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PDF ¶ BOOK Edible By Ella Frank è RANDARENEWABLES ë Edible delicious delectableRachel Langley is than familiar with those three words in her line of work After all she spends her afternoons and evenings creating desserts so divine that your mouth will water and your taste buds will tingleThey aren’t however the words shIteHowever the woman has enigmatic moves avoiding him at every turnBut not for much longerRachel’s time is up and as far as Cole is concerned he’s waited too long for a taste of what he desires Nothing including the woman herself will stop him from consuming what he hungers forThe only uestion left is Who will take the first bite? Edible is the final story in the Exuisite Series In this book we finally get Rachel's story and get better auainted with the intense Cole Madison my new book boyfriend From the moment he meets her he knew she was it He pursued her with an intense tenacity and never had any intention of not getting his way Rachel having been hurt both physically and mentally in a past relationship has promised herself that she will never allow herself to be vulnerable againTheir story is not only touching but very sensual Most of the story I wasBut as incredibly sexy as their story was it was so refreshing that there was also A STORY and NOT JUST SEX Ella Frank has this beautiful way with words One moment she'll have me smiling in another I'm reaching for my husband or BOB and the next page I'll be in tears Although it is sad to see The Exuisite Series end I am very excited to where the new spinoff series is going view spoiler Boy am I fucken excited hide spoiler

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Certain lawyer she knows only as ColeWith each encounter the infuriatingly persistent man becomes impossible to resist and edible is the exact word that comes to mindCrave demand covetCole Madison knows exactly what he wants and Rachel Langley is it From the moment he spotted her at Whipped he knew he wanted to grab hold and take a b 5 delicious stars I really enjoyed the first two books of this series but let me tell you all something This one BLEW THEM BOTH AWAY Yep It was an amazing read beautiful and seriously SEXYEdible The perfect title for this book Rachel and Cole meet at the end of ‘Entice’ and you can just tell there is going to be something between them But Rachel can’t have that Due to issues with her past she needs control And Cole is not the type of man to give over control COLE I don’t think there is any woman alive that won’t completely LOVE COLE This man has it all Hot Sizzling scorching set you on fire hot Yes Cole is an attorney he wears the suits and all He is not all corporate and stuffy all the time hot damn underneath the suit is even better Cole is a man used to getting what he wants And he wants Rachel He goes after her And seriously how could she resist??? Cole is sexy confident alpha and just straight up HOT This guy is the total package I want a Cole of my own The best thing about Cole he is willing to go at Rachel’s pace get her to trust him It took a while for Rachel to trust Cole to open up to him but once she did their relationship went to a whole different level ‘How did you slip past all the walls I put up?’‘I just went where you allowed’ And if you thought Exuisite and Entice were hot well the heat just got turned up another notch These two have chemistry that is just off the charts After reading this book you will NEVER be able to think of caramel the same way ever again view spoiler ‘Thank you for my surprise Now I won’t be able to eat caramel without thinking about being balls deep inside your sweet warm pussy’ hide spoiler

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Edible By Ella FraEdible delicious delectableRachel Langley is than familiar with those three words in her line of work After all she spends her afternoons and evenings creating desserts so divine that your mouth will water and your taste buds will tingleThey aren’t however the words she would have ever expected to think of when she locks eyes with a “I want you naked and in my bed and I want it in the next two minutes”“Or?” she pushed“Rachel?”“Yes?”“There is no or” he informed her as his serious eyes met hers “Just do it” AwesomeSeriouslyI was dying to get to Cole's story and people it was worth the waitHe is perfection 3The story “Ready?” he asked looking directly at her as he inserted the key“For?”He turned the key and the snick of the lock was as effective as a starting gunWith absolute certainty he said “Me” Rachel and Cole met in Entice and now they finally have their book DRachel is a pastry chef at Exuisite sister of Mason Langley who is a bit overprotective of her DCole is a lawyer friend of Josh who is also a bit overprotective of Rachel DThose two met realised they had amazing chemistry and went their own wayNow finally yes they meet again and Cole is determined to discover what hides beneath Rachel's colorful exterior while she tries to get her own way with the seductive dominating manWhat follows is a lot of smexy times a woman learning to let the reins go and a man strong enough to take them 3The chemistry “By the time I get to you I promise you will be begging for it In fact I should just be able to look at you and you will want to come If your greedy little hands have done the deed you won’t need me now will you?” The writing is so amazing especially with the sexual attraction and chemistry parts Fact one I got hot and bothered while reading about the way Cole behaves while wearing a suit I mean it was amazing he was buttoning it unbuttoning putting hands in pockets and OMG it was so hot all I can say Ella write guys in suitsFact two I got hot and bothered by the sex scenes well duh they were sizzling and the chemistry was bursting all over The dialogue the atmosphere Amazing The library scene is my favorite shiversHmm and the caramel scenes too DD I will never look at caramel the same again DRachel “This is an image THAT” he told her looking over her leather clad body “is a costume” She has Cole That is reason enough for me to be jealous Anyway something you need to know about herAfter being with an abusive boyfriend Rachel made a promise to herself that she will never let another man hit or manhandle herUntil she meets ColeHe is just too big of a temptation to resist and soon she finds she wants to give in to him even though he's too dominating for herCole Cole was a man who exuded confidence He projected strength and determination in every aspect of his life and it only made sense that he would carry it over to the bedroom This wasn’t a man who was playing at anything; this was a man who lived the only way he knew how sighI don't think there is a single thing I didn't like about himSometimes I want to feel like there are perfect men out there and Cole certainly fits the billHe's a lawyer sophisticated rich elegant but he has a dirty side of him underneath the suit and boy it is all HOTI don't want to say too much and ruin the surprise when you all read it but I seriously didn't expect that side of him DDDI think Rachel said in one scene that he was so hot smoke should be getting off him well I agree My poor reader almost combusted and me along with itHe is used to getting his own way it is just the way he is and ever since he first saw Rachel he knew she'd be perfect for him and lucky guy he was right DAnd the way he made sure she couldn't resist himshiversOverallWonderful ending to the series and an amazing book Rachel really showed a different side to her and I really liked it here Cole was always amazing ahahahha but after finding out about him I just adore him like crazy He is definitely going into my list of fav fictional men and he'll be at the top I love him seriously 3The gang from the previous books it was wonderful to see them especially in the Epilogue 3 One thing I didn't really like here and since this is an ARC I can't go to detail cause it's near the end but hmmm how do I explain it without giving it away SSSview spoilerThe progress of their relationship near the end bothered me it was too fast for me even though I'd do the same if I had a Cole at my disposal ehehehe hide spoiler