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Free download Two for Texas ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free é This early James Lee Burke classic is available again—featuring Son Holland the great grandfather of beloved hero Billy Bob Holland as he flees a Louisiana prison camp with a Native American woman and a fellow prisoner in towJames Lee Burke steps back threeFor his life on the run through the bayou with fellow escapee Hugh Allison and a beautiful Indian suaw Son flees across the river to Texas where the only chance the travelers have for survival awaits in a violent storm of revolution led by General Houston and James Bow. Read by Will PattonPublished by Simon and Schuster Audio 2013First published in 1982Duration 5 hours 23 minutesJames Lee Burke is a prolific writer with than thirty books most set in New Orleans and Texas Two for Texas takes place in both places Son Holland is the main character He has been falsely accused of being involved in a crime ring and sentenced to hard time in a Louisiana penal camp by the French gentlemen that control the cityWhile in this camp Holland meets Hugh a loud mouthed opinionated walleyed older man who engineers a chance to escape to Texas But when they escape they end up killing one of the two downright evil French brothers that run the camp This is 1834 and Texas is a foreign country – technically still a part of Mexico but certainly preparing to rebel and create the Republic of TexasHugh and Holland live among Indians dodge the Mexican Army and flee the posse sent after them from the prison led by the surviving evil French brother that is pursuing them They decide to hide byRead at

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To reveal the lightning paced tale of western lawman Billy Bob Holland’s great grandfather a fugitive swept up in the proud fight for Texan independence Son Holland escaped a Louisiana chain gang but never intended to kill a prison guard during the breakaway Terrified. For a relatively short book Two for Texas covers a lot of ground It starts with an account of the grim reality of life in the Louisiana penal system in the early 1800’s and goes on to tell much of the history of the Texas Revolution As a huge fan of the author I have to say that this early piece does not have the raging power of his later books The first part of the story is though very well told as we follow Son Holland’s life in the penitentiary and his ultimate escape with a fellow prisoner through the assisted murder of a prison guard As the pair are chased into Texas they set out to track down General Houston’s Texas Rangers and enlist At this point the story evolves into a history of the key events and characters of the time Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett are both featured but here the characterisation is somewhat lost and the big events take over We follow Son as he witnesses the battle of the Alamo and takes part in the final battle of San Jacinto where Santa Anna’s forces are finally defeated All good stuff but I think I’d rather have followed Son’s personal journey through this second half of the bookIf like me you are not aware of the historical significance of the Revolution and where legendary events like the battle of the Alamo fit in then this will fill in some gaps But if you’re seeking out Burke’s best work then give this a miss and read anything he wrote from 1986 onwards; in fact start with Neon Rain and you’ll see what this brilliant author really has to offer

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Two for TexasThis early James Lee Burke classic is available again featuring Son Holland the great grandfather of beloved hero Billy Bob Holland as he flees a Louisiana prison camp with a Native American woman and a fellow prisoner in towJames Lee Burke steps back three generations. I have to admit right off the bat that I am a huge James Lee Burke fan and have read all of his Dave Robicheaux novels Two for Texas was published in 1981 long before he became famous I thoroughly enjoyed this western for a number of reasons Although he was just cutting his teeth as a novelist Two for Texas has countless pages of wonderful descriptive writing that have become one of his trademarks He paints pictures with words so that your mind's eye can visualize the disgusting conditions in the Louisiana penal station or feel as if you are along for the ride when the main characters are fleeing on horseback from marauding Mexicans You can smell the pine trees hear the shrieks of wounded men in battle and be present to hear Sam Houston's speech to his Texicans before the battle at San Jacinto where the famous Remember the Alamo cry was used to inspire his ragtag army in a bid to finally defeat Santa Anna The two in Two for Texas are Son Holland and Hugh Allison who escaped together from the cruelties and horror of the pen in Louisiana after they killed one of the despicable brothers who ran the jail Neither of the two men is particularly likeable especially Hugh who is ruthless cagey and refuses to back down in any circumstance He is a drunkard with a walleye and a mean streak but who understands how things work in this lawless land called Texas Son who comes from the hills of Tennessee and is wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he did not commit comes to rely on Hugh first in jail and then when they are on the run Son is less cynical than Hugh and tries to hang on to the conscience that he has despite having endured many hardships as a child and young man I suspect Son would not have survived in prison or the early encounters with Indians bandits or Mexicans without Hugh's protection and experience Hugh is not likeable but he sticks with Son despite the latter's repeated attempts to either reform Hugh or to get them both killed as a result of Son's lack of understanding of his environment I did not love these two characters the way I loved the famous duo in McMurtry's Lonesome Dove but I do not think it would be fair to expect such a result This is a relatively short piece of fiction especially compared to Lonesome Dove's considerable heft and is about two cons bad guys who are not really such bad guys versus the overwhelmingly good Texas Rangers of Lonesome Dove It is written at the beginning of Burke's career and it is still better than many books found in this genreTwo for Texas is about how the nature of the untamed west could kill you in a heartbeat in so many different ways than it is about cheering for the good guys It's also about the fight to expel Santa Anna's Mexican army once and for all as the territory of Texas struggled to become its own state Son and Hugh see the results of the loss at the Alamo but do not fight there Famous individuals Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie make cameo appearances as Son and Hugh prepare for and then fight Santa Anna's army led by the famous Sam HoustonThe fight and battle scenes are graphic and meant to be as realistic as possible Winning a victory was hard as was life in the plains forests and valleys of Louisiana and Texas for any who sought to ranch prospect or farm there Maintaining one's principles is hard too and loyalties are sorely tested My one concern which resulted in a four star rating rather than a five star is that the book seemed to end abruptly I wish that I could have found out about what happened to Hugh and Son especially Son Perhaps Burke intended to pick up Son's story at a later date I wish that was the case I would be delighted to find out what happened to him and read beautifully written chapters about the hardships of living in this fascinatingly brutal place and time that was the West