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The Prince Charming Hoax Euivalent of an ivory tower an oceanfront condo penthouse to review her journals and determine how she can rewrite the plot of her favorite romance with a happy endingLeah is so absorbed in her research that she fails to notice the valiant rescue efforts of an old friend and would be suitor Jonathan Lazzaro the handsome artist she keeps resistingOnce she thinks she’s uncovered the secret to happiness Leah is Maybe because I'm not divorced and I don't have children but I could not relate to any of the characters in this book I watch enough TV and read enough to know there really are women like this in America but it continually just makes me scratch my head Had I known these are the types of women in this book I was going to be made to read about I never would have added it to my kindle Good thing it was freeLeah and Roxie are two career successful women going through a midlife crisis looking for their Prince Charmings The book tells the story of Roxie's current sex life with sex thug DJ and Leah's mostly past relations with her ex husband and lovers The only other erotica books I read were Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series Maybe Rice set the bar too high for me because as far as I'm concerned the sex scenes in this book are so mild they made me yawn Tip If you're going to write an erotic book shouldn't your sex scenes last longer than two paragraphs and actually use at least some explicit language when describing body parts? Again maybe I just haven't read enough of this genre but I doubt itGetting back to the main 'meat' of the story Leah spends two thirds of the book wallowing in her patheticness when it comes to men only then to have an epiphany that she needs to work on her self confidence and love herself She wants to help other women with this issue too and enlists Roxie to help This is where the book started to be of a bit interest to me I felt like there was starting to be some character development with Leah and Roxie The book was going to end on a strong point and be an example to all those suburban American women who see their self worth centered around the men they are with Oh boy how wrong I was The book ends with Roxie agreeing to help with at risk teen girls Why? Because the handsome police detective suggested it And hey he works with the at risk boys so we know where that's going Leah's story concludes on en even deflating note After having to find new lodgings immediately Jonathan swoops in to the rescue finding her the perfect house To thank him she sleeps with himand oh look we're back to page oneI'm sure there are women out there who will enjoy this book and can pull something positive out of it I'm just not one of them

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PDF á BOOK The Prince Charming Hoax FREE Î SHELLEY (ELYSE GRANT) LIEBER ☆ Leah Gold is a writer pushing fifty and fed up with trying to find a “happily ever after” ending to her personal story Her real life experience has been exactly the opposite of a fairy tale After she gives her love allDetermined to save not only herself but all of womankind beginning with her BFF Roxanne Stein whose latest prince appears to have a less than charming secret The duo’s escape mission takes them on a wild trip from Miami to New York only to discover that like Dorothy they had the power all along and there’s no place like home But have they destroyed their chances for true love with real princes in the proces I got this book to review by the author The Prince Charming Hoax even though is a fictional story makes you think about life as a woman The story is about Leah and Roxie Two best friends who have men troubles in their own right Leah a divorcee and her best friend Roxie battle their own self doubts and the men they pick are inky part if their problems As they travel through their love lives They realize that their desires are right before their eyes and sometimes the people you can rely on are right between your eyes And maybe your prince is the guy that was always there for you as your friend I honestly loved this book It was a funny yet great look at how two best friends handle their lives always falling for the wrong man As the right man stands right in front of them They battle their inner demons as they continue to realize their dreams The author takes us on a journey of self full meant as the story goes on As they decide on who to continue without men they do grow in the fact that they don't need a man to define them at all In the end everything falls into place I recommend this to any woman who wants a great girlfriend read along with a good giggle along the way As will be reviewed on satin sheets romance blog

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Leah Gold is a writer pushing fifty and fed up with trying to find a “happily ever after” ending to her personal story Her real life experience has been exactly the opposite of a fairy tale After she gives her love all her Prince Charming candidates turn into frogs The latest love fiasco was the worst one yet Rather than face the pain of another relationship failure Leah seuesters herself in the modern day The Prince Charming Hoax blends everywoman’s history of divorce with every other woman’s sexual fantasy in a curiously appealing mix There’s self help tucked in there as well with Leah determined to write that book while Rox is determined the live life free and to the full The mix of pained recital and vital action works surprisingly well and while the exchange of bodily fluids is graphic than I’d choose the tone of the writing is just right The characters are very real and relatable The guys aren’t all evil after all And sometimes it really is time to get your heart out of the deep freezeThoroughly modern in mindset and locale deeply sad and bitingly humorous sweet and sour and wisely told this novel has far beneath the surface than just another erotic romance Even the self help lessons feed naturally into the telling revealing their wisdom as events unfold Reading this novel reminds me of reading The Women’s Room as a teen as recommended by my then future husband Disclosure I was lucky enough to buy this when it was free