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kindle Õ Beyond Control Ï ebook ☆ kit rocha ☆ She refuses to be owned Alexa Parrino escaped a life of servitude and survived danger on the streets to become one of the most trusted influential people in Sector Four where the O’Kanes rule with a hedonistic but iron fist Lex has been at the top for years and therHim expand his empire something he wants almost as much as he wants her And no one says no to the king of Sector Four Falling into bed is easy but their sexual games are anything but casual Attraction uickly turns to obsession and their careful dance of heady dominance and sweet submission uncovers a need so deep so strong it could crush them bo Favorite uote “Dallas O’Kane didn’t chase after women who ran Dallas O’Kane lifted a finger and women came running”Last year I read the first book in this series Beyond Shame and was blown away by the story and the alpha men who get matched with fierce women And the sex was just dirty and so well done When I heard Beyond Control would feature Dallas and Lex two characters I fell in love with in book one my anticipation grew I was so excited I convinced myself the book wouldn’t live up to my expectations I was wrong This book is even betterBeyond Control not only has a great story line where we get introduced to each sector and learn their individual flavor but the characters and their development and relationships with each other really shine in this series Dallas O’Kane is the king of Sector four He is in charge and everyone knows it He plays hard he fights hard and for a long while now Lex and him have done a dance They are basically in love but Lex has a stubborn streak in her that brings even Dallas to his knees But early on in this book he makes Lex his ueen and we get to see how this new power struggle between them plays out While exhibitionism is a common occurrence in Sector 4 – Dallas has his own plans for Lex The first time he buried his cock in her no one else would be watching He’d been waiting to long to share any part of that first time even the of sight her coming for him “No” he murmured pulling her hair hard enough to edge her chin up “But being collared means you get my dick when I give it to you”“Oh” Her hands stilled “So that’s how it’s gonna be”They are such a fun pair to watch unfold Dallas demands obedience and has those alpha tendencies just overflowing and dripping from him and while this definitely gets Lex off in the end as in every good extreme alpha hero relationship it is her that is in control It is Lex that ultimately wins the prizeThe erotic scenes in this book are so intense and well done that I almost needed to take a break between scenes to compose myself There is sex between Dallas and Lex between Lex and Noelle heroine from book one there is even one sex scene with six people yessix people And it’s sexalicious Each scene felt organic to Dallas and Lex’s relationship It didn’t seem excessive or put in there just to fill the pages Each one furthers and explores their relationship It’s dirty y’all No really – I’ve read a lot of sex scenes We all have These will stick with youIt’s not all sex though As I mentioned we meet some of the other big players from the other sectors and things move forward in the world building Each book in this series has a new hero and heroine but the supporting characters play very big roles in each book The world builds upon itself so I highly recommend you read them in order although this can stand aloneThe characters are large vibrant and oh so sexy The world is gritty and intense If there is one erotic series you should be reading it’s this oneRating A

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She refuses to be owned Alexa Parrino escaped a life of servitude and survived danger on the streets to become one of the most trusted influential people in Sector Four where the O’Kanes rule with a hedonistic but iron fist Lex has been at the top for years and there’s almost nothing she wouldn’t do for the gangand for its leader Lie steal 3 star story with a 5 star sex sceneand that's okay Beyond Control was not great for me but since it was sandwiched in between two books that I really liked I'll forgive this for not hooking me on the same level as books 1 and 3 I've just never felt the DallasLex dynamic which is why I waited so long to continue the series But hey I won't complain too muchremember how I mentioned a 5 star sex scene? Oh yeah That Public sex coupled with the fantasy of having multiple people tend to your every need kind of really rings my bell And I don't get to read it like this very often Let's see we have pages and pages of one female being the center of attention for multiple people who live in that moment to make sure that all of her needs and fantasies are met through direct orders from one hot man in charge? SIGN ME UP Yes I'm a bad bad bad girl #sorrynotsorryGetting back to the DallasLex thingwhile they are probably my least favorite couple there were some good teases for future books within their story so I enjoyed most of the outside dynamic which helped save the book for me

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Beyond ControlKill but she bows to no one not even Dallas O’Kane He’ll settle for nothing less Dallas fought long and hard to carve a slice of order out of the chaos of the sectors Dangers both large and small threaten his people but it’s nothing he can’t handle His liuor business is flourishing and new opportunities fuel his ambition Lex could help 35 4 Stars “If keeping me off your dick wasn’t punishment what was it?”“Foreplay”“We’ve had six years of that Do we really need ?”Dallas grinned” This uote is perfect to describe their relationship 6 years of disfunctional my friends They both wanted it and neither one of them knew how to go about getting it They had sex on regular basis they were possessive they were hurt by each other but it took them 6 years and 2 books to work their shit outThe first 23 of the book were uneventful Dallas had just collared Lex and everything seemed to work fine between them They dealed with their shit they acuired power they had lots and lots and LOTS of sex And it was boring After 6 years it took Lex less than a week to come to trust Dallas and the only thing that had changed was that instead of fucking each other silly just with fingers and mouths they had intercorse as well So as you can imagine Dallas took that trust and pissed all over it pretty uickly And that's when the fun beganThe reason I gave this book almost 4 stars was because the fall out between Lex and Dallas wasn't some ridiculous misunderstanding It was a real believable relatable problem Dallas couldn't understand Lex at all He was power hungry and projected his lust for power on her He put his empire before her and for that reason Lex left him It was a legitimate reason and not some half assed attempt to create conflict just to fill pages And when Dallas took his head out of his ass it was all the satisfying because I wasn't rolling my eyes at their fight in the first placePS I don't get Dallas' hang up with intercorse Sex is sex whether you use you mouth your hands or you cock Why did he have to collar her before going all the way?