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ProsastückeHow to place the mysterious Swiss writer Robert Walser a humble genius who possessed one of the most elusive and surprising sensibilities in modern literature? Walser is many things a Paul Klee in words maker of droll whimsical tender and heartbreaking verbal artifacts; an inspiration to such very different writers as Kafka and WG Sebald; an amalgam as Susan Sontag suggests in her preface to this volume of Stevie Smith and Samuel BeckettThis collection gather “My name is Helbling and I am telling my own story because it would probably not be written down by anybody else With mankind become sophisticated there can be nothing curious nowadays about a person like me sitting down and starting to write his own story It is short my story for I am still young and it will not be completed for I shall probably go on living for a very long time The striking thing about me is that I am a very ordinary person almost exaggeratedly so I am one of the multitude and that is what I find so strange”Robert Walser is very rich in characters – there are many of every kind He sympathizes with the men living purposeful and spiritual life and he ridicules the empty ones who are nothing but passersby in this world And Robert Walser is always capable to see the most curious sides of life and human nature – he is ironic and but he is kind“Sundays Kleist likes and market days also when everything ripples and swarms with blue smocks and the costumes of the peasant women on the road and on the narrow main street There on this narrow street by the pavement the wares are stacked in stone vaults and on flimsy stalls Grocers announce their cheap treasures with beguiling country cries And usually on such a market day there shines the most brilliant the hottest the silliest sun Kleist likes to be pushed hither and thither by the bright bland throng of folk Everywhere there is the smell of cheese Into the better shops go the serious and sometimes beautiful countrywomen cautiously to do their shopping Many of the men have pipes in their mouths Pigs calves and cows are hauled past”To see and to understand the entire world it is uite enough to have a short walk one just must learn to observe every tiny detail But this wonderful skill is available only to the most subtle artists poets and thinkers“Snowdrops whisper all kinds of things They bring back to mind Snow White who in the mountains found a friendly welcome from the dwarfs They remind one of roses because they are different Everything always reminds one of its opposite Just wait The good will come Goodness is always closer to us than we think Patience brings roses This old good saying occurred to me when recently I saw snowdrops”For those who can see through the nature of the trivial things happiness is easy

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read Prosastücke kindle ä Paperback Þ randarenewables ´ How to place the mysterious Swiss writer Robert Walser a humble genius who possessed one of the most elusive and surprising sensibilities in modern literature? Walser is many things a Paul Klee in words maker of droll whimsical tender and heartbreaking verbalS forty two of Walser's stories Encompassing everything from journal entries notes on literature and biographical sketches to anecdotes fables and visions it is an ideal introduction to this fascinating writer of whom Hermann Hesse famously declared If he had a hundred thousand readers the world would be a better placeResponse to a ReuestFlower DaysTrousersTwo Strange StoriesBalloon JourneyKleist in ThumThe Job ApplicationThe BoatA Little RambleHelbling's Sto I just don't get Robert Walser I want to I really do I mean I've read a lot of the other reviews on this site most of which should come with a mop and some wetnaps and apparently anybody who ever reads this thing ascends immediately into the heavens with a pure beatific light emanating from the nucleus of his soul while a thousand choirs erupt in a song so rapturous that its very vibrations elicit a cataclysmic orgasm in all its listeners In other words I'll have what they're having So I sit there reading this book and and I don't know any other way to put it—I'm actually pressing my mind into it with an almost physical force I can feel myself exerting all of my being—almost grunting in fact—in a vain attempt to decipher that miraculous je ne sais uoi that makes everyone soil their trousers Where is it? Where the fuck is it? I start to panic— but no—I will not panic This is all a practical joke right? Allen Funt come out from your hiding place but not if you're dead okay? I don't know how to concentrate on these words any harder and make them come alive I feel as if my eyes are bulging out of my head like Barbara Bush's I hope nobody's watching me I mean they've got to be kidding right? The JFK conspiracy and now this The Walser conspiracy It's not that Walser is even or especially bad; that would actually be interesting It's just that he's almost nothing A dandelion puff scattered to the four winds—or how ever many winds there are But here I am still waiting for my orgasm And waiting Whom can I sue? I'm feeling litigious