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Mobi ✓ ↠ Larry Bossidy Hings happen Ralph S Larsen chairman and CEO Johnson JohnsonHere's the real deal This is no nonsense stuff The leaders who sweat the small stuff hire the right people make the tough decisions and stick around to see that they're carried out are the real winners Forget the swarmy memoirs cheesy parables advice for idiots and leadership secrets of despots and barbarians Getting it done is according to Bossidy and Charan the only way to grow The Miami HeraldCaptures a lifetime of building winning formulas and puts them in a simple practical context for executives at any level Ivan Seidenberg president and CEO Veriz I gave this 3 stars not because it was a bad book but rather because I think other books better convey a similar but concise message Those books would be The Oz Principle and The 4 Disciplines of Execution Achieving Your Wildly Important GoalsThe idea that many people intellectualize philosophize and cannot actually implement or execute is so very true I have seen it over and over again in my careerLeaders show up and get into the weeds it builds dignity in subordinates Forty percent of a leader's time should be spent on selecting evaluating and providing feedback to their peopleI've heard something similar to this many times but I loved the way the authors worded this We don't think our way into a new way of acting we act our way into a new way of thinkingI totally agree with the thoughts on senior leadership teams Robust open honest dialog is key to execution be open minded without private agendas Internally competitive behavior is destructive and people who cannot work with other drain an organizations capacityOverall I enjoyed the book it just didn't offer much new content for me personally I would not hesitate to recommend it as a good book on Leadership and Execution

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Doc ☆ Execution 278 pages Download À Larry bossidy » Execution may very well be the best business book of the year and one of the most useful to have come around in a long time This smart and pithy book focuses on a simple though vexing challenge How can the leaders of an organization exhort their people to deliver Execution may very well be the best business book of the year and one of the most useful to have come around in a long time This smart and pithy book focuses on a simple though vexing challenge How can the leaders of an organization exhort their people to deliver on the most important goals?It's rare to find a book like this that blends smart practice with intelligent articulation of how to get things done Do yourself a favor Buy it The Boston GlobeMaking all of the moving parts of an organization function smoothly together is just plain hard work By describing how he has done it Mr Bossidy has come up with a va What a completely over rated book I suspect this made the top 20 best ever booklist that led me to it on the basis that the title sounds good like something a knowledgeable business person should advocate Bossidy has earned the right to write on this topic but the story lacks any sense of instructive meat It's really suited to a motivational speech or a Tom Peters interview Reading 250 pages was painful Some business books are thoughtful; others make me really dislike business culture in general This was exemplary of the latter Bossidy and Charan's pompous tone was omnipresent but the pinnacle came with Bossidy's way of explaining that every employee assessment should include something developmental since even The Good Lord had some development needs I was slightly amused at their summary of the typical strategy review a boring 4 hour sleeper that ends up decorating a credenza but then sobered by the discussion about the engagement and discussion that should happen Their 3 fundamental tasks where the leader must see execution picking leaders setting strategic direction and running operations They also made uncomfortable points about emotional fortitude

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ExecutionLuable and practical management guide that is must reading for everyone who cares about business The New York TimesIf you want to be a CEO or if you are a CEO and want to keep your job read Execution and put its principles to work Michael Dell chairman and CEO Dell Computer CorpA how to book for the can do bossIf even half the corporations in America pondered their suggestions the economy would be in much better shape Moreover Bossidy and Charan boast an impressive enough track record that anyone who wants to stay sharp at the helm will welcome their assistance BusinessWeekSound practical advice on how to make t A former manager of mine once told me to read this book That was back in 2007 It took me until now to read it but now I understand why he had such high praise for the book Execution in it's simplest sense is to get things done Period But it's complex than those 3 words might suggest It's about getting the right people in place building a strategy around the resources available and finally implementing the strategy linking the strategy with peopleAs with many other books on management science the veracity of the concepts is undeniable Nothing is important than people candid dialogue leads to realistic plans following up is crucial in implementation of a strategy Yet of all the books in this category of literature that I have read I always encounter the same problem These concepts are easy to talk about and even easier to understand but hard to practice in real life In spite of the negatives I am certain that this is a book that I will refer to again and again for inspiration and as a reference point on how to execute If there is one thing I would like to add to this book however it would be as followsExecution is learned through practice not just reading