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Read ¾ Pam Ann Author Lindsey Brooks Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ä Alongside our world is another a world where women may be kept as slaves whipped for the slightest misbehaviour or just for the amusement of their ownersSomewhere over the Atlantic Ocean is a portal where it mayAlongside our world is another a world where women may be kept as slaves whipped for the slightest misbehaviour or just for the amusement of their ownersSomewhere over the Atl. Imagine an earth much like our own where one key person in history didn't play an important part and everything changed Imagine that it is possible if you are in the right place you can exchange places with someone from that other worldPamela was a sexual harassment investigator for a major airline flying back across the Atlantic after wrapping up an investigation and then she is suddenly a stowaway on a steam powered airship where the man she was investigating is suddenly now telling her she is a stowaway And she soon finds out that being a young female stowaway ends in only one wayYou start out with one impression of Pam but it changes over times She is full of secrets some that even she doesn't realize Fortunately Rafael takes an interest in her because he seems like one of a very few male characters in the story who has any redeeming ualitiesThe concept of That Kind was an interesting one which of course led to the uestion of whether Pam was one or not From a BDSM standpoint this was really an awful reality Slavery itself is one thing But the uncaring misogyny of this world was relentless Loving and even Caring could exist but it very much seemed the exception rather than the ruleI am hopeful that two people can make a difference but it isn't going to be easy

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Antic Ocean is a portal where it may be possible to cross from one world to the other swapping lives with someone on the other sidePam made the crossing although not intention. I first saw this story in its raw unedited form and had some input into it as a proof reader does At that time I was concentrating on its technical merits I have since bought my own copy from A1Adult books an unabridged version as I didn't want the version which is abridged for a little of its contentIt is a slave fantasy story and also fulfills the genres of BDSM Steam Punk and Erotica as well It is a book for adults over 18 or the legal age of adulthood for your countryThis story explores the possibility of there being parallel worlds to ours Pam former cabin crew and now responsible for investigating cases of sexual harassment in the flying industry finds herself in the situation where uantum theory becomes uantum fact and she is transported into another dimension Here she is initially known as Ann She finds herself on another planet Earth but very different from the one she left Here the reader is asked to suspend disbelief as you find a world run on the principle of steam and defying the known physics of our world Airships fueled by furnaces with coal by female slave stokers to produce the steam that powers it Steam also powers all other forms of transport and industry on this strange version of planet Earth History differs outcomes have changed but here men rule and although there are Freewomen many women are slaves many are women who want to be slaves At times misogynist or Sapphic characters come to the fore and will resound with different individuals that read this with both positive and negative feelings and results Some characters I disliked their callous disregard for others yet they are the acceptable products of this world cleverly created by its writer Lindsey Brooks Others I loved and maybe grew to identify withBeneath it all Mr Brooks cleverly explores sexuality the growing awareness of the submissive the masochistic the constant needs of a nymphomaniac the humiliation for some of nakedness the accepting naturalness of others then the overriding drive of the sadist the value of humans bought and sold for slavery especially sexual slavery What is acceptable maybe exciting in this story would probably be abhorrent for the greatest majority in reality today but that is what is acceptable it is fiction a story Some punishment scenes were harsh all the sex scenes were extremely detailed and erotic the romance intrinsic The how's why's and resulting outcomes of this story you will need need to read for yourselfI really enjoyed this book the standard of writing and English is good This is the best I have read so far of Lindsey's works and It just hits that five stars for me

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Pam Ann Author Lindsey BrooAlly She found herself on an airship caught as a stowaway and condemned to work semi naked as a slave for the amusement of the passengers and whatever they wanted to do to her. Oh God I started reading this book for this challenge It was difficult to read in the beginning I kinda hated what was happening with AnnPam and felt really sad for her but half way through the book I'm so engrossed in the book I can't seem to put it down Its my first Ff book The sex scenes are very detailed and eroticBy the end of this book I'm in love with this book It has HEA and I'm sucker for HEA and ofcourse we can't forget the hotness of Lieutenant Drake sighI read this book in one night I just couldn't put it down Well it was definitely worth pulling an all nighter