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Suddenly Last SummerSorted and thoroughly fascinating pressures that are brought to bear and under the intolerable stammering strain of reliving her own memories Miss Meacham slowly painfully hypnotically paints a concrete and blistering portrait of lonelinessof the sudden snapping of that spider's web that is one man's life of ultimate panic and futile flight The very reluctance with which the grim hopeless narrative is unfolded binds us to it; Mr Williams threads it out with a spare sure sharply vivid control of languageand the spell is cas Suddenly Last SummerTennessee Williams' short play Suddenly Last Summer is both beautiful and lurid The play was first presented off Broadway in 1959 together with another short work The play consists of one act in four scenes and is usually presented without intermission It is best read in a single sitting to capture the drama's cumulative effectThe play explores loneliness the ways in which people abuse and destroy one another and the difficulties of looking below the surface of one's actions The lurid components of the play center on a depiction of cannibalism with homosexuality involving young boys and incest also playing large roles The play is set in 1936 in a large ornate Victorian mansion in New Orleans with an extensive garden that resembles a tropical jungle A prominent and symbolic feature of the garden is a large carnivorous plant a Venus flytrap The two primary characters are the mansion's owner an elderly strong willed and ill widow Mrs Venable and her niece from a much poorer part of the family on her husband's side Catharine Holly A psychiatrist Dr Cukrowicz known as Dr Sugar for short also plays an important roleIn its lyricism and control of language Suddenly Last Summer is as much a poem as a drama The action of the play surrounds two lengthy monologues the first delivered by Mrs Venable at the play's beginning and the second given by Catharine at the conclusion The character who never appears on stage is Mrs Venable's son Sebastian who dies under mysterious circumstances at the age of 40 At the time of his death Sebastian was travelling with Catharine and Mrs Venable suspects her of complicity in the death Catharine has been telling a shocking story about the death which only comes out at the end of the play and Mrs Venable has had her committed to an insane asylum run by Catholic sisters She wants to have a lobotomy performed on Catharine and has invited the Doctor a pioneer of the new operation to the mansionto examine the prospective patient with the lure of a large research grant if he agrees to perform the surgeryMrs Venable tells the story of a Sebastian who was reclusive sensitive chaste and a poet who wrote one poem every summer and traveled in the company of his mother When Mrs Venable suffered a stroke Sebastian invited Catharine a party girl who had been taken advantage of by a married man to accompany him Catharine had been depressed before the trip as a result of her own experiences When she returns she appears most distraught by her experience with Sebastian and by her subseuent confinement Mrs Venable wants to silence Catharine from telling her storyThe play builds up to Catharine's final monologue delivered under a truth serum administered by the doctor in which she explains how she and Mrs Venable before her had served as a procurer of young boys for Sebastian While she and Sebastian were travelling in the West Indies Sebastian met his grisly fate when he was cannibalized by a large group of poor young African American boys many of whom he had victimized The revelation comes at the climactic moment at the end of the play and all the action and symbolism of the brief work inexorably prepares for itThe play has a strongly spiritual component amid the gruesomeness with the many incidents of cruelty in the human and natural world juxtaposed against the mystery of God and goodness The nun who accompanies Catharine from the asylum the psychiatrist and Sebastian each add a religious dimension to the work Catherine uotes Sebastian saying to her at one point in their trip Somebody said once or wrote once We're all of us children in a vast kindergarten trying to spell God's name with the wrong alphabet blocks' Many readers see the influence of Euripides Bacchae in Williams' taut and provocative playSuddenly Last Summer has a strong autobiographical component Throughout his life Williams was plagued by guilt over a lobotomy performed on his sister in the early 1940s When he wrote the play Williams had begun seeing a psychiatrist Williams' Dr Sugar is a difficult character to assess and to perform in the play He is better seen as an active participant rather than as an observer of the drama Williams' own psychiatrist remarked that of the many portrayals of the role of the psychiatrist that I have seen on stage and film this rang truest It has a uality of thoughtful unpretentious competence of responsibility and humanity And he did not have bed side manner oozing out of every pore The play can be understood without knowing anything of William's life as a portrayal of the harshness of the human condition even in the middle of the search for beauty and loveThis play is available separately and in the second of the two volume of the Library of America compilation of Williams' plays John Lahr has recently written an outstanding biography of Williams Tennessee Williams Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh which discusses Suddenly Last Summer among many other Williams works The uotation from Williams' psychiatrist is taken from Lahr's bookRobin Friedman

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Suddenly Last Summer epub Ï Paperback ¿ Kerr in the NY Herald Tribune describes This says Mr Williams through the most sympathetic voice among his characters 'is a true story about the time and the world we live in' He has made it seem true or at least curiously and suspensefully possible by the extraordinary skill with which he has wrung deKerr in the NY Herald Tribune describes This says Mr Williams through the most sympathetic voice among his characters 'is a true story about the time and the world we live in' He has made it seem true or at least curiously and suspensefully possible by the extraordinary skill with which he has wrung detail after detail out of a young woman who has lived with horror Anne Meacham as a girl who has been the sole witness to her cousin's unbelievably shocking death is brought into a 'planned jungle' of a New Orleans garden to c Lurid and sensational Suddenly Last Summer centers on a traumatized woman’s struggle to voice truth in the face of a society determined to silence her Set near fall’s start in an overgrown New Orleans garden full of animalistic noises the one act play follows the recently institutionalized Catharine as she tries to dispel her aunt Vivian’s accusation that she’s responsible for her male cousin’s death which occurred abroad over the summer A doctor’s been summoned prepared to lobotomize Catharine should he deem fit; the play dramatizes her scrambling efforts to air her side of the story in spite of Vivian’s attempt to discredit her niece and distract the doctor from listening to her The premise is interesting but the characters are poorly developed the plotting sloppy and the pacing jerky

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Onfront a family that is intensely interested in having her deny the lurid tale she has told The post dilettante's mother is indeed so ruthlessly eager to suppress the facts that she had the girl incarcerated in a mental institution and she is perfectly willing once she finishes her ritualistic five o'clock frozen daiuiri to order the performance of a frontal lobotomy A nun stands in rigid attendance; a doctor prepares a hypodermic to force the truth; greedy relatives beg her to recant in return for solid cash Under the as Well god damnWhat a powerful one act play Los Olvidados have the last laugh as playboy poet walks on the wild side The waning witness is left with a song from the RamonesI loved the pacing the creak of device and the eruptions of madness I think a few scenes revealing the interior life of the doctor would’ve heightened matters