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Carissima kindle ¼ Paperback read ë rosanna chiofalo Ü From Rosanna Chiofalo comes a sumptuous new novel that sweeps readers from the Italian American enclave of Astoria New York to the stunning vistas of Rome and introduces two very different women—in a story of friendship love and destiny In college Pia SantoWithout Erica Though the neighborhood has an abundance of appeal including the delectable confections sold at her Aunt Antoniella’s bakery the pain of losing Erica a few years ago still feels fresh Pia’s arrival coincides with an unexpected sighting Italian movie icon Francesca Donata is rud to be staying nearby every bit as voluptuous and divaesue as in her heyday With the help of a handsome local artist with ties to Francesca’s family Pia convinces the The book's production was careless 438 pages is excessive for a book in which not much happened The cover photo is misleading since Rome was only the setting for the last uarter of the book A photo of a glamorous Italian actress would represent the contents accurately

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From Rosanna Chiofalo comes a sumptuous new novel that sweeps readers from the Italian American enclave of Astoria New York to the stunning vistas of Rome and introduces two very different women in a story of friendship love and destiny In college Pia Santore had dreamed of going to New York and taking the Big Apple by storm with her younger sister Erica Instead Pia has arrived in Astoria ueens with a prestigious journalism internship at a celebrity magazineand Ms Chiolfano has done it again Carissima is a story rich in characters family secrets and life's lessons in losing and finding love Set in Astoria New York and Rome we meet young and old Italian Americans trying to find their way in families steeped in Italian history This novel is about two women Francesca Donata and Pia Santore there relationship with their sisters and how this changes their lives Francesco Donato is an Italian film star who has not made a film in ten years but is still adored by her fans She has many names she has earned in her films her least favorite is Dolci Labbra Sweet Lips and her favorite Carissima Dearest One She has been a recluse for years and is now coming out of hiding with her bodyguards to visit Astoria New York Her arrival is cloaked in mystery and for several days it is just a rumor that she is even there Neighbors gather daily morning till night hoping to get a glimpse of Signorina Donato Pia Santore is a young woman from California visiting her aunt in Astoria for the summer She has dreams of being a journalist that were stalled but she now hopes are back on track Pia has an internship at Profile magazine and is anticipating soaking up all the knowledge she can while there then returning to California and her family She has such high hopes for this experience But harsh reality has set in over the course of the past few days as it becomes apparent that Colin wants a secretary rather than an editorial intern whom he can mentor Suddenly the news breaks that it is indeed Signorina Donato visiting the beautiful but aging mansion of Signora Tesca down the street from Pia's aunt's home Pia is now one of the many neighbors standing outside for a glimpse of the infamous film star If she can just get a photo or a word she could take it to Colin and convince him to let her write a storyIt is so delightful to encounter the neighbors and characters from Bella Fortuna Olivia De Luca and her bridal shop Antoniella's Bakery owned by Pia's aunt and so many other familiar names I could almost smell the Biscotti and other delectable delights from the bakery I have had the privilege of visiting Rome and Ms Chiofalo's descriptions brought it all to life for me again I have my own memories of throwing a coin in the Trevi FountainI loved this novel filled with people emotions and wonderful history and I highly recommend it I turned the last page of this sweeping novel enthralled with this beautiful story but sad that it had endedI received this novel from the author for an honest review

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Carissima Legend to grant her a series of interviews even traveling to her house in Rome In the eternal city Pia begins to unearth the truth behind the star’s fabled romances and tangled past And here too where beauty and history mingle in every breathtaking view and hope shimmers in the Trevi fountain and on the Spanish Steps Pia gradually learns how to love and when to let go For when in Rome you may find your carrisima your dearest one and you may even find yoursel I loved this book My one word description would be “delightful” I’m ready to spend time in Astoria New York and Rome Italy eating shopping and experiencing the culture The author does great job creating a very real sense of place In addition the major characters are all well developed The story is told in alternating chapters from the point of view of the two main characters Pia a young woman interning for the summer at a celebrity magazine and Francesca a retired Italian star of the silver screen Both woman have a strong voice as they tell their intertwined story and slowly share the secrets of their past I was amazed at how uickly I was immersed in the story and how hard it was to put downPia put her life on hold three years ago when her younger sister died She is finally pursuing her dream of becoming a journalist by interning at a magazine in New York for the summer It is definitely an eye opening experience think The Devil Wore Prada She is living with her aunt who immigrated from Italy many years ago and now runs an Italian bakery in Astoria New York Shortly after Pia arrives a rumor spread through the neighborhood that a retired famous movie star Francesca Donata has been seen at the local “mansion” nicest home in the area The rumors are true Francesca is visiting her estranged sister in hopes of reconciling Pia runs into an attractive young man Gregory one evening as he is leaving the house He turns out to be the son of an artist who painted Francesca years ago Francesca wants Gregory to paint her portrait Pia and Gregory begin dating and with his help Pia arranges to interview Francesca for the magazine Pia hopes this will be the big break that sets off her career Through much heartbreak and coming to grips with the past both women are able to move on with their lives and find forgiveness and love