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FREE READ Loving the Marquess (Landing a Lord, #1) 108 à She is on the verge of losing everythingTo save her home and keep her two younger siblings safe Louisa Evans must turn to the head of the family that ruined hersHe needs an heirThe Maruess of Overlea is starting to show signs of having inherited the same illness that killed his faHer To prevent the maruisate from falling into the hands of an unscrupulous cousin Overlea must secure an heir before that illness also claims himBut he is determined not to be the father of that heirOverlea’s plan is simple marry the practical yet desperate Miss Evans and hold Louisa to her promi. This is a uickie Review For the full review please visit The RomanceaholicExpected Release Date March 21 2013Publisher Suzanna MedeirosImprint NAAuthor’s Website Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series Yes Book 1 Landing A Lord seriesSeries Best Read In Order NASteam Level SteamyPet Peeves Farfetched Premise Minor Too Stupid To Live Moment HeroFavorite Tropes Scared to Father Heirs Spinster Heroine Marriage of ConvenienceThe main thing holding this story back was the hero’s bullheadedness First is his stubborn resolution to stick with his ridiculous plan to have his best friend father an heir Sure it sounded like a good idea in theory back before he’d actually gotten married and his “wife” was just a nameless faceless woman who would be receiving the benefits of his title and wealth and would simply have to lay with a different man that she didn’t love Not a big deal considering that his marriage wouldn’t be a love match to begin with rightBut his determination to see his plan through even when it became obvious that the idea of Louisa and Kerrick together made him want to break things made me want to shake him More than that however was the fact that he knew that the disease that killed his brother and his father and by association his mother was made worse by alcohol and yet the man still drank like a fish It was that stupidity that really made me throw my hands up in the airStill it was a very entertaining read with plenty of drama and a wonderful twist at the endRecommended for fans of marriages of convenience heroes determined not to beget heirs of their own due to some sort of hereditary condition that they don’t wish to pass on and heroines just as determined to woo those husbands45 Stars

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She is on the verge of losing everythingTo save her home and keep her two younger siblings safe Louisa Evans must turn to the head of the family that ruined hersHe needs an heirThe Maruess of Overlea is starting to show signs of having inherited the same illness that killed his father and older brot. 35 starsSo this was yet another novel that I ended up reading on a whim and managed to enjoy it I wasn't actually supposed to be reading this just yet but these things happen all the time to me But I did not regret switching my attentions to this story at all It was different interesting a bit cheesy and sad at times and even hilarious at others It's about Nicholas Manning the Maruess of Overlea who thinks he's dying from an inherited diseaseNicholas doesn't want to pass on this disease to any biological child of his but he also refuses to allow his evil cousin Edward to inherit the title after he dies He doesn't know how long he has to live because his episodes have been occurring freuently On one such occasion he manages to reach the safety of a stranger's cottage before he collapses in the arms of the beautiful heroine Louisa Evans the heroine is the 25 yr old daughter of a dead guy whose estate had been fleeced by Nicholas' villainous late uncle Henry As a result Louisa and her younger siblings live in poverty in the tiny cottage on the estate that used to belong to her father but is now owned by evil Edward Louisa takes care her of her brother John and 17 yr old sister Catherine by offering seamstress services to the people of the village Louisa saves Nicholas and nurses him back to health He shows his gratitude by telling her that she can come him for help if she should ever need it He's also very attracted to the sheltered impoverished heroineLouisa is forced to seek his help very soon because his lecherous cousin Edward demands that either she or Catherine start paying rent by having sex with him The H realizes that Louisa will be the perfect woman to help him with his plan to have an heir so that Edward would never inherit the title He drafts up plans with his lawyer and Louisa agrees to them without realizing that he's going to invoke a certain loophole in the clause that pertains to the siring of the much needed heir Nicholas' plan is to ask his best friend Richard the Earl of Kerrick to sleep with Louisa and impregnate her The H doesn't want to sire a biological heir who as he believes might grow up and eventually succumb to the same terminal disease Richard is flabbergasted when the H makes that special reuest “Yes Nicholas you do You are speaking nonsense You actually want your wife to pass off someone else’s child as your own When it is not even certain that you would pass on your illness to your children” Nicholas laughed the sound bitter “That is not a chance I am willing to take And the father wouldn’t be just anyone It would be someone of my choosing Someone with impeccable bloodlines himself” Nicholas knew the moment Kerrick understood what he was saying His expression changed from confusion to incredulity then anger He stood abruptly moved to the desk and leaned over it his face mere inches from Nicholas’s own “You are insane Does your wife to be know you plan to whore her out to some other man To me” The words were calculated to make him cringe and they hit their markSuzanna Medeiros Loving the Maruess Kindle Locations 1129 1135 Suzanna Medeiros Kindle Edition The heroine is angry when she finds out about the plan but the Earl of Kerrick devises a scheme to make Nicholas so jealous that he would be unable to let Louisa sleep with another man I felt really sorry for the H because he goes through gut wrenching inner jealous torture when he sees Louisa and his best friend getting along so well There's a scene in the library that's really intense because the H is filled with rage when he thinks that his wife and his friend have been fooling around It's weird and ironic that Nicholas should be so angry and jealous when it seems that his wife and Richard are merely giving him what he wants The odd glint in his eyes sent a shiver of awareness down her spine “I take it the two of you have decided to go along with my plan” She didn’t reply What could she say She wouldn’t lie to him yet it was vital that he believe what he was accusing her of He stopped before her and she barely resisted the urge to take a step back “It would have been nice if the two of you had decided to act with a little discretion It will be a miracle if the staff isn’t already gossiping about the two of you belowstairs” Unnerved by the heat in Nicholas’s eyes she looked away “Tell me” he said his voice soft with menace “have the two of you kissed yet Surely you haven’t already gone to his bed”Suzanna Medeiros Loving the Maruess Kindle Locations 1948 1954 Suzanna Medeiros Kindle Edition Poor Nicholas got so hurt and eaten up with jealousy and sadness that he went and drank his favourite brandy until he got sick and collapsed I felt so sorry for him especially when the stupid doctor decided to use leeches and bloodletting to cure him Louisa saved him by kicking out the doctor and nursing her husband back to health It was then that he realized how much he loved her He gazed at her in wonder the passionate intensity of her gaze striking a chord deep within him He realized then that he was already lost He was in love with herSuzanna Medeiros Loving the Maruess Kindle Locations 2096 2097 Suzanna Medeiros Kindle Edition He was so pitiful and hopeless at this point that I just wanted t

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Loving the Marquess Landing a Lord #1Se to provide him with an heir But he waits until after they are married to tell his wife that he intends to have another man father that heir His careful plan becomes complicated by an almost desperate need to claim Louisa for himself and an outside threat that proves even dangerous than his illnes. 275I’ve read this story before in a better written interesting way so I skimmed a lot