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Free doc ↠ reader The War Against the Chtorr 1 ð David Gerrold ↠ With the human population ravaged by a series of devastating plagues the alien Chtorr arrive to begin the final phase of their invasion Even as many on Earth deny their existence the giant wormlike carnivores prepare the world for the ultMlike carnivores prepare the world for the ultimate violation the enslavement of humanity for fo A Matter for Men is the uneven but often brilliant first book of David Gerrold’s notoriously unfinished War Against the Chtorr series from the 1980s and it is a pretty spectacular read The series was recommended and gifted to me by a close friend and I’m happy he urged me to read it The main plot focuses on the invasion of earth by elements of what appears to be an alien ecosystem belonging to the Chtorr giant fuzzy caterpillars from outer space The set up seems almost like a joke the author penned the beloved “Trouble With Tribbles” episode of the original Star Trek but Gerrold treats this scenario with deadly seriousness After a thrilling opening act in which the protagonist encounters the aliens in their burrow like dwelling the space worm infestation becomes the basis for a much far reaching Heinlein inspired meditation on how such an invasion would likely go down for shell shocked ordinary folks dwelling largely in denial of what is happening in a geopolitical climate of American exceptionalism straight out of the mid 80s The intelligent scientist protagonist is bossed around and menaced by various levels of military and other government personnel as he simply tries to understand the nature of the alien threat These sections of the novel are propelled by a Swiftian hatred of human vanity and there is an unmistakable elitism to the novel’s glee at dispatching the short sighted representatives of the ordinary political world Set against the satire of bureaucracy and political vanity is the novel’s eually unmistakable worship of strong personality and “authenticity” a dubious combination that is epitomized by the authoritarian geniussecret teddy bear Whitlaw the protagonist’s Nietzschean professor of “Global Ethics” who genially bullies his students into abandoning their self righteous piety so that they may arrive at a deeper understanding of “responsibility” and embrace the Will to Power I may sound sarcastic here but the chapters in which our hero remembers his classes with Whitlaw are pretty thrilling stuff whatever one thinks of the philosophy and honestly I’m not sure Gerrold is clearly a novelist with strong opinions and these sections of the novel are didactic in the extreme often with an unfortunate “tough talking” sexism that does not age well Nonetheless it is exciting to read and Gerrold writes cracking good classroom dialogue Still it all has to be taken with a pound of salt To be on the side of the angels in this novel is to be one of the soberly enlightened a cadre of unsentimental conspirators whose only ethics are survivalist speciesism Fair enough I suppose given the improbable circumstances There is something bracing about the novel’s total impatience with emotion The periodically hot tempered protagonist is constantly facing off against teachers and mentors who educate him on the banality of getting upset about things and stamping his little foot when secret military tribunals summarily decide to kill him Such outbursts are for the naive the novel assures us all those fools who don’t understand the true gravity of a situation that has moved well beyond caring how they feel about thingsFor me the most enjoyable parts of the novel were those dealing with the exploration of the Chtorr’s ontology just

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With the human population ravaged by a series of devastating plagues the alien Chtorr arrive to CONCEPT Earth has been invaded by the Chtorr culture; a mix of especially nasty and powerful beings that make up this alien ecological chain First 75% or of the humans were wiped out by the plagues and now gigantic worm like creatures are further slaying people while they infest the American lands SCORING Superb A Excellent A Very good B Good B Fairly Good B Above Average C Mediocre C Barely Passable C Pretty Bad D Dismal D Waste of Time D Into the Trash FDIALOGUE A STRUCTURE A HISTORY SETTING A CHARACTERS A MONSTERSALIEN DEVELOPMENTS A DEEP THOUGHTS A EVIL SETUPANTAGONISTS A EMOTIONAL IMPACT A SURPRISES A TECHNOLOGY A PACING A LITTLE THINGS A OVERALL STYLE A FLOW OF WORDS A CHOICE OF FOCUS A TRANSITIONSFLASHBACKSPOV A COMPLEXITY OF WORDSSYMBOLISMTHEMES AOVERALL GRADE A WHY IT WORKED FOR ME First off I was drawn in and I usually don't go for sci fi books That simple The means of describing such a disastrous infestation would turn most people off who don't want to read such a gloom and doom story I have to admit that at times things seem bleak when they think of coexisting rather than eradicating the Chtorrans But the story kept driving forward and you're compelled to follow with it Great characters great dialogues and great writing style see below for the latter point This story works best for people who appreciate investigate stories and aren't afraid to read about the tumultuous emotions raging in this novel A lot of these people are on the edge or still carrying anger around For me that was pretty fascinating Gerrold revealed it no only from a scientific viewpoint as most sci fi authors do but also from an emotional viewpoint Flashbacks for the most part connected with the current story in scope or belief Thus it was an easy flow The class taught by Whitlaw was totally new to me Now that's the way a class should be taught; not with the drones we have now in the education systemOVERALL STYLE Loved the dialogue see above Also loved the metaphors and similes her head blossomed in a sudden flower of red Or I turned in time to see the Chtorran falling forward through a shower of glass fragments They glittered around it like tiny sparkling stars In one smooth movement it poured through the glass and flowed down off the stage and into the shrieking audience It hit the front rows like an avalanche His play with words are magnificent I really could feel the story flow as I read it and it never ever ever dragged typo intended

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The War Against the Chtorr 1 A Matter For MenBegin the final phase of their invasion Even as many on Earth deny their existence the giant wor I first read this book when I was fifteen and I was instantly in love Unlike many other things in the last fourteen years that hasn't changed I can actually pinpoint the moment when my political leanings turned away from the Democratic party and towards libertarianism it was reading this book It seems silly to get influenced on politics by a sci fi book but the concepts of responsibility and rights as described here completely changed how I viewed government Enough of thatI absolutely love the way Gerrold writes This book's subject matter could easily go into the ridiculous or cheesy but somehow he pulls it off perfectly His protagonist is capable but very flawed and the supporting characters are all very dynamic Unlike many authors Gerrold makes each of his characters an individual and extremely human Dinnie I had forgotten about Dinnie A minor character but she's just fantastic Then there's his sarcastic sense of humor that keeps the story going even when nothing is actually happening I never found myself bored reading this including on my tenth re read because there is a good balance of character development plot development humor philosophy and dramaThere are a few tiny issues like repetitive word choice occasionally but the flaws are so insignificant compared to this book's strengths that I couldn't give it anything but five stars SIDE NOTE There is an abridged and unabridged version of this book I've read both The abridged version takes out most of the homosexual content there isn't a lot which then makes Ted's story arc a little inconsistent and also those parts do have bearing on future books so I actually recommend reading the unabridged version