in the series Forged in Death was a hard book to fall in love with There is this huge mythology we have to pick up on the fly and the characters seem as dry as their desert home and as cold as the mountains they encounter Many of the noble characters seem priggish and the dread wizard Invictus is really the only character who seems to enjoy life Despite all the obstacles the book threw at me I DID get into it I followed all the characters' odd behaviors shadowed them through dangerous situations accepted that they were nearly all damn near unlikable and slogged through this overubiuitous Ancient tongue An English derivative of Pali a Middle Indo Aryan language related to Sanskrit but now extinct as a spoken language I didn't figure this out on my own the author explains this after the abrupt ending I didn't care where the Ancient tongue originated; I just wanted it to go away for it was completely unnecessary Seriously why blast out a 20 word sentence in the Ancient Tongue only to follow it with the English translation It's just a waste of words unless the author's secret mission is to resurrect PaliDespite the various structural challenges forged into Forged in Death I found myself invested in the story and then Book lover blue balls I mildly regret that I'll never know how Torg and the gang ultimately fare and I do wish them well However they will meet their fates without my company Pity They deserve better