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PDF Ä BOOK Up In Flames È NICOLE WILLIAMS È One small town girl with a bright future One smokejumper with a dark past One summer that will forever change them both They’re going Up In Flames Elle’s life couldn’t possibly get any small town than it already is She was raised in the same home as the two generations before heOne small town girl with a bright future One smokejumper with a dark past One summer that will forever change them both They’re going Up In Flames Elle’s life couldn’t possibly get any small town than it already is She was raised in the same home as the two generations before her were her family owns the iconic downtown cafe and she’s been dating the pastor’s son since she was allowed to go on her first date at sixteen Cole’s life couldn’t possibly get any larger He’s tried Roaming from town to town for the past three summer 4 12 Stars Timing wasn't only a factor in love it was the creator keeper and executionerElle ColeUp in Flames is a fast paced well written angst filled read which I devoured within hours I loved the way my heart pounded as I flew through each page of this story it was a definite adrenaline rush Whenever Elle Montgomery finds her life suffocating and boring she goes to her swimming hole on her grandmother’s property Elle recently graduated high school and is wearing her first and only boyfriend Logan’s promise ring but the idea of life in this town married to Logan is suffocating to her Elle is so tired of suppressing who she is to please her family and friends She wants so much out of life and dreams of attending college and having so many adventures on her own but is afraid to rock the boatOnce at the swimming hole Elle stripes all of her clothes and swims to the bottom She stays there for as long as she can hold her breath which she calls ‘sinking' As she is sinking to the bottom of the lake she suddenly finds herself being rescued and uickly realizes that she isn’t the only one skinning dipping that afternoon The other skinny dipper isget readyCole Carson My name’s Cole” he said as he continued towards the shore“Don’t care” I lied not able to peel my eyes away from that long tanned muscled dripping wet body“Last name’s Carson”“Care even less” Did I sound as unconvincing to him as I did to my own ears?“What’s your name?” he asked pausing at knee level glancing back at me“My first name’s Keep and my last name’s Walking” Fireworks and I don’t mean little sparklers I mean M 80s go off when Elle and Cole interact The banter and flirting is so well written ”I like that flustered look on your face” he said and even though I wasn’t looking at his face I heard the smile in his voice “See anything you like?”“No” I snapped“Really? Because that flushed expression says otherwise” he said his voice all tease “I’ve got the whole afternoon open I’d be happy to give you an in depth hands on tutorial to Cole Carson” Elle’s world will never be the same after meeting Cole Carson Cole is an irresistibly hot smokejumper which is a firefighter who fights large forest fires by being dropped by aircraft Cole falls for Elle from the first encounter and wants her all of herElle’s and Cole’s attraction and feelings for one another happens pretty uickly but it was completely believable I promise That first day I saw you I didn't care if you were with someone else That night at the bonfire I didn't care And last night his eyes flashed with the reminders I really didn't care I wanted you then Elle And I want you now You might belong to someone else but you kind of belong to me too Cole I'd known Cole just over a week I didn't know his middle name or the name of his first pet but feeling his arms around me was like coming home Elle For most of the book I waited not so patiently along with Cole for Elle to break up with Logan and pursue a relationship with him It doesn’t happen so easily and all three involved in this love triangle get hurt I might have only known you for a week but it's long enough to know you're a special girl You're the kind of girl guys will still be mourning a couple of decades from now I'll be one of them Will the flames of Elle and Cole’s attraction burn out? Is a future in the cards for them? Side Note from this readerTo Cole Carson ”I might kinda sorta really truly love you” xoxoxo

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Tries to keep away from the guy who looks at her like she’s already lying beneath him in bed She fails Cole is about as successful at staying away from the girl who seems immune to his charmsAs the summer heats up and tensions between Elle and Cole run high he begins to realize there’s he’s attracted to than Elle’s body and she discovers there’s a lot to the man that jumps out of planes into raging forest fires than meets the eyeUP IN FLAMES is a New Adult Romance intended for mature readers due to steamy content and saucy languag The most exciting thing was smoke jumping and even that didn't satisfy because the action of it didn't happen until the end Again this was one of those reads where the characterization of the heroine ruined the whole dang experience for me and the hero just wasn't yummy or charismatic enough to camouflage it Elle was a weak judgmental and selfish neophyte who never redeemed herself and certainly made me wonder why the hero and the other guy who btw was a good guy were SOoo smitten with herThe dialogue tried to be uniue and witty but it struggled half the time; yet the storyline that followed a familiar and simple format was a uick and slightly okay read ironically

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Up In FlamesS as a smokejumper Cole dreads the thought of putting down roots The only thing he avoids than that is settling down with one woman especially when there are as many willing women as there are trees in the forest he jumps out of planes to saveElle Montgomery’s life is going one way And Cole Carson’s is going the opposite There’s no reason their paths should ever intersect even in a small town in central Washington But summer in the Methow Valley has other plans for Elle and Cole After an awkward run in at the local swimming hole Elle I wanted to like this book so much As a matter of fact when I learned about it it sounded so good I went around telling people This is gonna be SO goodWell it wasn't It was just another piece of smut which seems to have infiltrated the new adult genre The story had potential good girl with a wild streak trying to please everyone and forgetting herself Unfortunately the heroine is a cheater the hero has no personality there's insta love and the story was basically about her losing her virginity to the other guy while still being in a relationship with her boyfriendNobody likes a cheating heroine Even worse Elle is a cheater that makes excuses for herself The way she treated Logan was so low pretending everything is fine while going behind his backActually I don't know what to say about her She was judgmental hypocritical and whiny I wouldn't want her as my friendShe complains about her life all the time but then you learn she never even told anyone what she did want and you just can't feel sorry for herI liked Logan Yeah he was a bitprim? But I'm confident that if she told him how she felt exactly he would have done things differently Instead she lets him live his illusion that they're good the way they are It's no wonder that he is so ignorant to her unhappiness The way she spoke about him safe comfortable and a tad boring was probably what bothered me the most Why are you with him if you feel this way? It's cruel WHY? I didn't care about Cole That's all I have to say about himThis was the lamest love triangle I have ever read I just didn't care about the whole thingThere was no depth to anything no depth to the story no depth to the characters I can't even say if I liked the way it was written because I just didn't care I skimmed the sex scenesIt may be that this just wasn't my kind of story and I think I may be in the minority again I'm just so disappointed because I had really high expectations It's a fairly short read so give it a chance and decide for yourself