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read Maternal Harbor doc ↠ Kindle Edition È randarenewables ¾ Now over 200000 kindle downloads 281 Five Star reviewsPregnant and alone Teagan O’Riley befriends three expectant mothers at an OBGYN clinic Now two of them are dead and the third is close on Teagan’s heels intent on eliminating the last obstaNow over 200000 kindle downloads 281 Five Star reviewsPregnant and alone Teagan O’Riley befriends three expectant mothers at an OBGYN clinic Now two of them are dead and the third is close on Teagan’s heels intent on eliminating the Marie Martin was in my local critiue group a few years ago and it was a pleasure to see this thriller take shape The concept is simple Four pregnant single women meet at an OB clinic and bond immediately due to the similarity of their struggles They all give birth within a week or two of one another Then one by one the mothers are brutally murdered until only the heroine and the villain remainThe concept may be fairly simple but the execution is awesome Without giving away the plot suffice it say the villain of this take is one of the spookiest and most depraved you will ever encounter Much of the early action takes place along the piers of Seattle's busy port Then there is a frantic long distance chase and the heroine seeks peace and uiet in the beautiful Flathead Valley of NW Montana where the elderly grandmother of her ex boyfriend lives There is a tentative romance as the two former lovers encounter each other again but the frightening experiences of the heroine keep her from trusting anybodyMy only real complaint is that the ocean waves on the book cover and the title MATERNAL HARBOR do little to alert potential buyers to the chills and thrills in this deadly thriller and might mislead readers into believing it's a sweet romance of some sort But then I'm a guy

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Last obstacle to a monstrous plot She cannot risk entrusting the police Her finger prints are all over one crime scene and her foot print smeared into blood at another Surely the authorities would remove the babies from her care and pl Excelent bookAs soon as I got caught up in the story I couldn't put this book downI almost felt sorry for the killer ALMOST but I was sad for them and could understand how they became what they wereThe plot is action packed nail bitting and scaryVery well written very emtional to me and realalisticDefinatly worth reading

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Maternal HarborAce them with child protective services making them easy targets Teagan flees with the babies to the only refuge she can think of − the wilderness cabin belonging to the grandmother of her lost love But is even this remote location sa Where to start Okay Here goes The first 35% of the book is stilted telling than showing The beginning starts with the main character Teagan on her way to the hospital Or is it the doctor Is she in labor or isn't she She's ranting internally about the harbor master and some rules and something about how she's dressed How does that fit in Shouldn't she be thinking about the baby The conversation between the babies' mothers is eually strange One of the mothers says she had been invited over to one of the other's house Teagan says she wasn't invited and the first woman says Why are you making a big deal of it Nobody had made a big deal of anything yet That's just one piece of odd out of place dialogue and characterization There's lots There's a ton of telling rather than showing Teagan was rankled Show us don't tell us Mac was stubborn Again Show us don't tell us Teagan hangs up on one of her closest friends to call a cab Cuts her off in mid sentence It's a wonder this character has any friends A small nitpick thoughts running RAMPART Shouldn't that be 'rampant' It may seem small but later in the book we have a navel trained husband Shouldn't That be NAVAL You have no idea how badly I want to throw in OmphalopsychiteCharacters show up with no explanation who they are the explanation following in sometimes long passages that felt shoved in for background sections that could have been worked in much smoothly throughout the story Bryan for one and Lolita for another There are also numerous punctuation mistakes primarily missing uotation marks Toward the end there is at least on my Kindle a paragraph centered in the middle of the page followed by If that shows up on everyone's Kindle it was probably a paragraph and section break that got missed in formatting Now for the good The killer slowly unraveling while odd at times is interesting She talks to a cat who isn't there dresses like her insane mother apple didn't fall far from THAT tree and talks to her in the mirror but wondering how and when she'd be caught was about all that kept me reading The ending was surprisingly well done watching the killer keep one step ahead of the policeSPOILERS AHEADA lady selling a rare rifle who doesn't want anyone coming to her house I get that but hasn't given a single thought about where to meet the buyer For that matter why buy a gun and ammunition at all if you've got an unknown hitchhiker in the car Doretta who has just given birth already back at work as a waitress Much later in the book we find out that the babies are a week old So that would make her child what 24 hours old when she's back at work As a WAITRESS Scenes become jumbled There is one scene where Teagan is in her living room No that's not right she's at the harbor Isn't she I don't know A nursing mother leaves her nursing child and runs off with no thought as to when she'll be back to feed him A CPS worker of 2 whole weeks sent to pick up 3 presumably kidnapped infants in a huge case Leaving babies floating we can only hope in the water to pull a gun