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Just One Kiss doc Ù 375 pages ↠ randarenewables ì Just a DreamCheated out of her inheritance by a willful stepmother Lady Elizabeth Stanton follows Nathaniel O'Connor to America—eager to accept the dashing shipbuilder's proposal of marriage But it is a stranger who greets the penniless miss at her intended's door—thJust a DreamCheated out of her inheritance by a willful stepmother Lady Elizabeth Stanton follows Nathaniel O'Connor to America eager to accept the dashing shipbuilder's proposal of marriage But it is a stranger who greets the penniless miss at her intended's do Just One Kiss delivers a Haunting and Passionate Romantic Tale set in the early 1800s where our brave heroine Elizabeth Stanton leaves England to marry her fiance but instead stumbles upon his brooding and fiery older brother Morgan O`Connor While Elizabeth instantly dislikes him for his bold arrogance Morgan sees himself falling passionately in love with her and when there will be no other choice than to marry her he takes the chance immediatelyI just LOVE how their romance flowed throughout the story it was powerful and sexy Elizabeth is a heroine i directly liked and later on came to love Her bitch of a step mother disinherits her and it must have taken strong will power to leave a home she had known all her life She gets hurt when she knows that her fiance Nathaniel were not going to marry her for the reasons she thought She was aware of Morgan before she married him as he had never met a man like him and how i like it that she later on decided to give their marriage a chance And Morgans wonderful reaction to it left me in tears he so much wanted her loveMorgan is a very and VERY special hero despite being a Temperal Alpha he had this Golden side of him that i just found so irresistible He sacrificed EVERYTHING for his younger brother Nathaniel ever since their mother died He took beatings from their drunkard of a father for Nathaniel already from a 10 years old boy he worked hard and in his early teens he became a sailor to get clothes and education for Nathaniel I have to say that i REALLY hated Nathaniel for the hell he put Morgan through Jeezuz after all Morgan did for him he SHOULD have worshipped him Well in the end as Elizabeth did i did feel sorry for him as the weak fool he isand he did the right thing in the end It was big of him so i came to forgive him Poor Morgan despised himself for desiring his brothers bride to be but simply couldn`t keep away from her and he does take the chance to marry her without a wink which made me giggle A very jealous and possessive hero and OH SO madly in love with his heroine their passion was so fiery that i thought my eyes were burning And the angst Oh the angst are so delicious that i totally swooned The epilogue are AMAZING and made me cry Yeah i am such a sucker for Romance and Morgan and Elizabeth were that together ROMANTIC This book is NOT to be missed I love Morgan and Elizabeth SO SO SO MUCH and i love their epic love story in Just one Kiss after all it was with this just one kiss that Morgan realized that he loves her

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Or the true owner of the grand Boston mansion Nathaniel's handsome secretive and insufferable older brother MorganJust One KissThe cruel treachery of a disloyal sibling left Morgan angry and bitter but he takes in the cad's forsaken fiancée nonetheless And when Kind of an angsty read but not intolerableHero had such a lack of trust in the heroine I'm surprised he could even trust her to chew and swallow her food correctly No one can be totally without trust IMO Though the hero has suffered several trust inducing setbacks with family and the human race in generalAnd I can see where he's coming from Though I've never been in those shoes beforeAnd why should it be such a shock to our heroine that our hero is a widower? In a time where people die left and right because of The Plague notice that this is an historically inaccurate review it ought not be such a shocking shock to find out that a previous wife had died I'm sure lots of people married several times for this reason alone Granted the hero didn't bother to tell the heroine that he'd been widowed but still I don't see why she should have taken such exception to that epiphanyAnd if the hero had just come and told the heroine outright his sordid and murky past well then there wouldn't have been a storyOtherwise not a bad read Just those miss communications that you loathe to readsee in a plot I loathe them anyway I rather like it when characters can talk and express themselves and their FEELINGS through dialogueThis hero could have been a stone cold marble slab for all the emotion he conveyed on the page besides anger and distrust and miserable silenceI'm ranting a bit Don't let that deter you from reading and enjoying

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Just One KissOne stolen kiss threatens scandal he offers to wed the proud golden haired beauty himself But Elizabeth is devoted to a rogue And Morgan must first conuer his own pain and suspicion to know a passion that can thaw a frozen heartand a love that can heal all woun Heroine was a bit TSTL I mean how many times does the hero have to get pissed off and raging about her seeming to be unfaithful and her being near his brother before she gets the hint that maybe she should be a bit careful about how things look But no after he's they have a huge fight over her not staying away from the brother she goes traipsing off to his brother's house Idiot Hero was a bit too growly and irritable for me Why she fell in love with such an undemonstrative grouch I can't figure Also kept getting thrown by how hairy these people apparently are She dug her fingers into the black pelt on his chest and his fingers got tangled in the golden fleece between her thighs Oh and there's a jungle around his spear I kid you not WTF?