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Free download Single in the City æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ One Sunday morning I planned to write home to tell my folks I would not go home during the Spring Festival Because I hadn't written by hand for a long time my handwriting was awful so I went to the company intending to use the computer The office wIce column in China that drew millions of visitors Here are twenty true stories of single urban women living in contemporary China They have all agreed to have their interviews published and their stories told They run the gamut from the hopeless romantic to the gold digger; the divorced single mother to the new college graduate Their open honest utterly revealing personal stories offer an unprecedented look at the issues concerns and life choices faced by today's Chinese womenShuping Wu is a well known writer and media personality in Chin. When I won this book I thought it was going to be an economic demographic about how single women in China I don't know if i didn't read the synopsis right or what When I received it and started reading it I found that it was about why some women are still single in China This topic really didn't interest me and it was hard to keep interest in this book I really felt like the women that were interviewed were defensive to their lifestyle and a bit whiny It was a well written book but that is all the positive I have to say about it

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Ed Who are you She asked the same of me Who are you While I hesitated the girl suddenly called into the office Daddy someone's looking for you I immediately understood and made a pretense of having gone to the wrong floor and wrong office looking for someone else Before he came out I had slipped away home I guessed that he'd lied about being childless simply so I would provide a son for him because this would give me my only hope of marriage Did he think of me simply as a baby machineThis remarkable book originated as a blog and online adv. I won this book from a Goodreadscom giveawayThis is a gender studies book smartly disguised with a demure cover of a Chinese business woman with her back towards the camera as she looks out over the city It was a well chosen cover very calm yet poignant for the contents of the book Women are undervalued in Chinese culture Even if you don't believe every word in the book It is uite possible that the interviewees lied to put themselves in a better light the undercurrent is there Being married young being rich and procuring a son is the dream for Chinese women But it is also uite clear that standards are changing Many of the women in these stories are well educated who begin to put their careers first; and of course they pay the price Outdated social pressures are still very much present in Chinese society where women need to be beautiful to be valuable Of course its not just China that suffers from these types of stigma's but when it is presented into a culture where sons are the keys to the future life becomes doubly difficult Through the interviews we get a greater perspective from women who share their stories of heart ache and life What I find most disturbing however is the all around feeling of sadness This is a survey so many stories together with the same feeling cannot be a coincidence; but it feels like many of the women base their own value on weather they have a man or not Reading this book is an experience and that experience is intimate; bringing to light the stories of an otherwise silenced gender of a patriarchal society

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Single in the CityOne Sunday morning I planned to write home to tell my folks I would not go home during the Spring Festival Because I hadn't written by hand for a long time my handwriting was awful so I went to the company intending to use the computer The office was very close to where I lived only about 15 minutes' walk and I had a key When I got there I found the door open I went in on the alert and a woman appeared in the lobby with a teenaged girl I knew he had a wife but he always said he had no children so I thought this couldn't be his wife and ask. Book review Shuping Wu’s Single in the City A Survey of China’s Single WomenBy Tamara Treichel PhDSingle in the City A Survey of China’s Single Women has a demure cover featuring a Chinese office lady Her back is turned to you and she is contemplating the bleak Shanghai skyline Nice you think Another lackluster gender studies book cleverly repackaged to make it look like Sleepless in Seattle with an Asian twistBut it is only once you are well into Single in the City that you realize how suitable the cover is Single in the City is a collection of true stories about women who have mostly turned their backs on love for various reasons Shuping Wu a well known Chinese writer and media personality has interviewed about two dozen Chinese women mostly in their late 20’s and early 30’s in different locales and using various mediaIn Single in the City you meet mistresses single mothers strong spirited office ladies and women who only marry for money or to give a facelift to their sagging social status or careers Wu introduces you to women from privileged and blue collar backgrounds; women attractive or plain realistic or die hard romantic driven by revenge or resignation but bound together by their vulnerability in matters of the heart Here is a selectionLiu Yue prefers to remain single after discovering that her boyfriend is already married and has a child “A good man is often someone else’s husband” she uips “A Determined Singleton” Conversely Liu inging enjoys her ongoing affair with a writer and is content with remaining his mistress “I don’t give a fig for a marriage license” she says “Proof Reading Error Leads to a Love Affair”Then there is Wang Mengmeng who found Mr Right after a whirlwind romance but eventually tired of the relationship and threw it all away Now she has regrets “Given another chance I would treasure it I would understand how to cherish his simplicity and live a practical and dull married life” she says “Love with a Shelf Life”Enter Deng Na who stops trusting men after her husband cheats on her “Hey what kind of man can you really trust” has become her credo She now embraces life as a bachelorette which includes not having to close the door when she uses the toilet “All Men Are Promiscuous”In “Beautiful Marriage Obsession” well bred Xu Zijuan still clings to the ideal of a perfect marriage – her husband should look like the actor Andy Lau preferably have a master’s or PhD and be financially fit Oh and be extremely talented in at least one area Yet sometimes she wonders whether her “idea of perfection is itself a form of imperfection” By contrast Jiu mei is a “Woman of Fierce Desires” whose materialism paves the way for her downfall She and her boyfriend lead a Bonnie and Clyde like existence until she dumps him “to find a boyfriend who could afford a house” for herFor her part in Xiangyu is caught in a love triangle “Two men one I’m not married to and the other I’m divorced from They both love me and I love both of them” Although she says she is the one potentially hurt by this arrangement you are left to wonder “Living with Two Men”In “Looking for a Holiday Lover” Cao Zimei goes online to find a male companion to accompany her and her son on vacation However she slowly despairs of finding true love in cyberspace after meeting many men with uestionable motives She concludes that few men “have the patience to develop real love”Initially May wanted to marry into wealth “Marriage” she says “was inseparable from possession of a house and a car” Her search for Mr Rich however results in many nasty surprises that compel her to reshuffle her priorities “In Flight from the Wealthy”Single in the City is a straightforward account of the social pressures women in China face today and how they view love and marriage One of the interviewees speaks for many contemporary Chinese women when she observes “Love and marriage don’t have to go together Sometimes I think love can be beautiful and romantic but marriage must be very realistic” This attitude would have Jane Austen exult in her grave but today’s Western readers may feel taken aback by its sheer pragmatism But it is precisely in how the conventional Chinese approach to love and marriage differs from the modern Western one that makes this book worthwhile for Western readers Also Single in the City provides the social context necessary to understand why these women think feel and act as they doA skilled journalist Wu respects the dignity and privacy of the women he interviews and mostly refrains from judgment Occasionally you catch a glimpse of a woman’s individuality and uirks yet the focus of Single in the City is not so much on the women themselves but on their stories Wu lets his interviewees tell their tales in such a manner that makes you feel you are with them listening in on the interview and nodding sympathetically from time to time over the rim of your coffee cup