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review Pippi Långstrump Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Tommy and Annika have a new neighbor red haired freckle faced Pippi Longstocking who has upside down braids and no parents to tell her what to do The three children have the most rollicking adventures on their own with horses and monkeys the circus and penguinrandomhousecomSide down braids and no parents to tell her what to do The three children have the most rol. Original review Sep 4 2018I'm trying to improve my miserable Italian and when we were in Italy a couple of weeks ago I bought a bunch of children's books intending to use my normal method of just reading them without a dictionary and picking things up So far it's working well I loved Il Mago di Oz and this one was also very enjoyable I think I'd read about two third of the episodes previously in Swedish or German but some of them were newReading in a language you're not familiar with forces you to slow down and think about what you're seeing When I've read Pippi before I've simply enjoyed the story which is hilarious But this time crawling along in my Italian first gear I started to wonder whether there was any underlying message beneath the non stop stream of jokes It seems to me that there is Pippi cares deeply about children's rights She is always on the child's side against the adults and now she makes me think about how we don't in fact care very much about children's rightsThe fact that children have very few real rights is highlighted by the fact that it is as far as I know universally accepted that they should not have the right to vote Of course the adults have their arguments well prepared children are too young to know how to use their votes intelligently they'd just be manipulated by unscrupulous adult politicians etc These arguments would sit better if they hadn't also been used against the idea of enfranchising women Switzerland was very late to the table here and only gave women the vote in 1971 A few months ago we saw an exhibition of posters from the two referendum campaigns The No side kept making the point that those poor women just wouldn't know how to use the power they'd receive and would be tugged in all directions by forces they didn't comprehend Well that may be true but unfortunately it applies eually well to male voters In fact giving women the vote seems to have worked out fine for SwitzerlandI wonder what would happen if the voting age were reduced to nine the age that Tommy Annika and Pippi are in the book Maybe those kids would make crazy decisions like voting to abolish homework and give themselves extra candy every day Or maybe they'd do something even crazier and vote for massive investment in renewable energy better education and higher taxes to pay for all of it This strikes me as pretty sensible strategy for people who are expecting to spend the next sixty or seventy years living here they'd be inclined to think long term Why is it obvious that they would make worse decisions than voters at the other end of their lives who tend to be eually hazy about the issues and won't have to deal with the conseuences for very long No one would dream of taking the vote away from pensioners; but somehow it seems eually far fetched to give the vote to childrenOf course it won't happen at the end of the day the adult voters would never approve it because it would mean giving up too much power The only possible chance would be if a child emerged who had the charisma and strength to organise the kids create the movement and lead it to success But there is no such child Children aren't like that and so the adults are safeAh if only the heroine of this book existed Pippi for president Update Apr 24 2019Correction Greta Thunberg for presidentWell you gotta admit I was close

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Tommy and Annika have a new neighbor red haired freckle faced Pippi Longstocking who has up. Book 20 of 30 for my 30 day reading challenge

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Pippi LångstrumpLicking adventures on their own with horses and monkeys the circus and penguinrandomhouseco. Here's my daughter reading PippiFirst the story Pippi was written in the 1940's and it's still utterly captivating to this generation Pippi is such an endearing character irreverent infectiously ridiculous and charmingly caring Bonus to all kids everywhere she makes adults look silly and kids look brilliant She champion's the kids world all imagination and no rules Anything is possible and everything is an adventure She's like the imaginary friend we'd like to be except in the end she makes us grateful we have our mums and dads and homes oh she gets a little emotional despite her fearless bravadoThis is one of those kids books I am not inwardly groaning when it's time to read to my daughter although I did love it when I was still a girl myself My 7 year old is the perfect age for this able to read it herself but liking me reading it to her of course ;Oh and this 2011 edition is completely gorgeous guys Random picture evidence I loved this as a kid I adored the movie I can still sing along to all the songs haha Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim's Daughter Longstocking of Villa Villekulla is a timeless character and I hope she continues to be loved by children of upcoming generationsPeace out Nomes me and Carissa x