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CHARACTERS Falling off the Wind 107 ë Clement Scheutz his schooner smashed on the rocks of Puerto Rico by a hurricane is accused of killing a local islander The woman he loves has deserted him and he is without money While putting the boat back together he helps rebuild a local restaurant and finds new love with the owner Few authors can combine both compHe helps rebuild a local restaurant and finds new love with the owner Few authors can combine both compelling characters and gripping plot Meibers does so here his richly drawn Clem character is both introspective an. Book review Falling Off the WindAuthor Richard Meibers Ever wish you could cast your fate to the wind leave your past and present life behind and be free to roam the seven seas At age 50 Clement Scheultz with his much younger girlfriend Samantha go to do just that Sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it That very same wind of fate named hurricane Hugo is what causes Clement’s dream to shatter into a million pieces There is evidence surfacing in the seven years at sea that pointed to a less than perfect lifestyle but it was the hurricane disaster that made it necessary for Scheultz to delve deep into himself and redefine what was important to him and give him a true purpose for living His sailing boat the Panacea is severely damaged off the coast of Puerto Rico and his less than perfect girlfriend leaves him penniless and stranded as she heads home to take care of some family business Scheutz has to come to his senses and prioritize his life he had no other choice really he had to find a new direction To make matters worse he is cast as a prime suspect for a local islander’s murder which adds to his confusion and pain Scheultz starts to rebuild his boat and in so doing is able to rebuilt his life He also encounters Migdala a beautiful local restaurant owner who needs help restoring her hurricane ravaged restaurant He finds himself very attracted to her and volunteered to be her helpmate in the restoration of her business They get her restaurant up and running again and find comfort in sorting out their problems The book is very vivid and detailed The characters settings and plot draw you in and expose you to the island culture and customs I now would like to explore Meibers’ other novels for my personal reading pleasure

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Clement Scheutz his schooner smashed on the rocks of Puerto Rico by a hurricane is accused of killing a local islander The woman he loves has deserted him and he is without money While putting the boat back together. Life without goals becomes meaningless FormatPaperbackAt 50 Clement Scheutz has been there done that He's raised two now successful sons been married and divorced and spent the last seven years wandering the Caribbean with his luscious much younger girlfriend SamanthaYou'd think the carefree life would be everything a man like Clem could want but after all this time he's having second thoughts There are storm clouds on the horizon He and Samantha aren't getting along that well and he's beginning to uestion the validity of the life he's chosen He feels empty homeless and all sense of meaning seems to have evaporated from his existenceCulebra a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico is well known as a sheltered hurricane hole but that's not why Clem and Samantha have brought Panacea their 65 foot wooden schooner there They've come because they need to nurse their meager supply of cashMake them flat brokeClement visits El Tapon a small restaurant run by Migdala thirty something granddaughter of the owner He's seen her before even danced with her during a party five years earlier There's something in her face when she looks at him Later she makes him an offer; in return for his help in the kitchen he can have the leftover food at the end of each daySoon after Samantha announces she's leaving Just in time too because there's a real storm coming Hurricane Hugo strikes Culebra with 150 knot winds devastating the village and driving ashore most of the boats hunkered down in the harbor including PanaceaThe wind also lifts El Tapon's roof and carries it away The place is all but destroyed And when Migdala hires Clement to help rebuild he discovers that termites have eaten the wood framework from the inside out The structure will need to be completely rebuiltThis and the drive to restore his broken boat serve as metaphors for Clement's need to rethink his life and as the construction proceeds and his feelings for Migdala deepen he endures as does the reader several bouts of deep self examinationFalling off the Wind is printed on bright white stock and the ink used to produce the text is overly shiny When reading at night it was neccesary to continuosly adjust the angle of the page in order to keep the glittering ink from interfering In addition to this minor annoyance the formatting is less than professional rather than Chapter One being on page 1 the dedication is numbered page 4 and the story actually opens on page 7As a long time sailor I enjoyed the sailing scenes and found them accurate in every respect More than that in the denouement after all the agonizing as Clement over and over examines himself the way he mans up to his final decision will reward loyal readers and become a big part of the pleasure that is Falling off the WindThis is a cerebral read well crafted and enjoyable Recommended if you're the kind of reader who can overlook a few gremlins in the text

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Falling off the WindD swashbuckling both poet and pirate David Brody A modern version of a Joseph Conrad adventure Meibers has created an engaging tale of life on a Caribbean island where his challenges reflect our own Dwight Harshbarge. Falling Off the Wind is a well written book by author Richard Meibers He is a new to me author The book is about a man who has been sailing around the coast of Puerto Rico for 7 years and seems lost His relationship with his girlfriend is petering out He has no money and no real home To me it seemed like he was in an extended mid life crisis with no idea how to get out I have to admit I had a hard time getting into the book I really know nothing about boats or sailing Normally this wouldn't deter me from a story but the first couple of chapters were so heavy with terminology that the book dragged for me I did keep reading and overall liked the story I felt like Clement learned a lot about himself during his time helping Migdala rebuild her restaurant I was happy with the decision he makes in the end However I wasn't left with a confident feeling that he was ultimately happy with the decision Right up until the end he was still plotting his way out should he get restless I also uestioned whether he traded one relationship problem for another in choosing MigdalaThat being said I would recommend giving this one a shot I think anyone who is into sailing and likes a bit of mystery will enjoy this book