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Mum's ListKate Greene tinha tudo para ser feliz um marido carinhoso e apaixonado um filho com uase dois anos e um segundo a caminho Mas num ápice a sua vida desmoronou se ao ser diagnosticado um cancro raríssimo ao primeiro filho Kate entrou em trabalho prematuramente Contra todas as expectativas as duas crianças sobreviveram e. What can I sayI tend to avoid non fiction material because I like something I can read after a long day but I saw a review for this in a magazine and I HAD to buy it despite working in a libraryFrom the opening page this book had me crying and I could feel the goosebumps on the back of my body and all up my armsPerhapsthe worst thing about reading this book was that it stirred up the same feelings I had when my mum passed away so although I could totally understand St John's feelings I could also understand Reef and Finn's feelings I guess that's why it was such a hard book to readI thought it was beautifully written and the whole concept of leaving the list a remarkable thing on Kate's part I'm not sure I could even begin to write a list like thatThe story to me brings home the true meaning of love and soulmatesAll I can say is that St John Greene is a great inspiration I have come away from this book feeling slightly upset for obvious reasons but inspired because despite all his sadness he has still kept going for the sake of his boysWhat a fabulous book

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Read & download Í Mum's List È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Kate Greene tinha tudo para ser feliz um marido carinhoso e apaixonado um filho com uase dois anos e um segundo a caminho Mas num ápice a sua vida desmoronou se ao ser diagnosticado um cancro raríssimo ao primeiro filho KatReviveria ela anotou os seus pensamentos sonhos e desejos oferecendo à família o porto seguro onde encontrariam a força e inspiração para enfrentar o futuroEste livro é o relato comovedor de como a lista de Kate ajudou a família a ultrapassar a dor e a construir uma nova vida mantendo a mãe sempre viva na memória. Okay this is a difficult one to review because it's real life So let's make something clear I am not reviewing the story because it isn't a story it actually happened and I have no right to sit here and do that Whether I agree with some of the ways things were handled is irrelevant It is not my life and I didn't live it That's thatHowever I will review the writing style I'll get into that nowI know it was ghostwritten and I think that's the problem While the first two chapters made me cry buckets I didn't get the same feeling again Since it didn't come straight from the dad's brain I feel as though a lot of the deep sensations were lostAside from that there were some grammatical errors that I seem to always point out in my reviews I'm not sorry about that though — it's my day jobOverall I felt awful for the family as they've been through such a lot However the writing really let the book down hence the low star rating

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A família respirou de alívio Até ue apenas algumas semanas depois Kate descobriu ue também ela adoecera com um cancro da mama incurávelNos últimos dias Kate registou numa lista tudo o ue gostaria ue o marido St John fizesse depois da sua morte para ue os filhos Reef e Finn tivessem uma vida feliz Sabendo ue não sob. The difficult thing about rating autobiographies especially ones with tragic plots is that it can be seen as somehow denigrating the life of the writer or his family if you don't give a high score That's absolutely not my intention I can see clearly that the Greene family went through cancer trauma in a few short years than most people will experience in a dozen lifetimes I can also see that Kate Greene might have been a bit unusual in leaving her 'list' of instructions for husband Singe to follow out after she'd gone But what I'm amazed at is that this really poorly written cliche filled repetitive book has apparently become an international best sellerHad Greene written it himself I could have brushed the writing aside as just the efforts of a man who can't be expected to be a good writer But he didn't It's ghost written My goodness this was put together by a professional writer Seriously Eyes are always 'sparkling' details are inconsistent bubble gum on the day he told the boys becomes 'chewing gum' when he remembers a year later and the same stuff gets rehashed again and again There's no clear chronology threads hop about all over the place and it's like the reading euivalent of getting stuck in a corner with somebody who's had too many drinks got a bit emotional and is telling you about his beautiful talented dead wife for far too long and in too much detail Honestly I didn't need to know about their sex life and how amazing they were together What the book needed as is often the case with cancerographies was a damned good unemotional editor to tell the author a few home truths and cut a lot of the fluffThe best part for me was the inclusion of sections of Kate's mother's diary which does actually tell us about her illness Singe provides almost nothing I still feel that if somebody is given an 80% chance of living 10 years and then dies so soon there's a need to at least establish somewhere in the text that there were particular reasons that things turned out so badly Most women given those odds would be optimistic but if they subseuently read this book that confidence can be badly knockedA couple of times there are absurd but damaging accusations about travel inoculations being the root cause of both Kate's and Reef's cancers which I found irresponsible I also found some aspects of the 'list' such as asking that the boys marry early so Singe could have fun with the grandchildren were like an attempt to control from beyond the grave