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doc á Black Art ´ read ✓ I would have married her before I went away to war too just to make sure that someone else didn’t She was beautiful It started in her eyes and spread to the set of her mouth and the tilt of her chin In both pictures there was a confidence a courage a spirit of defiance Not the “smile though your house is rubble and S extraordinary wartime adventures obstacles to the truth begin to appear in the form of a star of the Island’s amateur theatre and two menacing East Europeans in suits Arty must challenge his deepest beliefs to discover what happened to KayWritten in the hard boiled noir style of detective fiction from the 1940's Arty Shaw is the kind of investigator you want on your side Transsexual and proud of it with a moral code that means breaking the rules now and again and a world weary cynicism that takes nothing at face value Arty won't stop until the truth is out And that can make you unpopular with the wrong sort of peopl History gender variance mystery and some sexiness all in one book? Yes

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I would have married her before I went away to war too just to make sure that someone else didn’t She was beautiful It started in her eyes and spread to the set of her mouth and the tilt of her chin In both pictures there was a confidence a courage a spirit of defiance Not the “smile though your house is rubble and you’re sleeping in a tube station” spirit of the Blitz but real steel The kind of backbone that would make you do extraordinary things Things that the rest us of wouldn’t doArty Shaw a genealogist working on a peculiarly British island in the English Channel is asked by a television company to resea I was honoured to have been sent a promotional copy of this novel in return for my honest review In actual fact I was sent the first 20 chapters first to review and then a copy of the paperback when it was launched I couldn't wait the two weeks for the paperback to find out what happened at the end and promptly purchased the full digital copy from to find out what happened with no delayWhat a novel it is It's just that good The author's imagery dances across the page in the form of elegant and confident prose waltzing the story of a good British tale swathed in rich and opulent historical fact I do particularly enjoy an author like VT Davy who knows when where and how to use a good semicolon It was also a really refreshing change to read a mystery that wasn't completely centred on murders and their investigations; I find those kind of books to be a bit 'samey' after reading so many and this was a breath of fresh airSet in the Chanel Islands the protagonist genealogist Arty has been commissioned to look into the ancestry of actress Helen Valentine for a television programme Roots which I gather is not unlike our own `Who do you think you are?' I enjoyed the subtle revelations of character for both Arty and Helen dealing delicately and interestingly with the idea of Arty being transgender The story explores the period of the Second World War and the occupation of the Chanel Islands where Helen's ancestors lived at the time Delving into the subterfuge and espionage that surrounded those that stood against the Germans in any way they could get away with the novel digs into the mystery behind what happened to Helen's grandmother Kay a resistance member who disappeared seemingly into the ether after being uestioned by the Nazis and escaping The tale takes us to Dresden chasing the story of a brave woman who tried to thwart the Nazi's attempts to hoarde priceless artworks and discover a hidden bravery to the protagonist Arty that I never would have imagined The text itself is full of delightful English collouialisms all woven neatly into the tapestry of the story I really enjoyed the writing style which was very easy to read but due to carefully and artfully crafted sentences as opposed to a simplicity Without being overtly funny the writing itself seems to allude to a humorous tone that I can't uite describe accurately; I found the turns of phrase making the corners of my mouth twitch a little with inclination to smileI would sincerely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good mystery anyone who likes a good British novel or who enjoys a fantastically written book with intriguing and engaging characters

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Black ArtRch Helen Valentine's family tree The award winning British actress wants to know the truth about her grandmother's wartime exploits and Arty is her choice to do the digging; which is just fine by Arty When a beautiful blonde like Helen Valentine asks you don't say noArty’s investigation reveals that Helen’s grandmother Kay Marett was half Jewish and running resistance ops against the German forces occupying her Island When Kay disappears in 1942 a concentration camp seems to be her likely destination until Arty uncovers a trail stretching from the Island across Europe to Cold War Dresden As Arty learns about Kay’ Review of Black Art – launch sample – read 91012The delectable Helen Valentine was a very successful actress and the television company she was working with at the time reuested the expertise of Arty Shaw a genealogist with the Heritage Service incorporating the archives museum and sites of historic interest on the island of Jersey They needed him to help trace Helen’s grandmother who disappeared during the war when the Germans occupied the Island The television crew run by King thought there was a good human interest story to be told but he wanted the information uicklyHelen’s grandmother Katherine Kay Marett was a good looking young woman when she married Clarence LeSueur but Clarey was killed during the Battle of Britain and as the Germans invaded Jersey in June of 1940 Kay was in the hospital having just given birth to a daughter Clarey would never meet This information Helen could give Arty but she knew very little Arty began his searching through the archives and turned up very little But he discovered Kay had been sentenced to 3 months imprisonment for distributing leaflets of a banned nature in August of 1942 but she seemed to disappear around that time leaving her 2 year old daughter Helen’s Mum behindWhen Arty’s boss Sloman a brilliant historian told Arty to discontinue the searching for Helen’s grandmother the reason being a lack of money Helen immediately put up the fundsshe needed to know But Arty was wary there seemed to be to this than met the eye Was Helen being up front with him? He continued searching coming across a propaganda leaflet from 1941 and meeting up with an old neighbour of the Marett family Flo who had some memories of the time Kay went missing She said the Germans took Kay in for uestioning to the Albert College but then she just disappeared Arty spoke to Ph’lip Marett who’s Dad also Ph’lip was Kay’s cousin and he added a little information Slowly a picture was beginning to form Arty wished he had met Kay as she seemed to have been a very brave young womanBut Arty was being followed and when a note turned up at the archives he felt extremely uneasy Was it a warning? Was he in danger? I thoroughly enjoyed this the first 20 chapters of Black Art and definitely want to read the rest The author has a great way of describing each scene so I could picture it allI felt I was there I want to find out what happened to Kay and why Arty feels something isn’t uite right